(June 5th) Hello,
Yes - today is a wonderful day in Chiba, Japan. I'd like to reflect a little on last night's game against the Chunichi Dragons.

Watanabe Shunsuke pitched seven strong innings with the help of Kawasaki and Ogino Toushuu. Our pitchers got another win and the team got another win. It was an eventful night because Zuleta returned to the line-up and hit a 2-run homerun in the first inning. We’ve really been in need of this, considering that our 3 Gaijin (foreigner) hitters have about 7 homeruns between them. Most of the opposition has one guy with more homeruns than that, so hopefully we'll pick up the pace and start getting on the scoreboard a little more often.

It was also a great night for me particularly because it was my 1500th win as a major league manager. There’s 1100 in other states and the rest have been accumulated here in Japan. As they said in the paper, it’s an honor to have that kind of longevity. Also, my thanks goes out to the owners that gave me this job, the coaches who work their butts off, to the players, and of course all of the players who really won those games.

Hopefully, there is another 1500 somewhere in the books and hopefully we'll all be around to talk about it.


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P.S. I had a dinner with Terumasa Hino-san, the famous trumpet player and Daichi Suzuki-san, the Olympic gold medal swimmer.

With Terumasa Hino.

With Daichi Suzuki.

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  1. katsuo さんのコメント: (katsuo says):



    (Congratulations on your 1500th win!!
    I hope you’ll keep winning more games and make Marines the best team in baseball world!
    The team isn’t playing well at this moment, but I believe that Marines will be the winner.

    This is just the beginning!)

  2. Lisa さんのコメント: (Lisa says):


    (Congratulations on your 1500th win★)

  3. naka-family さんのコメント: (naka-family says):



    (Hello Kantoku.

    Congratulations on your 1500th win.
    I started feeling a bit lonely because it’s been a while since your blog was updated last time.
    The interleague games came to an end and the second half is about to start now. I think the offense lineup looks very good but pitching staff could use a little help(especially the relievers). I hope the Marines will be in first division!)

  4. レインボー Rainbow さんのコメント: (レインボー Rainbow says):





    (Congratulations on your 1500th win!!

    That is a wonderful honor!

    I’m so honored to have you as a manager of Marines.

    Please accept my sincere congratulations!!!)

  5. mamiko さんのコメント: (mamiko says):









    (Hello! This is my first time to write in.
    I’m going to write in Japanese anyway since that’s the language I can express myself very well.

    I’m living in Nagoya which is Chunichi Dragon’s home ground, but I’m a fan of Lotte because I love you so much!

    I’m so happy that I’ve found out that you have your blog!

    I really love your smile, and I’ll always be cheering for Lotte from Nagoya!

    I’ll be so excited to congratulate your another 1500 wins!

    By the way, I went to watch the game against Chunichi on the 21st!
    Too bad that Marines couldn’t win the game, but I was happy that I got to cheer for the team at the stadium!

    Keep up the good work!(´ー`)


  6. Sunny さんのコメント: (Sunny says):

    Congratulations on your 1500th Win!! I was lucky enough to actually be there on that game!
    Not a lot of people can get that kind of credit. You’re a hero to me and your fans and hope to see your next 1500 win soon : )
    Your success always helps motivate my life and to be more successful. Id like to mention and thank you for that.
    Good luck on the upcoming games
    always supporting


  7. kei さんのコメント: (kei says):


    (Congratulations on your 1500th win☆☆☆
    I’m so proud that Marines has a wonderful manager with wonderful record.
    Please stay with Marines, win more games and create a lot of special memories.
    I’ll be cheering you on!)

  8. 623 さんのコメント: (623 says):





    (I hope it’s not too late but…

    Bobby!! Congratulations on your 1500th win☆

    I really appreciate you for giving me an opportunity to enjoy baseball games♪

    I’ll be excited to watch more fun games!)

  9. JJ さんのコメント: (JJ says):

    Bobby kantoku!

    1500 wins omedetou!!!

    Bobby kantoku no baseball wa tanoshikute daisuki desu!!
    korekaramo zutto ouen shiteimasu.

    (Bobby kantoku!

    Congratulations on your 1500th win!!

    I love to watch Bobby’s way of baseball because the games are so fun and exciting!!
    I’ll keep on cheering you. )

  10. KATSUKO さんのコメント: (KATSUKO says):





    (Hello Valentine-kantoku,

    I’m sorry to be late, but congratulations on your 1500th win! I’m so glad to hear that you’re willing to get another 1500 wins! I hope that comes true as soon as possible!

    Even though the team has been the bottom 3 in the standings, I’m going to cheer harder so that there will be a catch-up and Marines can be on top.
    I found this line in one of the players’ blog, and it said that you would like Marines to be the team that would be talked about for a very long time by making wonderful baseball history…
    I got so excited when I ready this, and I’m sure that Marines will win the championship as long as we’re all together in this!!!
    We’ll do our best as the number 26 and we’ll always play together.

    I hope that Marines will win as many games as we can and make our dream come true.
    I’d like to see you tossed in the air and also in a victory parade!!!)

  11. Angel さんのコメント: (Angel says):

    Hai Bobby,
    First of all, congratulation on your 1500 wins…I read each Marines news which was publish on the sports newspaper. One of it imentions that you got angry with the Marines pitcher and also the catcher is to be blame too. I think you have done the right thing so keep on to your temper if you would find things wrong with the team. Being too kind will spoilt them. Like Nomura kantoku, he dare say what he feels and I agree with this. I hope you will take the offer of managing Marines forever because we really need you. I join Team 26 because of you, so please don’t leave us stranded like a poor kids. PLEASE………………………..

  12. Bryan さんのコメント: (Bryan says):

    Congratulations on 1500 wins, Bobby. What an amazing achievement. It’s been a pleasure to watch your career unfold these past couple decades and your success in Japan has been a wonderful capstone to an already stellar coaching career. I’m not sure how local management would feel about this, but as a Seattle Mariners fan it would be an honor to have you coach over here in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe you’ll have a look at our system sometime this year and see if you might be interested in managing Ichiro and the M’s? I know I’m not the only one who would enjoy having your expertise in our fight for the AL West title!
    Congratulations again and good luck in whatever you do next!

  13. masa さんのコメント: (masa says):


    (Why isn’t Omatsu in the starting lineup? I don’t understand why because I think he’ll hit homerus the most.)

  14. n705 さんのコメント: (n705 says):

    唐川投手、根元選手good jobでした!!!




    (Congratulations on the win last night!
    Karakawa-toshu and Nemoto-senshu had done a great job!!!
    I think that Nemoto-senshu, Omatsu-senshu and Fukuura-senshu always perform so well in any games against both left and right-handed pitchers.

    I noticed that Zuleta-senshu and Kobayashi Hiroyuki-toshu aren’t doing well.
    Zuleta-senshu doesn’t seem to be hitting any balls and Kobayashi-toshu tends to let other team score many times.
    It makes me harder to cheer for them.

    I think that’s what everybody else is feeling too.

    Even when the team’s losing, I still want the game to be enjoyable.)

  15. N.S.bowler さんのコメント: (N.S.bowler says):


    (I’m not sure when you have a chance to read this message, but probably not before the games against Hawks starts.

    I know that Hawks usually put left-handed pitcher as a starter, but please don’t give right-handed batters to them.

    I think Fukuura, Omatsu and Nemoto should be in every games because they are so wonderful!)

  16. masa さんのコメント: (masa says):

    1 西岡
      2 根元 右左に関係なく左の様なメンバーを
      3 福浦           固定して使った方が、絶対勝てる!!
      4 里崎
      5 大松           ボビー!! 参考にしてね!
      6 サブロー
      7 オーティーズ(ベニー)DH
      8 今江
      9 早川

    (1 Nishioka
    2 Nemoto
    3 Fukuura
    4 Satozaki
    5 Omatsu
    6 Saburo
    7 Ortiz or Benny (DH)
    8 Imae
    9 Hayakawa

    Please don’t change players when the other team changes their pitcher to left/right-handed. If Marines’ lineup is like this above (my idea!), I think we’ll have more chance to win games!)

  17. frank john さんのコメント: (frank john says):

    Bobby V!!!
    great job on 1500+ wins to bad I have missed your last 400 wins while your in Japan. Your a great person and even better manager! thanks and I hope to see you this coming winter, ( its been a few years since I saw you). By the way my son Tyler is now 10yrs old and a great little baseball player, I need your help he is a light hitter and K’s alot but a allstar catcher and 2nd baseman, my email is tykcdad@yahoo.com
    thanks Frank John (footer)

  18. Anonymous さんのコメント: (Anonymous says):

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