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(November 8th)

Over the last week at our Autumn camp, we’ve had two young men working with our team who were not with our team last year, Gary Burnham and Chase Lambin. They’ve been quite impressive!

Chase is a switch hitter who played in Albuquerque last year in AAA in the States. He’s had a nice career with a couple of teams, including the New York Mets. He’s a switch hitter and plays many different positions. He has great energy and love for the game.
He is determined and very athletic. His versatility and desire could possibly be a good fit on our team.

Gary has had thousands (over 4,000!) of at bats in his professional career. He played with the La New Bears this past season in Taiwan, where he hit .300 again (as he has done most of his career).
He plays the outfield and 1st base and could also be a part of our squad for next year.

I look forward to evaluating all the other foreign players out there to see how they might be able to contribute our team.

And I would congratulate and thank both Chase and Gary for a job well done.
They are fitting into the new team that they were working out with, making their adjustments to a new country, and hitting and fielding the ball.
Overall, they look like they really enjoy the game of baseball.

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  1. まりりん Maririn さんのコメント: (まりりん Maririn says):


    (I’m excited for the foreign players☆
    If possible, I’d like you to get Aikawa-senshu from the Bay Stars.
    He’s recently became a free agent, and only the Yakult is working to get him. I think the Marines should try to go for him, and I’m sure that our fans will love him because he’s from Chiba Pref. just like Hayakawa-senshu!
    He’s a very talented player, and good enough to be a cleanup hitter when he’s in good shape, so please think about it!)

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