Anyone remembers the blog I updated early this month about those 2 foreign players who joined our fall practice?

One of them, Chase Lambin - the journal of his experience he had during his stay in Japan has been published by NYFS, and I'm very happy to share this to you all on my blog. Some might understand exactly what he's saying if you have been to Japan, and some might get more anxious to go to Japan someday! Enjoy!


November 2008

"In late October my international agent called and said there was a Japanese team interested in working me out for a week in hopes of maybe signing me for the upcoming 2009 season. I said, "SWEET! I’m in!"

This is something very rare and probably only five to ten guys a year get to go work out for one of these teams. Unless you’re an established Major Leaguer, it is a golden opportunity to go play in Japan. Most guys I play with would give their left arm to have a chance at playing in Japan."

Friday 10/31 -Saturday 11/1

"Up at 7 a.m. for my 10:45 international flight. Get to the terminal with plenty of time to spare and the Continental worker asks where I am headed. I stick out my chest, with a big smile, and say, "Tokyo!" like she should be impressed. I guess she wasn’t because she looked at me like I was an idiot. (I guess other people in the world fly to Japan besides me)."

- Arrived safely in Japan and met up with another player Gary and a Japanese representative from the team, Go -

"We jump on a bus and take off for the city of Makuhari in the Chiba prefecture. Prefectures are like states here. We are driving on the wrong side of the road and the steering wheels are also backwards, but Japan looks surprisingly normal. A lot of the signs are in English, and the cars and scenery look a lot like back home. We drive for 40 minutes and get into Makuhari. The town is immaculate! You could eat off of the roads. They look like they were paved and painted yesterday. Every bush, shrub, and building is perfectly manicured. Every car is spotless. Not a single person is overweight or unkempt. Pretty impressive!"

Sunday 11/2

- Chase and Gary went out to get breakfast. They stumbled into a bakery and finally met someone who speaks English -

"The man kindly asks if he can take us to a coffee shop that serves breakfast. We adamantly say yes. We follow him and get to know him a little better. His name is Kobyashi (like the hotdog eater). He takes us thru a beautiful park and on to the train station (which is where all the restaurants are). We end up in a really cool little coffee shop with good pictures of food for me to point at. The service was like a five star restaurant! These people take great pride in whatever they do, and are extremely respectful. I get a Crouqe Monsieur with a coffee and it was delicious. We chat with Kobyashi, asking him tons of questions about his country and his language. He was so informative and kind."

Monday 11/3

"After breakfast I decide to stroll down the main street. I’ve never wished for Sara to be with me more than while I was walkin down that street. She would have LOVED it. Everything is within walking distance. Super cool restaurants, boutiques, barbershops, ice cream parlors, florists, toy stores, banks, post offices, produce stands, grocery stores, everything a small town would have, but every one was immaculate. I love seeing the culture thru the prism of a local and not a tourist. No one was trying to sell me anything, and no one paid any attention to me. Everybody just goes about their business.

I picked up a few more gifts for the fam and was headin back to the apartment when I stumbled onto a sandlot baseball game. I watched for a minute and took a few pics of the little kids playing baseball with so much joy. I couldn’t help but jump in and take a few hacks. I kindly ask if I can join them and inform them I am with the Marines. They get REALLY excited and this one little girl about 7 says to me in the cutest little voice, "Hello, my name is Aria, it is so nice to meet you, what is your name?" I tell her my name is Chase and that she speaks wonderful English. I tell them I am from Texas. She and her father look at me funny so I squat down and draw the sate of Texas in the dirt. There eyes light up, "AHHH TEXAS! United State!" How cool, the outline of Texas is recognized in Japan! So I dig in at the plate and crush a tennis ball about 200 feet and the kids go bonkers.

All the kids in the park come running over to shake my hand and say hello. I hit a few more balls and run the bases while the little guys try to tag me out. It was pure joy for all of us. It makes me appreciate what I do, and why I work so hard at it. Just as I’m about to take my last swing I receive a call from Go. "Bobby wants you here at the park." I say good-bye and "arigato", and start walkin to the stadium."

- Japanese toilet encounter -

"Once we get home I found our toilet in a little hidden room. This thing looked like something out of a Star Trek movie. It had an arm coming off the side of it with 10-15 buttons in Japanese writing. How can a toilet do 15 different things? It kinda scared me and took me till the end of the week to build up the nerve to see what the buttons did. More on that later."

(Reprinted from the journal by Chase Lambin presented by NYFS)

This is it for today, and I'll update the rest of his journal later!

Commit to your passions - Passionately pursue your commitments

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  1. Takaura さんのコメント: (Takaura says):






    (Good morning, Bobby.

    It sounds like Chase Lambin senshu might be a great power to the team!
    I hope I won’t be disappointed this time…I expected a lot from Julio Zuleta because he was full of spirit, and I thought he’d really do it, but couldn’t stand watching him striking out many times!
    No matter how good they were in the past, I’ve figured that wouldn’t mean anything now because he was hitting a lot when he was in the Hawks but it just stopped when he came to the Marines. I guess the pitchers got better than Zuleta did.

    I wish Chase Lambin senshu a good luck!)

  2. ふみ Fumi さんのコメント: (ふみ Fumi says):


    (I’d like to congratulate Lambin-senshu for signing with the Lotte Marines!

    I’m happy that Lambin-senshu is now a part of the team.
    I hope he’ll do a fantastic job at Marine Stadium, and have a chance to play in as many games as possible!)

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