(April 12th) We had another Sayonara (game-ending) win last night, what a great game!

Omatsu came through in the clutch, with a pinch hit in the 9th inning to drive the winning run. Kakunaka had a great at-bat – then was walked to 1st to lead the inning. He went to 3rd on Hori’s hit and we celebrated on the field. It was a great thing to see!

Naruse pitched a near perfect nine innings. He gave up one run on a missed cue by Imae, but he pitched extremely well. It was the best he’s pitched all season. He had great control and threw all of his pitches for strikes, staying ahead in the count.

As everyone knows, Zuleta, Fukuura, and Nishioka are all injured, but I really like the way Nemoto and Tanaka Masahiko are playing as they fill in. All are doing a fine job and will hopefully continue to give us power.

Thank you!

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  1. okonomiyaki,delicious さんのコメント: (okonomiyaki,delicious says):




    (Have you ever been stressed out because you don’t know what people are talking about in Japanese on TV? Like when you are at hotels while the team is on the road? I’m sure that you can understand some or most of the language, but I think reading can be still difficult.

    Japanese players can relax by watching Japanese programs, and I think it’s important to spend some time relaxing.

    Or maybe you won’t be bothered much if you get on the Internet?

    I also noticed that Japanese TV programs change the voice to Japanese when they interview American baseball players. I think they should just put Japanese subtitles (without changing their voice) so that both Japanese-speakers and English-speakers can understand what they’re saying!)

  2. xmulderx さんのコメント: (xmulderx says):

    Hey Bobby,
    I just wanted to say we miss you as Mets manager. You got a raw deal with Mr. Steve Phillips. But as you are probably well aware. It does not look good for Willie Randolph to last much longer the way things are going. There are quite a few Mets fans who would love for you to return. We can only imagine the success you could have with the talent that is here for you to work with. I know you could never comment or would while Willie is still employed. But it sure would be nice to have you back Bobby! Hopefully you will consider returning if the opportunity presents itself. In the mean-time continued success for you in Japan.

  3. pan さんのコメント: (pan says):


    (Even though I’ve moved to Tokyo from Chiba, I’ll still go to the Marine Stadium to cheer!
    I’m excited to watch many younger players play! Looking forward be there!!)

  4. Joe Schick さんのコメント: (Joe Schick says):

    Bobby V managed a less talented team than today’s Mets to the World Series. Bobby - we need your leadership and baseball knowledge back at Shea.

  5. マリンの風 さんのコメント: (マリンの風 says):

    Could you adopt my order as Lotte’s priming up which the condition doesn’t go?
    Batting practice was being seen and such order was thought of.

    1. Nishioka
    2. Saburou
    3. Fukuura
    4. ZURETA or Benny (DH)
    5. Omatsu
    6. Imae
    7. Satozaki or Hashimoto
    8. Hayakawa
    9. Otizu

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