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Hello everyone! We’ll conclude the catching part of the baseball clinic today.

Pop-ups are difficult for a catcher because he begins in foul territory and he must remember that any balls hit into the air in foul territory will come back toward home plate on their descent. If a catcher turns his back toward home plate and sees the ball at its apex, this ball will always, as it is coming down and spinning, spin and come down toward home plate. The catcher must also remember that if he comes out in front of home plate to catch a pop fly and does not have time to turn his back toward the outfield fences, this ball will always come down spinning away from him, towards center field. It will be difficult to catch unless he lines that ball up with his head as it is coming down and then catches the ball out in front of his body as the ball spins away from him on its descent.
When it is possible, the catcher should try to turn and face home plate and turn his back toward the outfield fence to catch this ball.
In a similar fashion, balls that are hit on either side of home plate will come down toward the infield. A catcher must remember that as he goes to his right and lines the ball up, it will very often come down spinning back toward the infield and curving back toward the infield. The way it spins as it ascends is the way it will spin as it descends.

The catcher must remove his mask after he sees the ball coming down and knows the direction he will be running. He should throw the mask in the opposite direction to keep from stepping on this mask while looking up at the ball.

Starting next session, we’ll start talking about ‘fielding’ – I look forward to seeing you there!

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