(September 24th)

We had a really good game last night, with Hosoya getting 2 hits for the first time this year for our team playing third base, and Hayakawa supporting Watanabe Shunsuke. Brilliant pitching, with another run for a win and we’re still in an amazing pennant race here in Tachikawa today.

Yesterday we had an announcement that the great Sadaharu Oh, manager of the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, is retiring. This will be his last year. I need not say anything about the greatness of Sadaharu Oh as a player, but I’d like to say a bit about his greatness as a person.

He’s one of the finest people I’ve ever come in contact with, not only when he’s in uniform and I’m competing against him, but when he’s out of uniform too. When we’ve spent time at manager’s meetings and dinners, and lunches, he’s always cordial, polite, and humble. For a man who has achieved so much, to understand that his place in life is just one of many has set a remarkable example for me and for everyone else who has come in contact with him.

I’m blessed by the fact that I got to know him. I’m honored to be able to compete against him on the field, and also extremely honored to consider him as a friend. He is someone who has always inspired and will always inspire me.

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  1. Hiro さんのコメント: (Hiro says):


    (I agree that Oh Kantoku is such a gentlemanly person.
    I remember the time when I asked to shake hands, I was so amazed by how thoughtful he was.
    I hope he’ll get a plenty of rest, and then maybe help future Japanese baseball.)

  2. john さんのコメント: (john says):

    Congratulations to Sadaharu Oh on such a distinguished career. I hope Bobby comments on what is going on in NY this weekend. The final games ever at Shea Stadium are being played, and all of the great Mets players from Willie Mays to Dwight Gooden to Tom Seaver to Mike Piazza will be there as well as many others to celebrate Shea’s history. I only wish Bobby could be there, as he deserves to be.Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling and Gary Cohen commented the other night on how great of a manager Bobby is.

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