(January 29th)

I know it's getting close to the time to go to Ishigaki because the Gaijin players are now arriving in Japan. Last night, I had dinner with Brian Sikorsky, who came in from Detroit. He did such a fabulous job for us last year. We're excited to have him back pitching in our bullpen.
Brian was with Gary Burnham, who arrived last night too. Gary brought with him a wonderful pencil sketch as a present to me, which you can see here on the blog. It's really a wonderful job!

I'm looking forward to getting to know Gary, who is a very talented artist, as well as a very talented baseball player. He's from Connecticut yet I had never met him before last year. Gary was a player for the La New Bears last year, a team that we had a working agreement with in Taiwan. He did a fabulous job for them, hitting .323 and slugging .500 and with an almost .400 OBP. Gary can play first base, in the outfield, and of course DH. I'm looking forward to his contributions.

Obviously he's not the highest-paid player on our team ― he may be the lowest-paid player, or one of them ― but I think his contributions will be very, very large.

He's the type of player who just wants an opportunity; he's always fought for everything he's gotten. He reminds me truly of our fans; who never give up. When they believe in something, they give their all, every minute of the day, and fight to the bitter end. Gary seems to have that same kind of spirit.

He works very hard from what I've seen and what I've heard. He believes in himself and he's a very good teammate! So I'm looking forward to his contributions and Brian Sikorsky's contributions and, of course, to being with the greatest fans in the world for another season, because I know all of you fans truly never give up. You have ideas in your heart that you keep and believe in, and together, I'm sure this will be a very enjoyable season.

So enjoy the beautiful artwork of Gary and the passing of time. Next at week this time we'll be practicing and preparing our baseball skills in Ishigaki for the 2009 season. Thank you!

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  1. Raichu さんのコメント: (Raichu says):



    (Hello! I think you’re arriving in Ishigaki island pretty soon.
    I’m amazed by the Gary’s sketch! He must be very excited to play in Japan since he’s worked on it really hard.
    I think he’ll do great in games against the Buffaloes!

    Spring training is starting! I understand that you can’t wait to get started!
    I wish I could go see the training someday, instead of watching it on TV.
    I’m looking forward to your blog updates!!)

  2. リッキー Ricky さんのコメント: (リッキー Ricky says):



    (Thank YOU for making us happy all the time!!
    I’m hoping that there will be a lot of great things happening to the team in 09.
    Then, hopefully we’ll continue to have a great time together after 2010.

    When you are happy, and when you are sad, fans are always with you.
    Your joy is our joy.
    Your sadness is ours.
    Let’s stay together and pursue championships!!!!!!!)