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Throwing the ball is the most difficult task a catcher has. When the runner breaks from a base and the catcher sees or hears from his teammates that the runner is going, he will then begin to slightly move forward and have his weight moving into the ball as he receives the ball. He must then create the proper foot work that will deliver the ball to the base. The right foot is the key to this action and it should be remembered that short steps are quick steps. If the pitch is down the middle, the catcher will receive the ball with both hands, exchange the ball from his glove to his throwing hand in the center of his body, and as he is bringing the ball back, he will move forward and turn his right foot so that the inside ankle bone is pointing at the base he is throwing.

When the pitch is to the catcher’s right, a similar movement occurs, but the right foot must also move slightly to the right as well as forward while exchanging the ball. On balls to the left, some catchers will step with their left foot and then replace that left foot as it turns. As the right foot turns, the stride will be made directly toward the base and the catcher should always be aware of where the plate is. He should try and step either totally in front of or just behind the plate with his left foot.

Staying in balance during this movement is very difficult and players as well as coaches should be aware that the players head should remain over their belly button as they are turning their back foot, stepping, and throwing to the base. Some catchers, rather than taking a jab step with their left foot, will replace their left foot with their right foot while landing slightly in front of the toe.

We’ll continue this part of the baseball clinic in the next session – stay tuned!

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