(March 20th) Hello, today we had our Kaimaku-sen (opening game for the season) up here in Sapporo, and regretfully we lost this one, one to nothing.

It was a great game though. Darvish Yu pitched against Kobayashi Hiroyuki, and actually Kobayashi out pitched him for 5 innings. There was a bloop to center and then a ground ball that Hiroyuki didn’t field. Nishioka didn’t make the play after a hit batter. Hiroyuki got 2 strikes on Inaba and pulled a calf muscle once again as he did so many times last year. It’s very concerning to me.

Other than that, even though we scored no runs, we hit many balls hard.

There were many situations where umpires made the calls against us.

The first game of the season is behind us, and I like the way the guys played. I loved the effort. We were up against a pretty tough pitcher and we only came up one run short. With that kind of effort, we will win many games this year.

Stick with us and see you soon.

Thank you.

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  1. yuki さんのコメント: (yuki says):

    今日は千葉マリンでの開幕戦。雨と風で、すごく寒い日だったけど勝てて良かったです。メジャーのボール・パークで見るような、ウイング・ビジョンも初披露され、その格好良さにますます千葉マリンに行くのが楽しみになりました。ほんと、カッコ良かったー ! !
    ボビーの考えている「ファンが楽しめる球場」に本当にどんどんなっている。数年前の千葉マリンはごく普通のスタジアムでした。お客さんもいなくてがらがらでした。今のマリン・スタジアムは遊園地のように行くのが楽しい場所です。本当にボビーには感謝しています。ありがとう! ! ! ボビー・。


    (Dear Bobby,
    Today was the opening game at the Chiba Marine. It was very cold day with the rain and the wind, but I was happy that we won! I was so impressed with the Wing Vision! It’s like the one at MLB stadium and I’m more excited to watch games at the Chiba Marine! That was awesome!
    Your idea of “The stadium where fans can enjoy” is really coming true! It used to be very simple place a couple of years ago and it was also empty. Now the stadium is like a amusement park and I’m excited to go there! I really appreciate you, Bobby!

    There are many kids seated behind me today because they are still on their Spring vacation, and they were having a lot of fun signing the team song out loud. Then we also won, so that’s more fun★

    Please take care and don’t catch a cold. I’ll be cheering you on!)

  2. marine さんのコメント: (marine says):


    (Konnnichiwa, Bobby! I was so anxious for the opening game. Kobayashi-toshu was doing so great against the Nippon Ham’s ace pitcher! I could feel that everyone was playing so hard and I was cheering so hard watching the game on TV. I also got so emotional when I saw you talking to umpire about his judgment. I believe that we will be a champion this year. I’ll be cheering you on forever! You must be tired from being on the road many times so please take care! I’ll check your blog again!)

  3. Akira Honda さんのコメント: (Akira Honda says):


    (Why Komiyama?
    I think he’s contributed to the Lotte enough, please make him a pitching coach.
    He can’t even play againt high school players now.)

  4. 双子のロッテ(Lotte Twin) さんのコメント: (双子のロッテ(Lotte Twin) says):

    My dear Bobby San,
    I really miss Kobayash,and Yabuta, the super-duper closer and the starting pitcher who used to be on the rooster of my dearest lotte Marines. Plus, Fuijita to the “super player-greedy” Giants,my acrh-enemy team,to tell the truth. I love the Lotte Marines all the more this season,because of the current situations. The increadible has happned to the L.Marines but winning the penants this season will never be the mission impossible for you and your men. Righjt,sir? Bobby San,one of my students told me that you sometimes enjoys shopping at the Chiba Sogo Department Store…..right? I do pary to the Almight God that I can see you at the site for quick chewing the fat with you some some time soon. Good day and I my wife, ,my son,daughter with all my students wish you and your men Best luck for this season.   

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