(June 24th) Hi,

Currently, we are at the half way mark after completing the first 72 games in a rather disappointing series, according to our record. Many of our guys are injured and many of them like Fukuura and Zuleta, never really got on track. Considering they were our 3rd and 4th batters coming into the season, you can understand it’s left us with a bit of a void.

Fortunately our offense has been fine. We’ve scored plenty of runs and we're leading the league in doubles. We’re 3rd in the league for runs scored, so I can't complain too much about our offense.

Our starting pitching has left a lot to be desired considering we’ve had so many guys who have played in the past for WBC (World Baseball Classis) or the Olympics. Unfortunately we’ve hit a wall this year with the exception of Naruse. He hasn’t seen a win for two months, but his ERA is still very good and the league is only hitting about 190 against him. Shimizu Nao has pitched in a decent manner on and off, but collectively our ERA is the worst in the League.

We’ve given up too many big innings. We all know that part of it’s luck when the ball finds a hole, and part of it’s due to determination when the pitcher and the catcher must work together and close the inning.

We'll all do better and I'll work to manage the team better. My coaches will coach better and my players will improve. Our fans and friends can be excited for the second half of the season. Of course we're only a handful of games away from the playoffs, but we intend on making them. We’re still shooting for first place. Seibu Lions have surprised everyone with their power but it's tough to rely on power alone.

Thanks. We'll enjoy these four days off and I hope you do as well.

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  1. n705 さんのコメント: (n705 says):




    (Please let Nemoto, Omatsu and Fukuura play for the games against Hawks (and also in other future games)
    Didn’t you notice that we lost many games by letting right-handed hitters play against left-handed pitcher?
    We were beaten by the same pitchers every time, and they might be saying “Let’s have our left-handed pitcher make a throw to beat Marines again”.
    Zuleta’s not hitting at all and we can’t get any score.
    I can tell that Nemoto is trying so hard though.
    Right now, pitching staff aren’t doing well, and that’s when offense really needs to improve them and beat the pitchers before they get us.

    I don’t mean to make any grand statements about the play, but let’s win some games!)

  2. kouji さんのコメント: (kouji says):


    (I’ve been a huge fan of Marines for over 15 years now. I see that they aren’t playing well right now, but the team has become so much stronger and the games got more fun than before. We believe that we’re going to play in the playoff, and I’m looking forward to see a lot of great play!)

  3. ミック Mic さんのコメント: (ミック Mic says):


    (Hello Valentine-kantoku.
    I don’t think that our offense has been fine.
    It’s true that Marines have scored a lot and we always score enough when we win a game.
    But, Marine has too many hitters who can’t hit when it comes to a showdown.
    The other day, at the game when Omine-toshu was the starter, no one could hit a ball and his effort didn’t pay off at all.
    So please draft fielders who are really good offense!
    I noticed that most Marines outfielders are older than others, so please make the best decision!)

  4. Takaura さんのコメント: (Takaura says):




    (Bobby, thanks for the good work.
    I’m sorry about the game yesterday, but I think Marines will keep on playing better because the pitching staff have been performing really well recently.

    Kubo-toshu suffered the loss, but no one can really beat Shibahara-senshu who really knows how to win anyway.

    If we won’t be on a losing streak, we’ll be able to move up in the standings.
    I hope Marines will play wonderfully and win the championship!!)

  5. 小春日和 Koharubiyori さんのコメント: (小春日和 Koharubiyori says):




    (Hello Bobby-kantoku. In Japanese language, we have a saying “Koin Yano Gotoshi” (Time and tide stay for no man), and it’s just like that, time passes so fast and I can’t believe it’s already July.

    There’s no many games left for this season, and it’s too bad that the team has been dropping out of contention for the championship. But I believe that if players don’t give up, and keep on trying, a miracle will happen and I’ll keep on cheering for the team. I’m sure everybody else is feeling the same.

    Listen up, all players! I’ll never forgive you if you give up now!)

  6. N.S.bowler さんのコメント: (N.S.bowler says):


    (I read the article that the Marine stadium decided to tighten up some rules about issuing ID and stuff by one word from Bobby.
    I think that’s a great idea.
    With another word from you, could you please either get rid of the ashtray or move smoking area away from the crowd so we don’t have to worry about second-hand smoking?)

  7. Angel さんのコメント: (Angel says):

    Hello Bobby,

    I am very exciting with Marines as the team condition is booming up. Oh dear, I am so happy I couldn’t tell you exactly how I feel. I will be at the marines park three time next week and hope to see those continuation winning game again.
    Bye and please keep up with the winning spirit.

  8. marineslove さんのコメント: (marineslove says):


    (Benny’s defense really sucked.
    I can’t believe that he’s a professional baseball player.
    I felt sorry for Kobayashi-toshu because Benny wasted all the work Kobayashi-toshu has done.)

  9. michishiba さんのコメント: (michishiba says):




    (Hello, Bobby-kantoku. I really didn’t expect that Marines would be suffering this season.

    I understand that there are many difficulties like Naruse-toshu and Kobayashi-toshu aren’t playing well compare to the last season, and Fukuura-senshu and Zuleta-senshu are injured.

    I also didn’t expect that Seibu Lions would be playing well this year.
    I thought they wouldn’t be quite ready for this season after losing Wada-senshu and Cabrera-senshu, even though Kazuhisa Ishii-senshu and Brazell-senshu are doing great.

    Catcher Abe from Giants said that he was so surprised to see Seibu players swinging so skillfully, and I’m curious to know how you analyze this. Do you think it’s mostly because of their improvements on the offense?
    What are your schemes to be in line for the championship?
    I’ll be so happy if you can explain that to us.
    And I’m hoping that Marines will play in the Climax Series!)

  10. zen さんのコメント: (zen says):

    Hello Bobby

    This is my second mail to you.
    I have been sending you my psychokinesis.
    You are greatly contributing to Japanese baseball.
    So you will win! The marines will win!
    I can see the vision that you have a good smile after the last game of this year and take the winner’s interview.

  11. 進藤京子 Kyoko Shindo さんのコメント: (進藤京子 Kyoko Shindo says):


    (I’m happy to know that you’ll renew your contract as the manager of Marines next season. But I wish you could let us all know directly so that we can be sure.
    I understand some stuff could be irritating because we speak a different language, but I really hope you’ll stay in Japan for the next season.)

  12. 川崎オリオンズ Kawasaki Orions さんのコメント: (川崎オリオンズ Kawasaki Orions says):


    (The batting order looks pretty good, but I’ve noticed that many players failed to succeed in their bunts.
    Whether the team can be in the top half of the standings will depend on the players basic abilities. If they can’t even advance the runner on a bunt or run the bases successfully, the team will end up in the bottom three.
    Bunt sign needs to be given before players hit any balls.
    And where are Zuleta and Abreu? What are they doing right now? It doesn’t seem like they are playing at all. It’s better to let them go if they aren’t playing for the team.)

  13. A.K. さんのコメント: (A.K. says):

    I am sorry to say, but,
    Bobby, please just go home.
    We do not need you any more.
    I do not think you are looking
    what is in front of you.

  14. Edokko:Eddy さんのコメント: (Edokko:Eddy says):

    Hi! My dear Bobby San,
    That is the case with any sports games, you know, sometime winning and sometime losing games. That is also the case with my dear Marines and you guys,even thougn you guys are always to try to win all the games against all the teams. Let me define what the real fan of the baseball team should be. My opinion is that we are supposed to be”all weather” fans of the Lotte Marines ,my dear Bobby San. I mean, whether rain or shine, we the real fans of the Lotte Marines always stand by you guys. shouting a big hurrah out of the stands or before Chiba TV! Well,I am a bit ashamed of the following fact that I have never been to the Marine Stadium in my life. I have been such a so-called fervent fan of the Lotte Marines for a long time ,though. Imagine my small room is filled up with varieties of Marines’ goods like pennants,uniforms,caps,various towels and such and such,though. Of course I have watched almost all the games of the Marine. THis sumer’s resolution of mine is that I am going to the Marine Stadium as often as I can with my son and daughter by all means. I swear by God. Bobby,my dream is to see you guys clobber the Giants in the Japan Series both at the Big Egg and the Chiba Marines Stadium this autumn. Let’s make this dream come true,shall we? Edokko Eddy in Yedo or Tokyo.

  15. masu さんのコメント: (masu says):


    (I’m cheering for Bobby and Lotte!! I hope the team will win many games!!)

  16. Kenji さんのコメント: (Kenji says):




    (Dear Valentine-kantoku,

    The half of the season has already ended.
    At first, I thought Omine would be the closer because I thought he would be more powerful than Kobayashi Masahide-san.
    But by putting Kawasaki-toshu, Sikorski, Komiyama-san and Takagi-san as a set-upper, I understand that these young players and experienced players get together so that Ogino-toshu can exercise his ability to the most as a closer.

    I usually watch games on BS 12 and at K-stadium, and I enjoy them very much.
    Lotte games have become so much more fun since you became the manager.

    By the way, I’ve got an idea! Ogino-toshu should appear with some kind of performance like Kobayashi Masahide-san did. I think that will be very intimidating to other teams!
    I also think that he needs to be calm and slow down a little when he throws a ball.

    I haven’t given up on Lotte yet, and I hope that Lotte will win the championship!
    Don’t be an okay team, let’s be the best team in Japan!)

  17. Lynda Pellegrino さんのコメント: (Lynda Pellegrino says):

    Hey Bobby,

    We miss you here in the States…….It’s been awhile. Just wanted to say hi.

    Give my best to Mary. Last time I saw her, our cars pulled up together on North St….a lifetime or 2 ago, LOL. Mary and my brother, Peter, went to school together…..OLS in WP…..so the family has known me since I was in 3rd Grade (Mary and Peter were in 1st).

    For my last words…..GO MARINES!!!

    PS. AK dosen’t know what he’s talking about….

  18. Yuka さんのコメント: (Yuka says):

    Dear Bobby Valentine san,

    Hello, I’m Yuka, the girl you met me in Kaihinmakuhari (and Tokyo) today.
    I was extremely overwhelmed, I mean I was going crazy inside, knowing I was just standing in front of you! I almost fainted, if it don’t sound exaggerated. This summer, I will go to the Marines Stadium, but with another feeling compared to before, because I met you. Before I didn’t know too much about you but now I’m a big fan, knowing your great characteristics.
    My father likes baseball and Lotte Marines very much, and when I told him I met you, he was so jealous! :)
    He kept saying, “Why does Yuka meet Coach Valentine when she doesn’t travel a lot on train, when I do everyday?!”
    Well, I though I should have got a sign of you for my dad, but maybe that that was inappropriate :)
    And sorry if I sounded rude when I was talking with you, I think I didn’t have a mind good enough to be in such a situation. But I was really, really happy to meet you, really. I hope I could see you again somewhere in Baytown, so I could get your sign next time! lol
    By the way, talking about myself, I sometimes go to the batting center with my dad, but once the ball hit right on my finger! Ouch!
    Anyways, I really hope you and Lotte Marines good luck for the summer game.
    See you again!!

  19. 川崎オリオンズ Kawasaki Orions さんのコメント: (川崎オリオンズ Kawasaki Orions says):


    (I think that the team needed to have a better plan in the game yesterday. You can’t rely on Heiuchi’s batting, and Imae couldn’t even bunt. Even though Marines won the game, I wasn’t very happy with the way it was played out.)

  20. バモ・サムライ・ズリー Vamos Samuari Zuley さんのコメント: (バモ・サムライ・ズリー Vamos Samuari Zuley says):


    (At first, I thought Lotte would be in the first place and SoftBank and Saitama Seibu would follow. But I think Lotte is doing a great catch-up anyway.

    I’m really surprised by how well Saitama Seibu is playing this season. I think it’s because the team fell in to the bottom three for the first time in 26 years last year. That must have been embarrassing to the team because they used to be called “invincible Seibu”. All the baseball commentators started referring the team as a weak team and no one thought that Seibu would be in top half of the standings again. These facts made them work very hard and made them want to get back to people who called them losers. Even younger players got very passionate about it and played so hard for the team. That wasn’t too difficult for them to achieve that goal since they already have very skilled players. Having Hisanobu Watanabe as the manager really brought back that invincible Seibu just like the old time when he was a player for Seibu. I guess this was meant to be.

    I don’t want Lotte to be in “the dark ages” again! Please have a faith in the team and believe that Lotte is strong! I’ll be watching games at the Chiba Marine Stadium! I’ll be excited to see Zuleta senshu’s Makuhari Fire!!)

  21. Edokko:Eddy さんのコメント: (Edokko:Eddy says):

    My dear Bobby and the Marines guys,
    we know full well that the upcoming 7 games in a row at the Marines Stadium may be the key to you all so that you can win the pennant this year. Hurrah! Gante Kudasai!! you can make it by all means. Satozaki san and Nishioka san the two excellent playesr are not on the starting board but the remainng guys under Bobby san are also excellent in every respect. The steamy summer heat of Chiba cannot beat you the guys in the Lotte Marines,while you can beat the visiting teames with all your might by beating the flaming summer heat. The ex-manager of the Hummies , Hillman san once said that ihe could not belive that they won the penannt that year,shouting,” Shinji Rarenai!!” But we can believe easily that our dear Lotte Marines will be able to be the Japan Champion Team this year. I’ ll say,” Shinji Raremasu! if the Lotte Marines win the Pennant in 2008. Let’s believe,my dear Lotte Fans” that Bobby and Bobb’s Marines are always Number One……You all the guys can make it again. Eddoko Eddy

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