(May 11th) Hello,

As you know, we’ve had a bad 10-game stretch. Although, you can always find something good when things aren’t going well, and I think that even with our hottest hitter Hashimoto being injured—we found an opportunity for Kanazawa to play. Yesterday he got a huge base hit to drive in the second run of the game and help Shimizu Naoyuki win the game against the Rakuten Golden Eagles and Tanaka.

As I mentioned things haven't been going well, and that’s the bad news.

The good news is that the dark skies are going to clear for us. We are a team in the Pacific League, one of the only teams who can really make marked improvement during this season, individually and collectively, and I'm looking for us to do that.

Thank you.

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  1. tomo さんのコメント: (tomo says):




    (We blew the lead and lose the game again.
    Why was Kubo-toshu the starting pitcher? He wasn’t doing well in the farm team either, and I knew that we would lose the game.
    It’s wonderful that you have a faith in your players, but please make sure that the team wins in the end.
    I think that both Kawasaki and Ogino-toshu are talented pitchers, but Ogino-toshu can’t be a closer. He’ll probably make a great setup man though. As for stopper, a pitcher who can strike out would be perfect, like Omine-kun. I personally like Fujikawa and Mahara because I’m a fan of their skillful straight pitches even though they play for other teams.

    If Marines keep playing the same way, the team won’t be in the fist 3 teams in the standings. I’ll be disappointed if I have to see Marines losing more games.

    My comment might sound more harsh than others, but I’m writing this because I really care about Marines, and I know that the team can do better than this! Please help the team perform better for the rest of the games. Thank you.)

  2. マリンの風 Marine Wind さんのコメント: (マリンの風 Marine Wind says):






    (Bobby, please figure out how we’re going to win the championship this season!

    I think Kubo should be the closer. He doesn’t throw balls as fast as Kobayashi Masahide does, but he can throw many kinds of balls, so I think he’ll make a great closer.

    I also think that a long reliever like Ono in ‘05 would be great as a relief pitcher. It’ll be perfect if it’s a long reliever who’s left-handed and also able to pitch in a couple of successive games. I think Abreu has some difficulties being a successful pitcher in Japanese Baseball because he can be easily guessed, unable to control his ball even though he throws a hard ball. Having him replaced might be a good decision to make right now.

    At last, please make Saburo the second batter because he can hit any balls, and better than Hayakawa as the second batter. Hayakawa might do better as the seventh or the eighth batter.

    Bobby, Marines still have a chance to win the championship! Why don’t you go visit some shrine (Bobby Shrine recommended!) for a change? It might be very refreshing! As a behind-the-scenes analyst for Marines myself, I hope you listen to me a bit.)

  3. Ishibasi さんのコメント: (Ishibasi says):



    (Hello Bobby.

    Matsumoto has been playing really well in the farm team. He didn’t do very well on the day you came and checked, but he usually performs well! I wonder if you can give him a chance and have him play the game off the farm team. I noticed that the middle relievers aren’t doing well right now, but I believe Matsumoto will be able to help the team!)

  4. moryan さんのコメント: (moryan says):


    (Umm,,,the team hasn’t been doing well,,,it seems like all the pitchers - starting, middle reliever and closer - aren’t performing well. We’re losing the chance to play in the Climax Series. I hope you can reconstruct the team (pitching staff) soon because it’s been pretty tough, and you might want to ask the front office if the team can recruit. Some kind of solution is badly needed right now.

    I really want the Marines to win, and want you to be on top again! I’m always cheering for you!)

  5. G-BOSS さんのコメント: (G-BOSS says):

    はじめまして ボビーさま

    (Hi Bobby-sama
    I’m always cheering for Chiba Lotte.

    There’s something I’ve noticed recently; it’s pretty common to play games by bunting, once a player gets on base, but Lotte always get two down by a double play. Bunt is an offensive technique and should be definitely used in a game lot more. Lotte has less chance to score many at a time because there are always two outs.

    I hope that all players have ability to succeed in bunting, and also I hope to see some squeeze play.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Lotte as a champion!)

  6. masa さんのコメント: (masa says):


    (How come Lotte can’t win a game even though the starting lineup looks pretty good? Is this the best they can do? Or they haven’t had a chance to show how powerful the team really is?

    There’s no slugger, and most players are pretty average so I don’t think the team has the ability to win.
    Is this the “Amazing team” you’re telling us about?

    Come on, the team can do better than this! You guys were awesome last year!
    Please don’t be the “weak Lotte” again!!)

  7. レインボー Rainbow さんのコメント: (レインボー Rainbow says):


    (The tougher the games get, the harder we’ll cheer!!
    Let’s do it!!)

  8. Lisa さんのコメント: (Lisa says):



    (How about Kanazawa-hoshu as a catcher?

    Minami-senshu isn’t hitting very much, so I think he should go to the farm team.
    There are some great players in the farm team right now, so please consider having them play in games this season!)

  9. マリンの風 Marine Wind さんのコメント: (マリンの風 Marine Wind says):





    P.S  ファイティン 千葉ロッテマリーンズ

    (Bobby, Ohmine can’t be a long reliever/middle reliever.
    He’s still growing and hasn’t even mastered changeup yet. He might lose his confidence if you let him be a middle reliever right now. He needs to spend more time practicing in the farm team. Instead of Ohmine, please bring a left-handed pitcher who’ll be a successful long reliever from the farm. You’ll know whom I’m talking about if you go visit the farm team.

    I watched the game against Yokohama, and I thought Kubo would be a great closer.
    He seemed to be really enjoying playing and he was throwing balls really well that day. Please let him be a closer for a while and see how it goes.

    As to middle relievers, I think Ito should have more chance to throw shuuto because he’s really good at it. As to left-handed pitchers, it seems that Kawasaki and Nemoto haven’t figured out how they can perform slider. Both of them are very talented pitchers, so please help them improve their skills.

    I think there’s a great chance for Marines to move up in the standings after June. I’ve noticed some players who aren’t able to keep up in other teams, but since there are many players who have been replaced in Lotte because of injuries, all Lotte players are looking great right now. I hope there will be a big change in the standings by the time the All-Star and the Olympics end!

    P.S. Fighting Chiba Lotte Marines!)

  10. omf さんのコメント: (omf says):


    (I think that your smile and positiveness really help when the team is in bad shape. I don’t believe there were any games that was a waste. Every players have a chance to learn something from every games. Please keep leading the team with your positive thinking!)

  11. Hatabo. さんのコメント: (Hatabo. says):

    Hi Bobby,
    A team may be in the maze now. But I think of an achievement of a young player reliably. The future of Marines is bright!!! :idea:
    So I also support Marines today. :wink:


  12. moryan さんのコメント: (moryan says):


    (Bobby, congratulations on your 1500 wins! I’m so happy to hear about the record. You’ve been such a wonderful manager and got a lot of experience in both Japan and the States! I hope you’ll keep getting more wins!)

  13. Tokyoite さんのコメント: (Tokyoite says):

    Dear Bobby San,
    Today I am going to the Big Egg with my son and his pals to watch the exciting game between my beloved Lotte Marines and the arch-rival Yomiuri Giants. Last evening Kawasaki threw a little too good a ball for the rookie Kajimae of the Giants to hit his first game decisive home run. Anyone ,even such a good pitcher like Kawasaki,may make some mistakes sometimes. That is why we can enjoy the ball games. This evening I can expect to see Naruse threw good and killing balls for the Giants full of sluggers and good hitters? Hurrah to Naruse and his Lotte Marines skippered by our Bobby! Bobby san is quite right to say that our Lottre marines is the only team to make marked imrovements soon even if they are in slumps during the season. The skies above the Lotte Marines is clearing up and the big shining summer sun is to appear in the blue skies. You know,my dear Bobby,the toughie get going when the things get tough. Seeing you and you guys at the Marine Stadiums. The Eternal lotte marines Fan in Tokyo. Eddy

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