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Tuesday 11/4

"Gary and I eat a quick lunch and head to the weight room to get a lift in. Gary and I start throwin around some weight and all the Japanese guys are staring at us. These guys work out with 3 lb dumbbells and have probably never seen anyone actually lift heavy weight. On the way out of the weight room Bobby stops us and asks if we ever do push-ups. We say yes and he asks if we had ever done "The Bakers Dozen". "Um, No." He explains it. You do one push up, stand up and knock on the wall one time, do two push ups, stand up, knock on the wall two times. Do three push-ups, stand up, knock on the wall three times. You keep doing that until you get to 13. Sounded simple to me. I told him we would do it tomorrow and he just smiled and said, "OK, I’ll see you in here tomorrow after practice." Gary and I laugh at how easy it sounds and hit the showers. On our way out we run into Bobby and he offers to give us a ride home. We oblige and on the way home he tells us to meet him at "Outback" later to watch the Japanese World Series and eat some food."

Wednesday 11/5

"Once we get back to the stadium Gary and I go get another quick lift in. After we are done Bobby is waiting for us to attempt the "Bakers Dozen." Oh yeah, no problem. Gary goes first and doesn't pace himself properly. He starts fading towards the end and collapses on the eighth rep of the last set. Bobby is dying laughing and I realize this guy is way to wily to challenge us with something easy. I'm kinda nervous because he says this tests your mental toughness and most people can't do it. I told him I may not be able to do it, but I will give it all I have. I lock in and start hammerin out the reps. I pace myself better then Gary, but I start fading at the end. A bear definitely jumped on my back. I grit my teeth and push through the fatigue. My arms start shaking and Bobby is still running his mouth. I dig deep and barely squeak out the final 13 reps to finish the Bakers Dozen. It really sucked! Bobby was impressed and congratulatory. I will never attempt that again."

- Why do shower heads need to be this low? -

"Gary and I hit the showers, and as customary, we start cussin the damn showerheads, which are literally waist high. It makes it quite difficult when you're 6’2" to wash anything above your navel. My knees are super clean! We do our best for the first few days until finally, another Japanese player comes in, and starts showering while sitting on this little 10 inch tall bucket! "Ohhhh!!! THAT’S what those little buckets are for!" We proceed to plop down on the buckets our selves. Boy was it nice. I might start doin it back home in the states."

Thursday 11/6

- Bobby took Chase and Gary for the Japan Series game at Seibu Dome-

"The stadium holds about 35,000 people, but it sounded more like 100,000. What’s cool is, the fans are completely segregated. One side of the stadium is solid blue and the other side is solid orange (like a college football game). Bobby arrives right at game time and takes his seat next to us. People REALLY started freakin out when he got there. I can’t think of an American sports figure who would get the attention Bobby gets here (maybe Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods). Between every inning, people come ask for autographs and to take pictures with him. I will say the fans are extremely respectful though, they never come during an inning, and they never come more than one at a time."

- After the game... -

"We safely end up at our desired train station. We run, and just barely catch our train. We sit down, relax and shoot the breeze for the next hour and a half with Bobby. He is one of the most fascinating people I have ever met. His stories are legendary, considering he has been around the game for 40 years. He has seen it all, done it all, and coached them all. But more importantly, he asks extremely thoughtful questions and listens with laser-like focus. He doesn’t interrupt, he doesn’t try and top your story, he truly cares about hearing people's thoughts, stories, and ideas. He gives great advice on baseball and on life. He is a wise man with a huge heart and a burning passion for the game I dearly love."

Friday 11/7

"Once again at the park by 9:15 a.m., eat some breakfast, and hit the field. But before we got started I had to use the restroom. I found one of those fancy toilets. I had finally built up enough guts to take on the porcelain robot. I get comfy on my throne and start pressing the buttons. Boy was I surprised at what these toilets could do. The first button was a water gun that damn near knocked me of my seat! That'll wake you up! It wasn't too bad, but I couldn't figure out how to turn it off! I pressed all the buttons and nothin worked! I start to panic! I keep jamming buttons and finally get the water to stop, but then a fan comes on blowing cold air! Mmmm, that's kinda nice. Then all of a sudden my buns started gettin REALLY warm. The seat must be heated because my ass was on fire! I keep pressing buttons until I finally get the fan and the heater to stop. I come away from the encounter slightly violated but unscathed. I think I'll stick to my American toilets."

Saturday 11/8

"What a crazy adventure! I am so grateful for the places Baseball has taken me, and the people I have met because of this wonderful game. Bobby and Gary are two of the finest people I have ever met, I will stay in contact with both of them for the rest of my life. It was mind-blowing to experience such a different way of life and a culture as unique as the Japanese. I think we could all learn a lot from them. They have my utmost respect. I am proud of the way I performed and the way I embraced this challenge. I look forward to seeing what comes of this. Hopefully, I will have a successful big league career in Japan. But I’m OK if I don’t. Either way, I had an absolute blast, and will treasure the memories I made for a lifetime. Arigato!

See ya on down the road,


(Reprinted from the journal by Chase Lambin presented by NYFS)

I hope everyone enjoyed reading his journal!

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