Good morning everyone. Well, I think it is time I tell you a little about how this blog is working. At this time I am talking long distance on the telephone into a recorder. That recorder is at Big Fish Games ( - Big Fish Games is a company that I have invested in and provides very popular downloadable and online casual games over the Internet. Actually, I became kind of addicted to them and played them quite a bit before I decided to invest. And since I have invested I have become associated with the inner workings of the company. They are now gearing up to bring to Japan the very same casual games, like Mystery Case Files, Mahjong Towers Eternity, and Atlantis that they are selling worldwide.

We did a little brainstorming together and we came up with the idea that Big Fish Games could convey my thoughts and wishes over the Internet through a blog, which you now know as “Bobby’s Way”. So, we set up a method by which, even though it is long distance, I call and sometimes type in my comments to a fellow by the name of David Schwartz. It is very interesting to note that David, who is bilingual in English and Japanese, learned his Japanese from the same teacher I am currently learning mine! Our teacher is Shige Yamauchi-sensei of ICI, a foreign language school in Tokyo. Using Step Up Nihongo (SUN), which is a wonderful teaching tool for those that want to learn Japanese, students can not only learn it by book and tape form but also interactive internet lessons as well.

Interesting enough, as I give David, who is in Seattle, all of my English versions, he then contacts Shige in Tokyo who then translates my messages into Japanese. This being said, as you can imagine this is a challenging process, and my ideas and thoughts are trying to be conveyed along with my words. Shun Nakasone-san, whom I have mentioned several times before, does extremely well in doing so but he does not have the time to work on this blog. So, I have a very capable, outstanding and intelligent group of people at ICI and Big Fish Games helping me out with this blog.

So, when you want to respond to the blog you can do so in English and Japanese given that we have very capable translators going both ways to provide this bilingual blog to anyone that wants to be part of it. It’s a fan service to you all that I hope you are enjoying. The blog is something I am doing out of the love of the fans who have done so much for my career and the team and who are such a big part of baseball. I figure that the more we can fill your needs the happier you will be and the more you will be part of the game of baseball.

Here's the press release.

Enjoy the blog in either language and let’s get ready to play some baseball!

Thank you very much and see you soon.



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  1. ぱんだ さんのコメント: (ぱんだ says):

    Thank you ボビー !
    私はBobby’s Wayを教材の一つとして英語の勉強をしています。

    (Thank you Bobby!
    As your fans we are so happy to get those warm words from you!
    I am referring to your blog as a means to learn English too.
    Next time I see you and try to get your autograph I will use my English with you! Regarding Big Fish Games, I am at work right now but I will download the games during my lunch break. I’m looking forward to it.
    Until next time Bobby!)

  2. Fuhito さんのコメント: (Fuhito says):

    Hi Bobby

    Thank you very much for your fun service. It is well that we can respond to the blog in English and in Japanese. My English is not so well. So there are many mistakes in my responce maybe. But I would like to make progress my English as well as your Japanese. Because I would like to travel abroad to somewhere (Hawaii?) to watch the `real’ world series `MLB champion vs Marines’ someday. I hope it will come soon.
    So I’ll try to respond in English. Please permit my poor English.

  3. よん さんのコメント: (よん says):


    (So, you have various people helping with you the blog. I always write my comments to you in Japanese and I then find them translated into English — at first I was quite surprised. I will use this as an opportunity to study English too.★)

  4. Youhei Kimura さんのコメント: (Youhei Kimura says):


    (Hello Bobby.
    Shizuka Arakawa just won the gold medal in figure skating at the olympics and I am feeling very happy today.
    The other day you spoke about pressure; what kind of mind set do you think she had?
    With Japanese athletes not getting medals and the whole country watching she still managed to perform her utmost.
    Other skaters slipped and fell yet despite seeing that in the other skaters her performance was grand.
    Thank you for the video games. They are great presents!)

  5. you さんのコメント: (you says):


    (Mr. Bobby Valentine, pleased to meet you.
    I am Japanese and currently attending a Japanese university.
    I take great pleasure in reading your blog.
    The reason I like it so much is that you talk about your family and the people around you that are important to you.
    When I read your blog I too feel that I need to treat my family and friends more kindly, as you do those around you.
    With the WBC coming up I know that things are tough for you and the team but please stay well and injury-free, and do your best to win the championship again this year.
    I will do my part to support you.)

  6. てぃくぇ さんのコメント: (てぃくぇ says):





    (Thank you very much, Bobby Kantoku.
    And thank you Yamauchi-sensei for your translations.

    I too am also using your blog as a means to learn English and have been doing so with great relish from the first blog entry.
    Though I am not yet used to English, I have a great deal of respect for you and really value your words. So, I do my best to read it in English too.
    On top of that, having it translated into Japanese is a great fan service.
    It seems like a very challenging effort to put it together but I am very thankful for it.

    I would really like to hear your recorded voice too!
    For us fans it would be great to hear your voice as it would serve as wonderful hearing material.
    How about it?

    Cheering you all the way this year!)

  7. a Marines addict さんのコメント: (a Marines addict says):

    いつもBobby’s Wayが更新されるのを楽しみにしています。
    最近は、ボビーや選手達のオーストラリアキャンプの様子を楽しく読ませていただきました。 これからも鹿児島でのキャンプ頑張ってくださいね!

    ちなみに自分もBobby’s Wayで英語を勉強している1人です。
    Bobby’s Wayは大好きなロッテやボビーの近況を知れて、英語の勉強にもなる。自分にとっては大変ありがたいブログです。(最高〜!!)

    (Good evening, Bobby Kantoku!
    I am always looking forward to checking out the latest stuff on Bobby’s Way.
    Recently, it has been a pleasure reading about you and the other player’s state and activities in Australia. Keep on doing your best in Kagoshima!

    By the way, I am someone who is using Bobby’s Way to study English.
    I not only get to follow the current situation regarding the Lotte Marines and you but also learn English.
    This is a great blog and I am really thank for it (it’s the best!!)
    And thank you very much for those great games
    Until next time!)

  8. さんのコメント: (猿 says):


    (The opening game will start very soon so please do your best, Bobby.)

  9. N.S.bowler さんのコメント: (N.S.bowler says):

    でも、先日初めて投稿したメッセージの大事な部分が、日本語のクセで省略して書いたために誤訳されてしまったのが残念でした。これからは丁寧に書くように気をつけますので、よろしくお願いします、山内先生m(_ _)m
    念のため、その部分だけ、もう一度、書きますね。覚えていてくれてますか? ボビー。マリンスタジアムの喫煙所の件です。しっかりと分煙された喫煙室を設けてほしいのですが、今年はもう間に合いませんから、せめて喫煙所の数を減らして(球場のパンフで数えてみたら25カ所も!)、トイレや売店から離れた場所に移すように

    (Hi, Bobby. Wow, what a terrific system you have to operate the blog! However, an important part of my message for the first time the other day was mistranslated as the way I wrote the Japanese was as vague as Japanese tends to be. I was a bit disappointed. As I’ll try to write more clearly from now on, please forgive me, Yamauchi-sensei. m(_ _)m

    To be sure, I’ll rewrite the part in question. Do you remember, Bobby? It was about the smoking areas in Marines Stadium. Ideally I’d like smoking rooms to be firmly isolated, but I don’t think you will be in time to do so this year. So, for this year, I suggest that at least the number of the smoking areas be reduced. (In the stadium pamphlet I counted as many as 25 areas!) I’d be very happy if you could please ask the management of the stadium to shift them away from the toilets and the shops, Bobby? I’d like to give the team big cheers and support in a fresh and pleasant environment. )

  10. はたぼう。 さんのコメント: (はたぼう。 says):


    (I wonder why I missed out on today’s blog entry. Anyway, allow me to write in.
    Looks like we get to see lots of what’s going on not only about you but all those around you! My comment write-ins were soon translated into English and uploaded and I was happy to see it. When I see the comments translated into English I, like others perhaps, think, “Oh, so that is how this Japanese looks in English!” This is a good way to study English. Plus, seeing the English-only comments compels me to study too. If it wasn’t for the fact that I could get my messages across to you in English here, I would be disappointed that we would not be able to converse as we do now. Thank you very much, Yamauchi-sensei, for allowing us bridge the communication gap. I will continue to enjoy the blog. I am thankful to be able to see what is going on with all the people you talk about in my native Japanese. I will also do my best to study English!)

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