(February 1st) Minasan, Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu! (A Happy New Year, everyone!) It’s great to be talking with you again here from Ishigaki-Jima where we are ready to start our 2008 haru (spring) training camp.

I’m very, very excited! The facility looks fabulous – we have a wonderful indoor facility, bullpens, and fields. There are also beautiful banners and signs all over this island and people on Ishigaki Island are excited about us being here. This is going to be a great seasons for the Chiba Lotte Marines.

We arrived yesterday and had a coaches’ meeting. We went over all of the things that each department will be dealing with during the spring and how we will work on improving all of our players.

Last night, we had a meeting with all of the players with Setoyama-shacho. He told everyone how he expects them to win. I had a long talk with them about the commitment that I think will be needed and the passion demanded from each player to be the best that they can possibly be.

Off-season was a short one which began with my father passing away on the first day that I returned back to the United States. He’ll truly be missed – he was the greatest person in my life who truly understood passion and commitment. He was passionately committed to his family and his work. He was one of the biggest successes that I’ve ever been around. I thank him for everything he did for me and he’ll always be with me.

I’m dedicating this season to him and his memory. I’m sure that he and my mom are together – they have good seats and are ready to watch every game of the season.

I also had a fabulous charity event during the winter on the 14th of January. There was a lot of money raised for the Mickey Lione Jr. Fund. I thank everyone who participated, donated the time, energy and money to make the foundation a continued success.

I’m ready to start the day! I just got off my bike from my bike ride here at 8:30 in the morning. We are going to take our team photos - each player has lined up and is ready to smile in front of the camera for the first time in the 2008 season, and then practice will begin!

I hope you will be with me all season! Take care!

Thank you,

Commit to your passions - Passionately pursue your commitments


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  1. 紫(ゆかり) - Yukari さんのコメント: (紫(ゆかり) - Yukari says):

    ボビー監督こんばんは、初めましてm(_ _)m



    (Bobby-kantoku, Konbanwa. It’s my first time posting my comment here m(_ _)m
    I’m a 18-years old DEEN fan who lives in Naha-city.
    I was at DEEN’s final show last year when they traveled 47 cities in Japan.

    How was the second day at the spring training camp? I hope that the team will gain a lot of strengths while training in Ishigaki and become No.1 team this year. (^_^)/

    I’m very sorry to hear about your father and it happened on the first day that you returned in the US.
    My condolences to your father.)

  2. ANNA さんのコメント: (ANNA says):

    Hi How are you!?
    I saw you yesterday in Ishigaki!!
    The Marines ball park is a neighborhood of my house.
    I will see you again..lol haha
    Good luck for your camp*


  3. babakatuko@cnc.jp さんのコメント: (babakatuko@cnc.jp says):

     ボビー監督 大変ご無沙汰いたしました。



    今年のスローガン〜夢に情熱を、フラックに誓いを〜 を掲げて、勝つことだけを信じて全力で頑張っている選手にファンも全力で応援しょうと思っている次第です。


    (Bobby-Kantoku, it’s been a while since I posted my comment here.

    I’m as happy as you are to find out that the spring training camp is going really well even though the weather there has been not-so-good. It sounds like the team had a warm welcome by the locals in Ishigaki-Jima and I was glad to hear that.

    I bet it’s really difficult to manage the entire team as each player is in a different state of mind as some of the players just got married during the off-season and other player just lost their loved ones.

    This year’s team slogan, “A Passion for Our Dream, A Commitment to The Flag” – I’m going to support the team all the way as the players are working hard to achieve their goals this year.

    I hope that the team will be able to focus to win the championships and also enjoy the game of the baseball. I’m also hoping that the players will be able to confidently condition themselves for this upcoming season during this spring training camp.) 

  4. 623 さんのコメント: (623 says):






    (Bobby, Konbanwa!!

    We had snow in Chiba today and it turned out to be a very cold day.
    I was going to go to Kamogawa to see Nigun camp but I decided turn around on the way there due to the snow.

    I was looking forward to seeing the camp but I’m going to check the Marines’ official home page and the news to find more about their camp.

    Let’s make this 2008 season a great one!
    I wish you and the Marines the best of luck!!

    Please keep us posted on the spring training camp!!)

  5. シャリーア・ポスター さんのコメント: (シャリーア・ポスター says):

    Wow, Mr. Valentine! Growing up in Arlington, TX, I always took your restaurant for granted. I grew up going there with my grandparents, Sheila and David Poster. How neat to find out that you have connections with Japan– I’m minoring in Japanese at UNT in Denton.


  6. Kiki Chandler さんのコメント: (Kiki Chandler says):

    Hi Bobby, this is a little random, but I was thinking of your son today and am wondering how he’s doing. We went to school together at Oakridge when we were little. I decided to look him up and found you instead. Is there a way I can contact him, through Facebook or Myspace perhaps? Thanks!