(December 25th)

Yeah this is Christmas evening here in Connecticut, and I’d like to tell everyone that I hope you had as good of a Christmas as I did and shared lot of happiness and a love with all those people around them.

If anyone’s reading my blog, I’ve never tried to expose anything that is confidential on my blog.

Recently I just tried to state what I felt was already written in the papers in Japan and what was kind of public knowledge, but there is some confusion as to what order a thing might have happened, so I’m just trying to get some order to the confusion and repeat many of the things that I think have already been said.

I only want what is best for the organization and if I have been a distraction I am sorry about that. I just want to manage the team and not be bother with this other stuff.

Enjoy yourself everyone and have a good Christmas!

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  1. masaki さんのコメント: (masaki says):


    (Translation in Progress)

  2. CES さんのコメント: (CES says):

    I feel the treatment you have gotten from the organization to be out right unfair! I still can´t believe that you will not manage Marines after the 2009 season despite all your success. You have managed to take Marines to new heights. As a Marines fan I am gutted by the decision by the organization but hope you end your contract in a blast by taking home the Japan and Asian Series! Go Bobby V! Go Marines!

  3. SATELITE さんのコメント: (SATELITE says):


    (I admit the work you’ve done in the past to make the Marines more popular, but the way you treated the organization and fans, and your behavior since the “renewing contract argument” in the end of the season were inappropriate as a manager of a team.

    This is why fans aren’t as upset with the organization as the last time.

    If you’d really like to manage the team again, then maybe it’s time to stop making the situation worse.
    It looks ugly, unfortunately, and nothing will be changed.)

  4. naofumi さんのコメント: (naofumi says):


    (I live in Chiba City, and have been cheering you since you’ve became a manager here.
    I still remember how excited I was when I found out that you were coming back to manager the Lotte the second time!

    i wasn’t interested in the Lotte before even though I live in the area, but I started going to the stadium because I wanted to see you. It really makes me sad that next year will be the last time for me to see you at a stadium.

    I will no longer cheer for the Lotte when you leave. Japanese managers and front office people have no idea how to please their fans, so the Lotte won’t be the same when you leave.

    There will be less audience at the stadium, but less people will cheer…)

  5. 幕張の竹ぼうき Makuhari no Take-boki さんのコメント: (幕張の竹ぼうき Makuhari no Take-boki says):



    (I don’t know what’s really going on…

    but I’ll go to the stadium many times next year to cheer! I love the Lotte that Bobby manages!)

  6. S.Kazuhiro さんのコメント: (S.Kazuhiro says):


    (Hello! Just like masaki-san said, there’s no other manager who cares about a team and fans as much as you do. If you weren’t the manager of the Lotte, there wouldn’t have been that 2005 Championship and still be the worst team in the league.
    So sad that Japanese baseball organization only wants the immediate result and they don’t see anything else.
    I wish I could see you in the Lotte uniform for a very long time.)

  7. ひろ さんのコメント: (ひろ says):

    Please take care your team and your self. I really trust your baseball policy!

  8. HIDEO KAWASE さんのコメント: (HIDEO KAWASE says):





    (Good evening.

    Please win a Climax Series, Japan Series and Asian Series with the great strength next season!

    Then, maybe you can be other team’s manager!

    I’m cheering for the Carp, so I’ll be happy to have you after Brown-kantoku.
    I think the Lotte organization owes you for making the team really fun and strong, but did they just cut you off like that to save face? I wonder…)

  9. ばほ Baho さんのコメント: (ばほ Baho says):


    (You should know when to give up.)

  10. KO さんのコメント: (KO says):


    (Hello. I’m a fan of the Nippon Ham, but I just found out that you have a blog, so I just wanted to leave my comment. Both teams are in the same league, and I was so impressed with the games for the Climax Series in 2007. Please Ganbatte-Kudasai!)

  11. mr_met さんのコメント: (mr_met says):


    We the Mets fans need you back in Queens! Yeah, Jerry is a good manager but a lot of us wanted YOU to manage the ‘09 team. Now that you’re leaving Japan after the next season, come back to New York I beg you! The ‘07 and ‘08 choking wouldn’t have happened had you been the manager; you bring fire to the club, and no one can deny that. COME BACK TO FLUSHING!!!


  12. kei さんのコメント: (kei says):


    (I’m watching the news and been so shocked.
    But I really appreciate you for posting your messages during a hard time like this.

    Honestly speaking, I’d like you to manage the Marines for a very very long time.
    There won’t be another manager who cares about fans as much as you do!
    I’ll cheer again for the next season.
    The situation could change…
    I’m looking forward to hearing a great news for fans someday!)

  13. gureen さんのコメント: (gureen says):


    (”Go forward” (Mae e)

    This is what a rugby coach for Meiji University had said.
    Like a lesson of life to me… but you’ve done a lot of great work in Japan.

    Japanese fans learned a different way to call a stadium; “a ballpark!!”
    Other teams has started taking ideas from our team, and that shows how wonderful you’ve been!

    I’ll be cheering you on (^^) )

  14. まりんず Marinz さんのコメント: (まりんず Marinz says):







    ♪Bobby, Bobby Valentine
    Bobby, Bobby Valentine
    Bobbyと一緒に 俺らは戦う
    Bobbyと一緒に 夢を叶えるんだ♪

    Happy New Year!!!!!!

    (Dear Valentine-kantoku,

    I’ve been so shocked since I saw the news. I started going to the stadium because I fell in love with the Lotte that you manage! It hasn’t been a while since I became a fan, but I love you, players, team mascots, dancers and all other organization staffs.

    The other day, I read the article about Imae-senshu breaking his bone and what you’ve said and done for him. I was so moved and cried. You are #1 manager for understanding your players and fans! I think everyone wants to do their best because you are there for them, and all FA decided to stay with the team because they really feel like you’ve done wonderful things for them. The atmosphere for the team you’ve created must be something very special to each player.

    Because we weren’t in the meeting, we have no idea who’s telling the truth. Your actual message on the blog and some parts the media used from the blog to write for the papers sound a bit different. It’s so sad if the media is trying to make you look bad, and I feel even worse if the front office people are judging you from what the media is writing. I hope this confusion can be cleared up.

    Valentine-kantoku, please don’t hate the team or this country. We really appreciate all your work, and I feel very proud to be a Lotte fan thanks to you.

    Please let the 2009 to be the best season ever! Let’s win a championship and show everybody what you’ve got! I believe you can do it.

    ♪Bobby, Bobby Valentine
    Bobby, Bobby Valentine
    With Bobby we’ll fight together
    With Bobby we’ll make our dream come true♪

    Happy New Year!!!!!!)

  15. yoko さんのコメント: (yoko says):


    (Please don’t leave Bobby!!
    I don’t believe what the organization said about making changes for 2010.
    I can’t imagine the Marines without Bobby….
    I love Bobby and the Marines,
    so please don’t leave us because the team and fans need you.)

  16. Shizukin さんのコメント: (Shizukin says):

    Bobby, I am a big fan of the Chiba Lotte Marines, but a big percentage of the reason is because YOU :D are leading the team. It’s really sad about what’s happened and I feel really angry with the organization. Your thoughtfulness towards the team members touched my heart. I am looking forward for the next season, wishing that the organization will change their mind. I hope you have a happy new year with your family!!

  17. Raichu さんのコメント: (Raichu says):




    (Good evening, Bobby.

    It’s been a while since I last posted my comment.
    I’ve been reading some of the posts from the past, and the more I read them, the closer feeling I have toward you. I’m so happy that Japan has such a wonderful manager like you!

    You must have been pretty tired from all the things the organization and the media said.
    Have you been able to relax over there? Please stop thinking about what other people say, and just get relaxed.

    It’s almost a new year.
    Let’s start it on a new note!
    I’m looking forward to watching the games against the Buffaloes next season!)

  18. 皇潤 Jun Suberagi さんのコメント: (皇潤 Jun Suberagi says):


    I’m always cheering for you.)

  19. Bill Eisenhauer さんのコメント: (Bill Eisenhauer says):

    I happened upon the documentary “The Zen of Bobby V” on ESPN over the Holidays and loved it. Being from Dallas, I remember the Bobby V years here with the Rangers. I only wish that we had found a way to love you like the Chiba-ites. They are amazing fans!

    Since you have a history of reprising roles, if the Marines don’t want you, we surely do. Plus, you can can better manage Bobby V’s in Arlington too.

  20. Angel さんのコメント: (Angel says):

    Happy New Year. Is it too late? I am looking forward to see you back in Japan. I want to cheer Lotte under your management but in 2010 year, I won’t know whether to or not. Anyway Lotte will ahve a great lost after your resignation in 2010, that is for sure. Bye and see you soon.