(July 31st)Hi!

It's the All-Star break, and we have about another 40 games to play. I think our team is in pretty good shape.

I would like to congratulate Satozaki, Naruse and Nishioka for making the Olympic team. And I’m hoping they can bring the gold back to Japan and make all of our fans proud. I’m sure they will—they are great players and they’ve really helped us so far this season.

Also, I would like to again congratulate Nishioka, Shimizu Nao, Naruse, and Omatsu for making the All-Star team. It’s well deserved, and Omatsu has made the All-Star team for very first time. Omatsu has been one of the stars on our team this year, and congratulations to him for being named MVP of the Pacific League for the month of July. Omatsu has helped set a new RBI record for our team for Japanese players with 31 RBIs. Things are looking good!

I like the fact that Hashimoto is so healthy and I love the fact that Nemoto has continued to play so well. Our young pitchers, Karakawa and Omine, are going to help strengthen our staff. Sikorski should be back very soon, and Ono Shingo should be back soon too. Julio Zuleta is also rehabilitating, and we’re looking forward to his return.

I think our team can become stronger. We’re just a couple of games away from the playoffs. We are not that far behind Seibu Lions who are currently in 1st place. I think the next couple months are going to be most exciting months of baseball, especially in Lotte Marines history. Please join us.

Thank you! Talk to you soon.

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  1.  KATSUKO さんのコメント: ( KATSUKO says):





    (Midsummer greetings.

    It’s been pretty hot summer, but thank you for updating your blog.

    We were so worried and wondering when Marines could reach near the top, especially after these pulse-pounding games. I hope everyone plays and enjoys games very much, and we, ‘Team 26’, will do our very best to cheer the team that has to keep on playing without some players due to the Olympics, in this extreme heat.

    Please make our dreams come true and win championship in Japan and Asia, and then to victory parade.)

  2. Jun Okumura さんのコメント: (Jun Okumura says):

    Mr. Valentine:

    Any guy worth his salt would stand up for his own guys. Still, I very much appreciate your support for Japan in the Beijing Olympics. Good luck with the rest of the season.

  3. Hatabo. さんのコメント: (Hatabo. says):

    Hi Bobby!
    A hot day continues every day, but how are you? You seem busy recently, right?
    The first half battle was full of ups and downs and I was very interesting. The second half of the game also fights together at a stadium. :D

  4. Down the Stretch - The Pacific League » NPB Tracker さんのコメント: (Down the Stretch - The Pacific League » NPB Tracker says):

    […] Lotte After a slow start, Lotte has played back into contention. Lotte is losing three key guys to the Olympics — lefty starter Yoshihisa Naruse, infielder Tsuyoshi Nishioka, and catcher Tomoya Satozaki, but has Julio Zuleta and Shingo Ono returning from the injured list. Those guys don’t quite balance out the stars that will be gone, but Bobby Valentine is confident. I’d love to see these guys make it the playoffs; Bobby has done a ton for Japanese baseball, they have great fans and a good group of guys. […]

  5. 小春日和 Koharubiyori さんのコメント: (小春日和 Koharubiyori says):


    (Hello Bobby-Kantoku. This summer has been pretty crazy with this heat and the thunderstorms in Japan. I wonder if this is a part of global warming.
    In this extreme heat, Olympic squads from all over the countries have been competing with each other in those heated games in Beijing. I’m happy that 3 players from Marines have been selected to complete at the Olympic Games, but I was just wondering how difficult it could be to play for special games like this in a very different environment, even for great professional baseball players. What are your tips for players to get the best from themselves in this kind of international competition? I personally think that making fewer mistakes might help; like base on balls and ragged fielding are something they can work on to prevent them from happening. But I really think that baseball is a team game, so they can always help each other out. The most important things are having strong will to win, and believe in themselves in any games I’ll say. It must have been pretty tough consecutive games for Marines in this hot weather, but please take care!)

  6. Edokko:Eddy さんのコメント: (Edokko:Eddy says):

    My dear Bobby San and the Marines guys,
    The first 72 games are over and the nexst 40 ones is really the decive points to make my dream come true…you know…the sweetest dream that our loving Marines can get the pennant of the Pacific and go onto to the Big Egg in Tokyo just to beat presumably the Central Champion Yomiuri Giants in fall. I make it a rule of checking the standings in the Pacific and definitely conclude that there will be a good chance of the Marines going to win more games than the Hawks ,the Lions and the Hammies,even though you guys cannot be too carful about the Nomura San’s men in the Rakuten. I am 100 perecent sure that the Marimes is going to close this season with a big bang as Japan’s 2008 Champion Team! Hurrah to my beloved Lotte Marines!! Seeing you guya again at the Marine Stadius. The burning passionate fan of the Marines in Edo,Eddy

  7. hayakawa26 さんのコメント: (hayakawa26 says):

    Dear Bobby

    I love Marines so much!
    So I hope that you will bring the team to the highest place this year!
    That ’s a single hope I have now!!
    We , members of team26, are gonna keep believing you and the team until October.


  8. Edokko:Eddy さんのコメント: (Edokko:Eddy says):

    My dear Bobby and your excellent players of the Lotte Marines,
    You all have done superb job and beaten the Fukuoka Hawks last evening. Wow! You are steadily making for the penannt of Japan Champion for 2008. My dear Booby san is right to say that he had for long expected to see Ono san pitching well like lat evening. Ono san is such a marevelous top-notch pitcher ,one of the best ones in the Pacific League and is well expected to play a key part in the upcoming Nihon Series in fall. You all have only 1.5 games behind the Hummies you know and you can catch up with them while Inaba san and Darvish kun are out in the Olympiad in Beijing. Let’s make it possible that Darvish kun and Inaba san will find themselves a few games behind our Lotte Marines ,when they land at Narita Airport after winning the gold medal in Beijing. Go! go! go! go! the Lotte Marines skippered by our the best of the bests Baseball Manager Bobby Valentine! Eddy in Tokyo

  9. Edokko:Eddy さんのコメント: (Edokko:Eddy says):

    My dear Bobby San and your guys wihth big-league guts,
    Our Lotte Marines are slowly and steaily matrching on to the final stage to the Climax Series.2008, while all the attentions are focused on Hoshino San’s All Japan Team in which our Nishioka san and Satozaki san are both participating as key players in Beijing. I have crossed my fingers and pray that the Marines will be a few games ahead the Hammies when the two Lotte players are home in Chiba. Besides such splendid players on each position both in the infield and the outfield,the Lotte Marines no doubt have remakrable picthing staff on parade. I am so proud of all of them….Young Karakawa Kun,Naruse san,Ono san,Takagi san,Kobayashi san,of course Mr Lotte Marines,Komiyama san,Kawasaki san and many others. Our Lotte Marine are best of the bests….destined to get the Champion Flag flutter at the Marines Stadium next season! Wow! Eddy in Yedo.

  10. 安い自動車保険屋 Yasui-Jidosha-Hokenya さんのコメント: (安い自動車保険屋 Yasui-Jidosha-Hokenya says):


    (There’s still a chance to win!
    Keep it up!)

  11. Betsy Morgan さんのコメント: (Betsy Morgan says):

    Hi Bobby-
    Long time no see. Hope all is well with you. My friend Mr. deguchi in Japan told me to sign up for your blog!!! He tells me how famous you are and keeps me informed of your teams progress. I am still in VA and got married two years ago. Hope to make it to japan soon!! Good luck with the home stretch.
    Yoru friend form eth stanford restaurant days Betsy Morgan

  12. Edokko:Eddy さんのコメント: (Edokko:Eddy says):

    Hurrah to dearest Bobby and all the Marines guys! Yesterday Kobayashi Samn seemed not to be in his top shape but he did good job,in my opinion.As usual the Yomiuri Shimbun played up the number of Kobayashi’s losing games,but look at this year’s Uehara’s pathetic performance in the games. Guess how many games Uehara has won up to now. Comparatively,Kobayashi is quite super and I frimly believe that he is going to get back on track soon. At present I don’t have time to come to the Marines Stadium to see every Lotte-hosted game. A big shame! The coming month must be really decisive to you Lotte guys,so that I will try to get as much time as I can to witness how you all are doing to snatch the season’s pennant. Never say die until you grab the pennant for the season….never say”Kekko”or”OK” until you see “Nikko”or the dazzling big sun above the Lotte Marines Stadium. Eddy in Edo

  13. S. Poster さんのコメント: (S. Poster says):

    I hope your team does well, Bobby!

    -’Shen’ from Arlington TX

  14. chiba d さんのコメント: (chiba d says):

    Let’s go back to the playoffs and show ‘em what we’ve got!

  15. Edokko:Eddy さんのコメント: (Edokko:Eddy says):

    Hello! It is a cool morning but I am pretty excited,wow, at the outcome of yesterda’s Lotte Marines,and our dearest Bobby and your men have blown the Hammies to pieces. Now at this moment our Marines is merely a 0.5 game behind the Hammies. Step by step steadily our Marines is catching up the Hokkaido Hammiies. The greatest moment is just around the corner just as the cool fall season is. Someone says that the Hammies is now weaker thn before,’cause Darvish Kun, and Inaba San both are out in Beijing to battle for trhe Gold Medal? Hey! How about our Marines? Ssatozaki san,Naruse san and Nishioka kun are also in the Olympiad,too. Well,well,well,the most crucial moment is to come around for the Lotte Marines….certainly within this month. I am so thrilled to conclude my summer vacation with a big bang by shouting Hurrha! to you all guys at the Marines Stadium real soon. Let’s welcome threeMarines’s samurais at Narita Airport coming home from Beijing! Eddy in Edo

  16. 93 さんのコメント: (93 says):

    Hi! Bobby

    I Watched ”Bobby’s KUISHINBOU-BANZAI” on Twellve TV.
    You are so cute !! 

    I’m looking forward to going to Marine Stadium soon. And I hope that our team will defeat ”NIPPON-HAM”.

    Please take care of your health.

  17. Edokko:Eddy さんのコメント: (Edokko:Eddy says):

    Hello again to you my dear Bobby san and the Marines guys! Almost all the baseball fans seem to be glued to TV to watch the Hoshino Japan’s unexpectedly far-from amazing perfromance in Bejing.One of the problemes with All Japan Team this time is that they don’t have remarkable team combination or close linkage in each play,I guess. The All the Pacific and All the Centarl teams in the annual All-Star Games each year show a lot better teamwork for winning ,in my opinion.Those excellent Marines guys in Hoshino’s All Japan Ream,Satozaki san,Narusen san and Nishikoka kun are a hundred times better when they are playing for their home team,the Lotte Marines.Of course,I pray that the three guys are coming back to Chiba with the copper medal on their chests but regardless of winning the medal or not,we the Marines’ Team-26 members are quite ready to gallop with you guys together with home-coming three Lotte Samuraies only to win as many games as possible in the coming days…….eventually to beat any champion team representing the Central League in fall without fail. Eddy in Edo

  18. Edokko Eddy in Tokyo さんのコメント: (Edokko Eddy in Tokyo says):

    Dear Booby san and the Marines guys,
    Now the annual sports festival now going on in Bejing is almost over,and the time for you guys will be around to show your stuff in a real sense. Al the Marine fans of course including Team-26 members nationwide await to witness you all will pursue your commitments passionately. We all the Lotte suporters have already fully committed our minds and hearts to our passions to stand by you guys. Many pro baseball fans around me look awfull down by seeing the pathetic putcome of Hoshino Japan. I am the last man to be called the”Monday morning quarterback” and let’s make everyting which occurred in Beijing the water under the bridge you know. The only reason to see the Olympic games on Tv was to see three Marines Samurai doing. They definitely have done a lot for the Team,I guess. Let welcome the Marine samuraies back home to keep going in the pennant rece again! I always wear the baseball cap of the Marines everywhere I go and I would like to put a shining feather in my Marines’ cap,this year. Go! go! Go! Our Lotte Marines! Eddy in Tokyo

  19. ハチャ Hacha さんのコメント: (ハチャ Hacha says):


    (It’s too bad that Japanese team couldn’t play well at Olympics Games.
    Even before the games and what the manager got to do with the team, I was afraid that they wouldn’t be able to bring the best out of themselves because of all the stress and pressure.
    If Bobby was the manager, I think they could have played without feeling too much pressure.
    It’s my sincere wish that you’ll be the manager of Japanese team!)

  20. dobby さんのコメント: (dobby says):


    (Valentine-san. I really really want you to be the manager of Japanese team for WBC next year!)

  21. Edokko Eddy in Tokyo さんのコメント: (Edokko Eddy in Tokyo says):

    My dear Bobby San and the Marines troupe of baseball samuraies!
    The big athletic meet in Beijing is now over and all the more exciting sport is around here again. That’s it…the final phase of the pro baseball season is on. Our dear Satozaki san,Naruse San and Nishioka Kun are all back home safe and sound in Chiba. Missing any color medal in Beijing? No problem at all! Let’s not be sour grape loser! In fact,baseball is the sport we show our stuff in it over the-month long season but not within a couple of days! It is good that three Lotte samuraies in Hoshino Japan have done their very best and could be back without any injuries to re-start the remaining pennant race with the Team-26 members. Look you guys,there are merely three games gap between the Lotte Marines and the Hokkaido Hammes,which is far from mission impossible to overtake them. I wouldn’t say my wish to Bobby ,”Please stick to the Marines next year,too!” We can ask Bobby you such a thing later. What we should ask Bobby at bthis moment is to hustle your guys to win as many games as you can in the home stretch of this season and conclude this season with biggest bang. Incidentally I have purchased another Marines cap,one I out in my room and the other I wear wherever I may go to make me feel I always belong both in mind and body to the Lotte Marines all the time. Good day! Eddy in Edo poursuing my commitments passionately!

  22. Nate さんのコメント: (Nate says):


    I can’t think of anyone better qualfied than you to lead Japan in the next WBC. No one that I know of in the Japanese leagues can empower the players and belive in their own talents as much as you and no one in the Japanese baseball know the other teams represented in the WBC as well as you do. Equally important is that I have no doubt in my mind that you can prepare these guys to belive in themselves and get them to feel confident in international competitions like you can. I know many of the players will feel timid in a foreign environment but you can help them remove those barriers and have them play at the top of their potential. I truly hope the new commissioner as well as the league will see what a gift we have in you and how we are all indebted to you for what you’ve done in Japan and what you can still contribute there and pick you to be the next manager.

    Go Japan and go Bobby!


  23. Edokko Eddy in Tokyo さんのコメント: (Edokko Eddy in Tokyo says):

    My dear Bobby san and the Marines guys,
    Last night my beer at supper was a little “srterile” and you know what I mean,do you? Such a close game and you guys have almost beaten the Hokkaido Hamnmies! Never give up…I don’t have to say so to you all the brave Chiba Lotte Samuraies. You are really the last guys to give up the chance of grabbing the pennant this season. At this moment even any pro baseball commentators cannto say for sure which team will participate in the play-offs eventually. Incidentally,,those pro baseball commentors cannot say but I can say 100 percent sure that Bobby and your men will show up in the play-offs after all. Why? I am one of the “dyed-in-the wool” Marines fans,who have fully committed to the Lotte Marines. I have allowd my family except me to go and see almost every game of the Yomiuri Giants at the Big Egg. Why? Are they all the big fans of the Giants? No way! It is not bad for them to shout “hurrah!” to the Giants who is our rival and is destined to face Our Lotte Marines in the upcoming Japan Series this fall. Dear Bobby and the Marines men,I am sure that you will turn up at the Big Egg and blow “them “to pieces……this is my dream you will make come true for the Team-26 members. Eddy in Tokyo. 

  24. chiba さんのコメント: (chiba says):



    (I’d really like you to lead the Japanese team for WBC.
    You are the manager that Japan needs.
    I believe that you can steer the team to victory because you both know Japanese baseball and Major League Baseball.

    Please take care, and I hope the team plays well for the rest of the season!)

  25. Eddo Eddy in Tokyo さんのコメント: (Eddo Eddy in Tokyo says):

    My dear Booby san and the Marines with three Lotte samuraies back from Beijing !
    Last evening Kubo san did a superb job to make such a pretty exciting game against the Hokkido Hammies. The DH Satozaki san looked a little bit tired but we believe that he will be OK and back on track real soon to make the remaining 28 games all the more exciting towards the final goal of winning the Champion Flag fluttering in the sea breeze above the Marines Stadium next year. In the recent two games our great picthers Kubo and Shunsuke both have done a awfully good job for the team but the only tiny proble is the number of hits and RBIs. There are still around 30 or so games for all the teams to play from now and the games themselves seem to be in constant flux you know. Again you all have still 28 games to play and please never forget that we the Team-26 are always behind you Bobby and the Marines Guys to the last. Eddy fully committed to his passion…our Lotte Marines! Pursue your commitments at full blast from now on,too. Eddy in Tokyo.

  26. Willy Badger さんのコメント: (Willy Badger says):

    Great blog. You are an inspiration to foreigners living in Japan. Anything is possible.

  27. Eddo Eddy in Tokyo さんのコメント: (Eddo Eddy in Tokyo says):

    Dear Bobby san and the Marines Samuraies!
    Last night my chilled beer was most tasty and I unusually gulped down many bottles of beer at the sight of Shimizu san’s super-duper pitching. My heart-felt congratulations should come to Shimizu san and all the Marines guys! Some pro baseball pundits say that our Lotte Marines must win 16 games out of the remaining 27 games at least as of yesterday to be in the playoffs. I am anything but a mathematician. How can they make out such a small number?Don’t underestimate the power of the Lotte Marines we are supporting. They are surely now in the win-win spirits….only to win all the remaining games at Marine Stadium and anywhere else. Look,here are only three games difference between our Marines and the arch-rival Hokkaido Hammies! You guys have already been just a step behind the Hammies. Are you ready to run past them? Ready,Set and Go! Our Marines! Eddy In Tokyo

  28. Edokko Eddy さんのコメント: (Edokko Eddy says):

    Dear Bobby san,all the Mrines guys and my fellow Team-26 members! last evening Mr Kuramochi,a Marines TV commentator made some encouraging comments on how you are all expected to do in the days ahead so as to take part in the upcoming playoffs. Some fellow baseball freaks say that Kuramochi san is a little too biased for the Lotte Marines when he is on TV. Biased? Nothing wrong with his comments I hear on Chiba TV in my case. Every comment by Kuramochi san sounds so cool to me. Every commentaor is entitled to have his own favorite team just as we do. Hatsushiba san and Kuramoschi san are both the top-notch very seasonedd Marines basebal commentaorsI suppose,so that we Team-26 members can fully enjoy every Marines game and make us feel we are”one” in edvery sense. Eddy In Tokyo

  29. Edokko Eddy さんのコメント: (Edokko Eddy says):

    Dear my fellow Team-26 members,
    I do hope that you all are fully enjoying every game between our Lotte Marines and other rival teams.Remember yesterday’s day game with the Sendai Rakuten! Our dear Bobby and his guys all showed their real stuff and splendid guts throughout the game. Have won the game in the exra-inning! That ’s super! Such a good job not to have made a tie game like the games between the Hawks and the Lions for two days!Any draw game would consume lots of precious energy they should save for the upcoming games,particularly if they lose.That’s why yesterday’s one win equals a couple of wins at this time of the season,I guess.Our Lotte Marines are surely on track to accomplish their “mission”.Eddy in Tokyo.

  30. Sawako さんのコメント: (Sawako says):

    I want to see your best smile!

    I am sorry in clumsy English…


  31. roro さんのコメント: (roro says):

    Dear Bobby!




    (Dear Bobby!

    I’m always cheering for you and the team! Please, please stay as a manager of Lotte. I’ve been very worried ever since I saw the news. I don’t think I want to be a Lotte fan anymore if you leave the team.

    That will be way too boring!

    Please stay!)

  32. SoCal さんのコメント: (SoCal says):


    I do not get to see the Japanese ball games here in SoCal… I watch the NHK satellite news to see what is going on and try to figure out who will be playing in the MLB next. I think I would make a good scout for U.S.

    I read about possibility of U.S. WBC management assignment? I think we could use your leadership. To be honest, I did not expect the U.S. team to come home with a bronze medal form the Beijing Olympic. Olympic is one thing, but WBC will be a completely different game.

    I assume that players from the major leagues will be paticipating and playing in the WBC? The way Korea played during the olympic, U.S. better enter the WBC to win! Japan played well during the last WBC and they deserve to win! However, it was obvious that U.S. players were not out to win… Jeter and others were playing like pre-season games! If you do decide to take the job, please play to win and start kicking some butts and make the players play like the “PROS” that they are! There are many kids looking up to them and expecting them to win! If they don’t have the desire to play and win, they need to step down and let the AAA or college players play in the WBC. Cuba, Korea and Japan will be playing to win, I hope we will do the same!

  33. ace pitcher さんのコメント: (ace pitcher says):

    Resignation matter is on the web now.
    It is Bobby’s tactics to talk about that kind of thing in this timing.
    Marines is great team and we missed winning so many wins for his mistake. Remember ? Lotte company should be in the strong position to him about this facts. Lotte can bring better manager like HIllman and others.He is not anymore influencing players confidence anymore, they are already winners and need the next step manger.

  34. Mika さんのコメント: (Mika says):


    (Hello! It’s already September, and there’s no many games left before the season ends. But there’s still a chance to play in the Climax Series, and I believe that you guys can do it! I’m always cheering for the team!

    Today, I read the article that you were advised to resign in the paper. I really want you to be the manager of Marines next year and more years after next, and I can’t even think of anyone else but you as the manger. There’s got to be so many fans who’d like you to continue! Bobby is the only manager who can lead the Marines to victory! Please don’t leave us!

    I hope the team plays well for the rest of the games!)

  35. Akira Honda さんのコメント: (Akira Honda says):


    (Bobby, why are Zuleta, Benny and Ortiz in the starting lineup? Are you actually expecting something wonderful from them? I guess one of them can be DH, but how about Fukuura, Nemoto and Takehara?
    It doesn’t make any sense to me when a DH is used for a catcher, and I’m not sure if you can handle the Japanese team for WBC.)

  36. Edokko Eddy i さんのコメント: (Edokko Eddy i says):

    My dear Bobby san and Marines guys,
    This evening Kubo san has done his best and Bobby’s guys have also done their very best against the stubborn Lions. Think about the weather these days in Japan….the scorching sun,thunders with heavy showers all of which are hitting any place without warnings. Anyone experiences the ups and downs in life as any pro baseball teams do. You have done a good job in the games with the Lions yesterday and this evening. Now,our dear Marines,here comes the new rival coming up quickly before you all…..be careful of the Orix Blue Waves being skippered by the ex-super star Oishi san plus his daring men. Eddy in Toyko.

  37. Edokko Eddy さんのコメント: (Edokko Eddy says):

    Hello again to our Bobby san and the Marines guys! At this time of the season I couldn’t stop writing something in this Bobby’s Ways Blog. This year in particular we the Team-26 members couldn’t sit on the fence even for a moment. You have only 23 games to play as of today and there are only 2.5 games difference among the three teams of course including our Lotte Marines. One win and one loss against the first-placed Saitama Lions is not bad at all! You have done so great a job for two days! Only 23 games…..the chance of making the playoffs this year is quite reacheable now and all depends upon you our Bobby and your men with famed passions for winning…..we Team-26 are all ready to keep marching on together with you the Proudable Lotte Marines! to grab the pennant! Eddy in Tokyo.

  38. コヤマリン Koyamarine さんのコメント: (コヤマリン Koyamarine says):

    しかし、いまペナントレース終盤の時期に、わざわざ表沙汰にしてまでの駆け引きをすることが、チームにとっての最優先事項ではありません。 ましてや、マリーンズファン(ボビー好き・ボビー嫌い、どちらにも当てはまらない人含め)にとっては、非常に無駄な余計やことにしか感じません。

    (Hello Bobby-san.
    There are so many things happening right now but please take care of what’s going on in the news right now.
    Some people say that this bargain is an American way of dealing, but they are absolutely wrong. This happens everywhere even in Japan.
    However, this kind of stuff didn’t need to come out when the team is working so hard and trying to win as many games as they can. I think this could be distracting to fans too. I guess there must have been some kind of intention or thinking to it, but I’ll be glad if you can get this resolved as soon as possible.)

  39.  KATSUKO さんのコメント: ( KATSUKO says):






    (Hello Bobby-kantoku,

    I see many English comments here lately, and I have no idea what they’re saying, but I hope those were written with good intention.

    I started seeing more articles about your career as a manager of Marines.
    That made me worried about your players and wonder if that affects them in any way because there are still some games left to play.
    I hope they can concentrate on the games at least until Climax Series ends, and I don’t want all this to disturb the players.

    As a fan of Chiba Lotte Marines, I hope the team will win the championship under your command again, and parade through town!

    Hang in to the end, Marines! Go Marines and go Valentine-kantoku!)

  40. お願い Onegai さんのコメント: (お願い Onegai says):


    (Contract problem at this most important time of the season?
    This shouldn’t have been such a big deal if you didn’t mention at all.
    “There he goes again”, this is how I feel.
    Even players haven’t had their next contracts done yet.
    Please think about them, and let them concentrate on games.
    Thank you.)

  41. Edokko Eddy さんのコメント: (Edokko Eddy says):

    My dear Bobby san and the Marines guys! Congratulations! Shimizu san was super-duper this evening…..one of his best pitches I have seen this year. To support him Imae san and Kawasaki kun have done a marvelous job respectively. Ogino kun ,now the best closer both in the Pacific and the Central League was fantastic today,too, to wrap up the winning games against the Saitama Lions. Now our dear Bobby,you have only 22 games,and how to play in the upcoming games will surely decide whether or not you all can make the playoffs this season. You guys are going to make a trip out of Chiba tomorrow…..we the Team-26 are all watching you wherever you may go. Thank you Bobby and the Lotte Marines guys,this evening I could tasted the best of the bests “beer” after the game. Edokko Eddy in Tokyo.

  42. ろってファン Lottefan さんのコメント: (ろってファン Lottefan says):


    (Could you please wait to talk about your contract? The players might get turned off by it and lose their fighting spirit for the rest of the season. I’ve never gotten upset with you until now.)

  43. けいたろう Keitarou さんのコメント: (けいたろう Keitarou says):





    (Talking about your contract in the most exciting month?
    Is it true that the conversation took place a couple of months ago, but you decided to bring that up now on purpose?
    If you really cared about winning in pennant race, you wouldn’t have done this.

    I don’t know if there’s anyone who wishes your resignation in the team, but I do.

    I’ll be so heartbroken if my beloved Marines are lead by a manager who doesn’t care about them, so please don’t let us down anymore.

    If you’re not willing to win a championship, I’ll be happy to watch you leave.)

  44. Hiroe さんのコメント: (Hiroe says):

         I joinn here first time. I’m a member of DEEN’s fan club. I love DEEN and you and your team,Marines!
         I read newspapers about you. Will you go back US after this season? Really??? Please stay in Japan and continue coach of Marines as long sa you can. Forever!!! 
         I think Marines are Best team in Japan! Team members and audiennce have a good relationship. It’s important! It’s great! The stadium is wonderfull! And all of players always have good job and they are really friendly. And I want to say ”Thank you You like Japan.” Because I know you climbed Mount Fuji last summer. Did you enjoy it?
         I worry about you,and miss you! 
    So,don’t leave here. Please stay in Japan!!! I really hope so,I really pray so.
         I want to see you at DEEN’s livestage again!

  45. まりんす Marinesu さんのコメント: (まりんす Marinesu says):



    (Hello Bobby-kantoku,
    I’m so glad that Marines won the game against Seibu today. Lately you’ve been receiving a lot of attention from the media because of what you said about resigning, and I think it’ll be such a shame if you have to leave. A couple of years ago, some people were yawping about your command ability and which player to bring in when you became a manager of the Marines. But I believe there should be a lot of people who has started coming to the stadium to watch the exciting games since you came in.
    I’d like everyone including the front office to act like an adult and take care of this matter. I’ll be happy if you can lead the team to Climax and more this year and the next, and stay as a manager for a long time.)

  46. 小春日和 Koharubiyori さんのコメント: (小春日和 Koharubiyori says):


    (Bobby-kantoku, could you do me a favor? You’ve been reported by the media about your resignation in the last couple of days, and I think this is very important time of the season for players, whether the team can be in the fist division or not.
    I wish you (or anyone in the team) could have avoided the situation, where players can’t concentrate on the games.
    Right now, Marines need to win games as many as they can to play in the Climax Series.
    In order to make this happen, everyone – the team, the manager, players, all staff and fans – need to come together!
    Please take care of this matter in an adult way.)

  47. piko さんのコメント: (piko says):


    (Hello Bobby-kantoku,
    To me, Bobby-kantoku is the only manager that I can think of for my favorite team, Marines. And all these news about your resignation have been hurting my feelings and letting me down. Please don’t worry about what the team or the world say, and lead Marines to a championship! I believe that you’ll be the manager of the Marines next year, and the year after next, and then more years!)

  48. Edokko Eddy さんのコメント: (Edokko Eddy says):

    My dear Lotte Marines,
    Some of the so-called pro baseball pundits around me are chirping about our dear Bobby whose remarks seem to be seemingly hyped and ballooned in the news-greedy sports mass media. As one of the ardent pro baseball fans since a boy ,I have been the last guy to follow what is going on after games and in each manager’s or player’s “after-game life”,as long as he is a law-abiding decent citizen like us. Wow! Remember the game last evening? Our dear Lotte Samurais have done such a great job by clipping the wings of the Hawks and to step on towards the final goal. Cheers to our brave “Samurais” from Chiba! Hooray! Eddy in Tokyo

  49. Urban CowBoy さんのコメント: (Urban CowBoy says):

    Heloo to you my fellow Lotte Marines fans!
    No idea what has caused this fuss over fgthe news Bobby will quit or dismissed by the company after this season! In the lines of pro sports,any sob-storieds are not allowed you know. To win the games is everything,of course,to win the games or the matches in a decent way following the rules. You cannot be be a sour grape…..just as last evening you the Marines should win the game. That is it! OK? I always expect you to win as many games as you can to be a champion in each season. That’s it. Nothing more and nothing less. Needless to say I have been one of the big fans of the Lotte Marines and will be a diehard loyal fan of the Marines. To be frank with you,I am a fan of the Lotte Marines and I don’t care at all who on earth the manager is …..an American,a Korean,a Chinese,Bobby Valentine or anybody else….the thing is that he or she will be under the sacred obligation of making the matchless team….to make us excited in each game throughout the season. Urban CowBoy in Tokyo

  50. kei さんのコメント: (kei says):


    (Congratulations on your second straight win against SoftBank Hawks! I really enjoyed watching the team winning the close game.
    Now the winning percentage got back to .500 and we’re so ready to cheer harder for the future games!
    I’ve read some article about your resignation, but I love the Marines who has Bobby as the manager.
    I understand the games will get tougher as we get closer to the Climax Series, but I’ll cheer for the team harder!
    I hope Marines plays well!)

  51. 乱太郎 Rantaro さんのコメント: (乱太郎 Rantaro says):


    Could you tell me which player you would choose for WBC Japanese team?
    It’ll probably be Nishioka from Lotte, but I guess Satozaki-senshu won’t be in it because Johjima will be there?)

  52. Eddoko Eddy さんのコメント: (Eddoko Eddy says):

    Hello my dear Lotte Marines guys!
    I am pretty proud of your sparkling performance at Fukuoka and edged the Hawks in such close games. In front of “the magic box” or the antique TV set I shouted Hooray many times wiht my friends all of who are loyal Lotte fans. The Marines are surely galloping towards the final goal week by week….day by day. Suring the two games the only bad and shocking news was that an excellent infielder Imae Kun was hit by a uncontrolled ball and injured. Let’s hope that a toughie like Imae kun will recover soon enough to be back on track and make the playoffs together all the Lorre Samurais. Put all the fuss in the mass media behind us and let’s move on to our goal together,shall we? All the fuss will be over when the Lotte Marines gets the pennant. Winning always talk ! Eddy In Tokyo.

  53. zen さんのコメント: (zen says):

    Hello Bobby

    This is my third mail to you.
    I keep sending you my psychokinesis.
    You will win! The marines will win!
    I can see the vision that you have a good smile after the last game of this year and receive the winner’s interview.

  54. Ginta さんのコメント: (Ginta says):


    You haven’t updated your blog for some time now. I’m very sad that we don’t really get to find out what’s on your mind about a lot of things.

    Communication with beloved fans is such an important part of your baseball life and we miss hearing from you.

    Hope you are well and that we’ll hear from you soon.

    Your fan

  55. メリー Merry さんのコメント: (メリー Merry says):


    (I have a favor to ask you, Bobby-kantoku.
    Please show us your command ability with a strong desire to win.
    I love Marines and have been cheering for the team, but I don’t see that desire by the way you command the team. That’s really a shame.
    It is true that now more people are going to the stadium to watch games, thanks to your sweet personality and PR exercise. Getting tickets for the games got definitely more difficult than before. lol
    But we’re going to the stadium to see Marines win, and we want to share that sweets of victory with the players.
    I don’t feel like going there when the team is under the command which isn’t really helping them to win.
    Even fans can just say “Never mind” to players when they are in bad condition.
    Are you using any data? Because the same mistakes keep happening, like getting a shutout from the same pitcher many times or hammered by the same hitter.
    Why don’t you give them advice to make them better? They apparently need some.
    Why aren’t you letting Ortiz-senshu play for the games against Orix? He’s played pretty well in games against Hawks. I understand if he’s injured or something, but I don’t know why you don’t use him.
    Isn’t Ortiz-senshu the only one who can play baseman instead of Imae-senshu?
    Hosoya-senshu can’t handle the position.
    This is not American League, and there are no numerous consecutive games or traveling for hours to do.
    I think giving players a break when they are in great condition actually works negatively.
    We’ve all seen some players who stopped hitting after the break.
    I think that Omatsu-senshu hasn’t been able to hit a ball since August because of all the pitches and placements that he’s not very good at, and he must have been very upset that he can’t handle them.
    Couldn’t you give him a piece of advice to help him?
    I do agree that you made Marines a strong team in the league.
    You corrected your statement about the resignation matter, but I thought that was too late.
    I think your players must have felt like all you cared about is your contract, and not them.
    There are pros in American coaching method, but there are also many pros in Japanese method.
    If you have the knowledge of both methods, I believe that you can do a fantastic job.
    Please help younger players get better.
    Please take advantage of all the data if they are available.
    The cheering isn’t just about screaming and yelling, we are helping players to be able to show their real abilities to win the games.
    We don’t want to cheer for a group of people who aren’t trying hard enough to win.
    If you’re going to lead the team this way again, I’ll appreciate it if you resign.
    I think there are other people who could lead the team to the championship like Ito-san (ex-manager of Seibu), Furuta-san (ex-player and manager of Yakult) or Ihara-san (current Giants head coach).
    I can’t cheer for a manager who doesn’t know what he’s doing with his players and their positions. Maybe you should be a PR manager.
    I think the team should spend more money on better players and not on you.
    There’s no many games left for this season, but please let us see your persistence as a manager of Marines.
    Please let us see your real ability to lead the team and make us want you as our manager again next year.
    All the things I said, I did it because I really care about Marines.
    Please show us your burning passion that you are going to lead the team to Climax Series, Nippon Series and all the way to Asia Series.
    Then I’ll do all my best to cheer for Marines.
    Please take care, and I’m looking forward to watching awesome games.)

  56. takageta さんのコメント: (takageta says):

    Howdy? Bobby,

    Did you stop writing?

    I hope to hear from you.

    from a Texan

  57. tomo さんのコメント: (tomo says):


    (Zuleta is batting like .205, and I don’t think he should be a cleanup batter…in this very important time of the season… Is that some kind of your game plan?
    He hit a homer (which happens once in a blue moon) in the game against Hawks the other day, but still he’s not good enough to be in the starting lineup, let alone a cleanup hitter. We’re tired of watching him swinging out all the time. Fans aren’t there at the stadium to watch him practice his swing…)

  58. Urban Cowboy さんのコメント: (Urban Cowboy says):

    Dear Bobby san and the Lotte Marines ,
    Remember the recent two games with The Orix! I am not shocked at the results at all…Manager Oishi san and his Orix men showed their real stuff and woke up all our dear Marines samurais to what the pennant race is like once again at this time of the season. The Orix and the Rakuten Eagles are all top-notch pro baseball teams,which cannot be beaten with the hands down. I know the Lotte Marines is a team that has no rival but even the Matchless Marines cannto be too careful about some pseudo-rivals,oh! sorry1, on the way to the mission acomplished. Our Marines! Watch out and don’t le us see you all caught with your pants down! Ganbare!!

  59. Edokko Eddy さんのコメント: (Edokko Eddy says):

    Dear Bobby san and your daring Lotte Samurais!
    My beer was so good last night. Your men all did a super job to downed the Hawks by a couple of breath-taking home-runs.Every player of the Mrines played a godd role in beating the Softbanks and Saburo san was remarkable yesterday. You have still 16 games to play as of today and don’t hesitate to overtake the Hokkaido Hammies to make sure that you all are going to make the playoffs. No need to give the Hammies a break you know……just gobble up all the Hammies to secure the chance of you showing up in the upcoming playoffs without fail. Hooray our Lotte Marines!

  60.  KATSUKO さんのコメント: ( KATSUKO says):

     ボビー監督 おはようございます


    どう かそんな人たちのためにスタジアムを開放していただけないでしょうか?



    (Bobby Kantoku, Good morning.

    This suddenly occurred to me but I think there should be so many fans that have difficulty getting to stadium where there are away games to support the team while the team is on the road. We’d really love to come see every game and cheer with everybody, but not all of us can do this because of where we live and work.

    And I was thinking that it’d be wonderful if there was a stadium (ex. Chiba Marine Stadium) that anyone could just go in and cheer for Marines!
    Would it be possible to open the stadium to the public so that all of us fans can get together and cheer for the team?

    I understand that this kind of decision can’t be easily made, but I’d really love to see this happen as soon as possible.

    Please take this idea into consideration, and I hope that this will come true.)

  61. 17日の試合 さんのコメント: (17日の試合 says):


    (The Game against Seibu Lions on September 17th

    I thought the third baseman should have been replaced instead of pulling Kubo. If third baseman was Masato and second was Ortiz, I believe that Kubo-toushu could have performed better till the end of the game.
    I think it was the infielders and not a pitcher that needed to be switched around to make the team work better. I believe that if the infielders are selected carefully, a pitcher can play with more confidence.)

  62. masa さんのコメント: (masa says):


    (I don’t think it matters that much even if Lotte gets a place.
    The team isn’t strong enough to get the pennant, and that’s not going to happen anyway as long as you’re the manager.
    I cherish this traditional Japanese baseball and there are other people who are more eligible to be a manager of Japanese team for WBC too.
    I just don’t think you know what Japanese baseball is.)

  63. Akira Honda さんのコメント: (Akira Honda says):


    (I think Marines could have won the game tonight if Zuleta had played better.
    He should be in 8th for DH because he’s not a great cleanup hitter.
    I’m sure that fans will be so upset if Zuleta and Benny remain with the team.
    I also think that Lotte needs a new manager.
    I’ve been cheering for the team for over 30 years now, but I’ve never been this disappointed before.
    There are so many injured players because of coach Tachibana, and it seems like nothing’s working out when you take charge.
    I’m not happy with current manager, head coach and pitching instructor, and I believe Kuroki will make a good pitching instructor for Kobayashi and Naruse.)

  64. マリン さんのコメント: (マリン says):












    (Dear Bobby,

    Just like everybody else here, I’ve got something I want to write about;

    First of all, it seems like what happened between you and president Setoyama has been settled, but I didn’t get why that subject needed to be brought up when the season hasn’t even ended yet. Some news reported that telling them that you wouldn’t want to finish up your contract if you couldn’t be a manager again was your scheme to get sympathy from fans, so that you might be able to get a long-term contract with better condition. But I don’t think anyone would buy that, and if you’re still going to be a manager, please try to be more modest.

    Secondly, here’s what puzzles me:

    * I think there are players who’s been playing well and need to be playing more to get better, like Omatsu and Nemoto (I know that he’s injured right now), and they shouldn’t be benched just because the opponents’ pitchers are changed.

    * I don’t think Zuleta-senshu should be in the starting lineup every game. He sometimes hits a homer, but it’s kind of risky because the team has lost many games because of him being strikeout or taken double play. I would understand if he was a young player who got recently called up, but he’s not, and should be doing a better job.

    * Benny shouldn’t be playing any defense because it just seems like he’s dragging everybody else down.

    * Why are Heiuchi-senshu and Masato Watanabe-senshu still in the first team as infielders after not have been able to prove themselves as great players?

    * Will Marines ever come in first in tenant race?

    I’ve got a lot more to say, but I’ll stop for now.
    I know that I’m being very critical, but I do love Marines and all players very much. I just really want you to take care of them.

    I’ll write again sometimes!)

  65. まりん さんのコメント: (まりん says):


    (Hello Bobby! I understand you must have been very busy and tired playing games everyday for Climax Series. I’ve noticed that there are some people who writes in and be all rude and disrespectful just because they are not happy with themselves. I’m so ashamed of them, and they just think that they can say whatever they want to say; very un-Japanese-like. Please, don’t let these people get to you, because I’ve known so many people who became baseball fans because of the wonderful work you’ve done. I have a faith in you and Marines, and I’m going to cheer you on until the end! Please don’t forget that there are tons of fans who loves you very much!)

  66. ace pitcher さんのコメント: (ace pitcher says):


    (I don’t think Ortiz is a good third baseman.
    I’m also not sure if Heiuchi is the best player to be a second baseman. I think Masato Watanabe will make a great third baseman though.)

  67. tomo さんのコメント: (tomo says):



    (I thought it wasn’t a good idea to have Ortiz play third base. I think that defense is as important as offense, and I thought it would have been better if Ortiz played second base and Masato Watanabe for third base. I’m not sure if it was worth to have Ortiz play third base and Heiuchi-senshu as second baseman, because I believe that Marines could have won more games if third baseman was selected with more consideration. I remember I wasn’t happy when Franco played third base a couple of years ago, or when the most talanted shortstop player, Kosaka senshu was traded.

    I’m sorry if I sound bitter, but I really think that defense is more important than offense, especially in Japanese baseball. Maybe it’s not that big of a deal in majors because players are more powerful and can handle both positions. But it’s just that Japanese players are built differently, and each player has different element.)

  68. Anonymous さんのコメント: (Anonymous says):

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