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(February 20th) Hi everyone!

Today was the last day of our spring training camp in Ishigaki-Island - we had a good workout!

About half of the team headed over to the airport to fly over to Kumejima-Island where we’ll play a game against the Rakuten Golden Eagles to begin our open-sen (opening game of the season).

I’m very thankful to all of the people of Ishigaki-Island. Last night, we had a nice dinner with volunteers and all of my staff in town.

In front of Hiroyuki Kobayashi-toushu's panel

When I look around at the team, I see much improvement, especially in many of our young players. Hosoya looks terrific, Ohmatsu has great form, and two of the young catchers, Kanazawa and Tanaka, both look like they are ready to contribute to our team at the major league level. I’m also very impressed with Hayasaka’s base running ability as well as his hitting ability.

Our veterans seem to be in good shape other than the fact that Shimizu Nao hasn’t been with the team yet as he is still dealing with his wife’s passing. Nishioka pulled a hamstring and he will join nigun team to continue his rehabilitation for now.

I'd like to share some photos that I took during the camp. Please enjoy!

The good news from nigun team is Wu is throwing well along with all of our young draft choices.

With good weather, I think we are going to have a nice game tomorrow against Eagles.

Thank you to all of the people in Ishigaki-Island – the facility was fine! The weather could’ve been a little better but we were able to get all of our work done. Now we are ready to start the season!

From bullfighting event

"Mezase Nihon Ichi!" - Become the Champion!

Thank you all and see you soon!

Commit to your passions - Passionately pursue your commitments


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  1. 623 さんのコメント: (623 says):



    (Bobby, Konnichiwa!!
    Great work!! I’m sure that the training camp seemed to be a long one for you.
    It’s so wonderful that the people in Ishigaki-jima welcomed you guys warmly and prepared so many kinds of things for the team.♪
    I’m pretty sure that the Marines will win the championship this year without a doubt!!!
    I hope that every single player in the team will bring our their best to be in Ichigun so that it’ll be difficult for you to choose which player will play in Ichigun.
    I’m also concerned about Shimizu Nao – he must be having a difficult time right now but I’m hoping that we can give him enough time to get things situated that he needs this time.

    Thank you for putting up the pictures that you took with the players. ♪
    We are not able to see these photos anywhere else so this is a big deal for us to see these photos ☆
    I look forward to seeing more photos.)

  2. Hatabo. さんのコメント: (Hatabo. says):

    Hi, Bobby!
    Camp in spring, otsukaresamadesita!!!
    You look very good in a new uniform. :D
    I’m also loking forward to a pre-season game in Chiba!


  3. F Furney さんのコメント: (F Furney says):


    I have been meaning to try to contact you for years to ask you this question… My friend Jack, who happens to be a big Mets fan, were at GW Bush’s first inauguration. We ended up in a brouhaha with some Republicans out on the lawn that day. After the fight and before we were cuffed we believe that you walked up to us and said “Guys, calm down!!!” My friend and I could only stare at each other in amazement. He’s always been a big fan of your from your days as Mets Manager. So were you there that day and did you talk to us? You did Manage the Rangers for the guy!

    Anyhow, that story has gone over well at many an evening out with new friends. Hope to hear back from you! We’d love to buy you a beer and reminisce if you’re ever in Baltimore again. Best of luck!

  4. Megan さんのコメント: (Megan says):

    I am so jealous, I wish we didn’t have a month to go before real baseball starts up here in NY, it feels like an eternity. Best of luck to your team this season!

  5. じーま / Ji-ma さんのコメント: (じーま / Ji-ma says):


    (We, everyone at Ishigaki-jima, already miss you guys.
    We’ll be cheering you on from far away.
    Great job at the Ishigaki-jima camp!
    We’ll have more sunny days next year~!)

  6. Cork Gaines さんのコメント: (Cork Gaines says):


    Cork Gaines from

    Is there a chance I can get your thoughts on the possibility of Barry Bonds signing with a team in Japan for 2008? How he will be received, How he would perform, etc.

    I can be reached HERE


  7. teddy さんのコメント: (teddy says):

    Mr. Valentine it was a pleasure to host you and your team members at Bomba Latina on okinawa Island, I look foward to having you guys over again sometime in the future
    your unselfish demeanor and friendly attitude with the customers was inspiring
    Teddy Castillo
    Bomba Latina

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