(October 30th)

Today was the first day of fall practice with the entire team here. All the Ni-gun players joined the Ichi-gun players. It was good to see all the young players on the field together.

And it was also the day of the 2008 draft, which was the first time for the combined draft of high school players plus all the college and industrial league players. We had a terrific draft. I’d like to talk about our #1 and #2 draft picks, both of whom could help our team in the very near future.

Our #1 choice was a left-handed pitcher named Kimura who has played in the industrial league for the last couple of years. Kimura-toshu is a young man who regretfully was suspended for a year because of the Seibu Lions. I guess they admitted to giving him some money before they drafted him. I believe Bay Stars drafted him, but he refused to sign with them because he said he wanted to play for Seibu. Interestingly enough, we drafted him this year. We think he’s going to be very happy being in a Chiba Lotte Marines uniform.

Our #2 draft choice is a player with extreme talent, an outfielder would can do many things. He throws well and runs well, he hits for an average and with power, and he plays with a great flair and enthusiasm for the game. And Chono will hopefully be one of our players next year with Chiba Lotte Marines! The problem we’re having is the fact that he said he only wanted to play for the Giants, When I went out to see him after our draft, at the meeting today, he refused to see me, or at least his coach refused. I asked permission to speak with the player. It’s really weird to see, but I’m sure it’ll be resolved. We’re very happy with these first 2 picks.

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  1. ろってファン Lotte fan さんのコメント: (ろってファン Lotte fan says):


    (I hope all the players the team picked this year will be successful!)

  2. Garrett DeOrio さんのコメント: (Garrett DeOrio says):

    That is odd that Chono’s coach wouldn’t let the manager of the team that had just drafted him speak to him.

    The whole trope of only wanting to play for Yomiuri is a problem that’s always been around to varying degrees. Kiyohara cried like a baby when he wasn’t drafted by the Giants (then again, he cried like a baby over just about everything), but had a career he couldn’t have had in a hidebound, hierarchical organization like Yomiuri.

    I have my doubts about any player who would be such a prima donna before he was even in the big leagues and who would not want to be part of a growing, innovative organization like yours, but I hope you can get him straightened out.

    The way I see it, if he’s interested in playing ball and playing a rle on the team, Chiba is ideal. Of course, if he’s only interested in getting a bit of jewelry and willing to ride veterans’ coattails on the bench. . .

    Great picks overall, though. It looks like you got guys who’ll be able to step up and contribute in a short time frame, which is the best possible outcome.

  3. 辰也 Tatsuya さんのコメント: (辰也 Tatsuya says):






     また、今ドラフトで2位指名したホンダ・長野(ちょうの)をはじめ、巨人入り熱望の声が絶えないドラフトについても「選手が特定の球団を希望してはドラフトの意味がない」。球界発展を思うがゆえの提言。「巨人批判しているつもりはない。事実を述べただけ」。 』





    (Hello, my name is Tatsuya and I’m a Giants fan.

    The thing you said sounded like a criticism against the entire Japanese baseball.
    I don’t think it’s fair for you to talk to the media about the draft and Giants.
    Please make such comment through Lotte team and not the media.

    You are saying that you wanted Chono as much as you wanted Kimura, but you never even mentioned his name (Chono) before and I don’t believe that Lotte scouts were doing research on Chono as their 1st or 2nd pick.
    I think you are just trying to harass Giants.
    Here’s the article I read:

    —“Lotte manager, Bobby Valentine spoke at Chiba University of Commerce where he serves as a guest professor, and criticized Giants on November 2nd.
    “Giants aren’t willing to share their profits to Japanese baseball.” ”Giants are getting their cleanup hitter, the starting pitcher and the closer with their ample funds. It’s not fun to watch their games in the Japan Series. I’m cheering for Seibu but not because they were the winner of our league.” He criticized the way they strengthen the team, and 400 auditors burst into applause.
    He also talked about the draft where there are still many players who long to be in Giants, like Chono, who was drafted by Lotte, “Draft is for teams to pick players, and not for players to choose their team. I don’t mean to criticize Giants; I’m just saying a fact”.”—-

    Why don’t you talk about free agents, like how much you want them back before talking about other team?
    Or getting free agents back isn’t your responsibility?
    The Lotte baseball team that you signed the contract and belong is the one that’s thinking about how much money they can make with free agents.
    Giants care so much about their fans and the Japanese baseball more than the Lotte baseball team you belong as a manager.
    Japan can’t be a contract society like America, and trying to be like the majors isn’t always the best things for Japan.
    If you prefer how things are done in the majors, then please do so in the majors and not in Japan.)

  4. aligataya さんのコメント: (aligataya says):


    (Didn’t Kimura-toshu refuse to play for Yokohama by telling them that he wanted to join Chiba Lotte?)

  5. なみ Nami さんのコメント: (なみ Nami says):


    (I’ll be excited to see more powerful Lotte with those young players!)

  6. akio さんのコメント: (akio says):


    (I hope we’ll win a championship next year with those great players!)

  7. なおと Naoto さんのコメント: (なおと Naoto says):


    (I’ll be cheering you on!!
    Ganbatte kudasai :D )

  8. 紅の豚 Kurenai no buta さんのコメント: (紅の豚 Kurenai no buta says):






    (Fantastic draft, kantoku!

    Some people got upset by what you said, but I think you are absolutely right!

    We have draft so that the team can pick players, and players can choose a team when they become free agent.

    Not many players starts playing for the games right after they join the team, and most of them will be practicing hard to be in Ichi-gun… and I think this is how it should be in Japan or the States.

    Please help those young players to be amazing baseball players that kids will look up to.)

  9. ゴー Go さんのコメント: (ゴー Go says):


    (I’ve noticed that there’s a comment posted by a Giant’s fan and the person must be confused.

    Please don’t worry about that comment – if someone’s a real baseball fan, they would know which team is the reason why the Japanese baseball is having a hard time being a better organization.  

    In Japan, there was an incident called “Egawa jiken” and that scandal basically changed the idea of the draft completely.
    Acting so selfishly by monopolizing powers of broadcasting, talking about setting up a new league and getting all the good free agents (doesn’t against the rule but we have a problem with the way they do it) – these are what the Giants had done.
    In an extreme case, the Japanese baseball would be better if the parent organization and the owner of the Giants weren’t as greedy as they are. The Giants used to be a great team when Matsutaro Shouriki was an owner, but a lot of things changed when Tohru Shouriki took his place.

    What you talked about the Giants is absolutely right.
    And it seems like it’s time for them to change finally since less people watch their games now and the teams in Pacific League have been very successful on the contrary, by being local-friendly. If they really change, then I think that Japanese baseball will change in a better way, too.
    I think there are so many people who think exactly like you do, but they were afraid to point that out. So when you said it out loud, I felt so great and I’m thankful to you.
    Please take are of the Japanese Professional Baseball and make changes to make it better! Ganbatte-kudasai!)

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