(January 17th)

It is really cold here in Connecticut. I look forward to Spring Training in Ishigaki, Okinawa, where it will be warm.

So many things have happened here in Connecticut: I’ve seen so many friends and I’ve done so many things, including the wonderful school visits and the charity event.

I’m sure many people have seen on the blog that I’ve been to, but I’ll be remiss if I didn’t thank all of people who came to Bobby Valentine’s Food & Wine Celebrity event honoring Mickey Lione and benefitting the Mickey Lione Fund.

Jeff Wilpon, the owner of the Mets, stayed most of the night and is so gracious. I’m so thankful that he was there with so many members of the community here in Connecticut, where he lives. I also thank Omar Minaya the General Manager of the Mets, for being there at the event and being friends. Brian Cashman from the New York Yankees spent the entire evening with us, from start to finish. What can I say about the greatness of Brian Cashman? I thank him for his loyalty.

The list of celebrities who attended was in the article, so I won’t go through them, but I will say that people who give out their time and energy ― as well as the people who give their wherewithal, their resources, and their money ― can’t be thanked enough.

Times like this, they can rest assured that their efforts won’t go unnoticed in the future by me or by others who understand the contribution that they are making. Thank you all very much, and I’ll get back to you soon!

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