(February 15th)

I hope everyone had a happy Valentine's Day. As usual in Japan, I got to spend my Valentine's Day exchanging chocolates and gifts with the wonderful community of Ishigaki. Hundreds of fans lined up to give me a present, and I returned the favor with autographs, signed photos, and some Lotte chocolates.

It was a very interesting day. Before my event there was also the youth clinic for Ishigaki lead by Imae-senshu and Nemoto-senshu, Kubo-toshu. Many of our young pitchers and position players gathered in our indoor facility and gave a 2-hour clinic to teams and players from this little island. The players looked like very good and they were met with a lot of enthusiasm. I really enjoy participating in events like that, sharing knowledge and enjoying the smiles of young future Major Leaguers.

I commend my players for making such a great effort on an off day to give such very nice fan service.

I completed the day (which started out with a 2-hour bike ride) with my good friend Brad Lefton. We went to Kabira Bay and saw the beautiful sights out there: the islands that are nestled beautifully in this little cove and the beautiful beach that we were able to walk on. It's something everyone should do, because the sights are amazing.

Here are some pictures of Banna Park and the stained glass tree house where they have these incredible stained glass features. On the floor, they have butterflies and on the sides of the lookout sections, they have beautiful stained glass that changes colors as the sun sets. It's really spectacular.

The night concluded with dinner with Iguchi-senshu. I had the pleasure of being with him one-on-one for the first time. We shared a lot of ideas and stories about his Major League experience, and about how our experience will be here together. I was happy to see (he told me) there's nothing in his contract that I should be aware of about his playing time or position that he plays. The only thing he wants to do is play his best and win as many games as possible. I love that spirit and I'm looking forward to having another dinner with him in the future.

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  1. Mori ken さんのコメント: (Mori ken says):

    Hi, Bobby,

    I went to see your camp, taking the opportunity of business trip to Naha from Chiba.

    On Feb. 14th, when I arrived at Ishigaki, I also visited beautiful Kabira and dropped your ball park on my way back to the hotel.

    At that time, I happened to know the Valentine event with Bobby. How nice it was! I recognized that you were loved by the people in Ishigaki, too.

  2. chiba さんのコメント: (chiba says):

    We’re so proud to have you as our manager. We’re so determined to toss manager Bobby Valentine into the air this year. I pray for victory every day. I pray for your good luck.

  3. chiba さんのコメント: (chiba says):

    Those fans who got chocolate from Bobby is very lucky. If I were there on this day and got the chocolate from you, I would display it in my house as my family heirloom and never eat!

  4. Lance Miccio さんのコメント: (Lance Miccio says):

    Hey Bobby ,

    Looks like you are having fun , please check out our pilot for “Land of The Rising Fastball a History of Baseball in Japan “.

    Thanks for meeting with us in Japan and thanks for the beers !
    Lance Miccio