March 11, 2009
(March 11th)

Today we played at Yokohama and Shimizu Nao got another turn-up before his Kaimaku-sen (season-opening game) start. He looked outstanding, as did Kawasaki and Ogino pitching in relief.

Our offense was very active today with 3 homeruns – a big homerun by Imae early in the game, and later Takehara and Shinzato hit homeruns. Shinzato was our most improved player in minor leagues last year. He's a catcher in an infielder and loves to play the game. I love to watch him play, because he has great enthusiasm and love for the game. He hit a homerun on his first swing of the game, so that was fun!

It was good to see all the players enjoying themselves today with many hits, including Benny getting another double. He’s swinging the bat so very well. And Fukuura and Ohmatsu both got hits against left-handed starting pitching (and RBI hits at that). What a very good sign!

Afterwards, Frank, Paul, and I went down to Yokohama. We walked the seaside there and looked at Chinatown and had a great dinner.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Talk to you soon.

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