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Bunting for a hit from the right side requires the angle of the bat to be set (pointing in the direction of first base). When bunting to third, the footwork is either a drop step with the right foot as the bat is directed toward first or a jab step toward the plate with the right foot as the bat is directed. When pushing a ball by the pitcher from the right side, the batter should stand up taller, have the bat in front of his body and again create the angle by pointing the knob of the bat toward first base and then moving into the ball as he bunts it in the direction of the second baseman. All things are similar in a sacrifice for a left hander, only the opposite feet are used to direct the ball.

The footwork on a bunt for a base hit from the left side, by creating the angle with the bat, the left foot can either step toward the plate, land and then push off while stepping onto the right foot or a left handed batter could take his stride with his right foot and then cross over with his left foot while making contact with the ball.

The squeeze bunt is executed slightly later than the sacrifice and the angles are less severe. Bunting back to the pitcher on a squeeze is acceptable. Contact is paramount.

In the next session, I’ll bring up several key points about bunting.

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  1. babakatuko@cnc.jp さんのコメント: (babakatuko@cnc.jp says):

     ボビー監督 お変わりなくお元気ですか?今年のチバロッテはあと一息でパリーグ優勝を逃がしてしまい、本当に惜しい事でした.来年こそ是非アジア一になれるよう頑張ってください。私たち26戦士も選手達に負けず応援に精を出したいと思います。



    (It has gotten much colder lately – especially in the mornings and evenings.
    How have you been, Bobby-kantoku? It was unfortunate that the Marines weren’t able to win the Pacific League championship. Please keep up the great work and win the Asian series next year. We, the Marines fans, will continue to root for the team as much as how the players are giving their best shot at each game.

    I have a request to the Marines staff.
    There are a lot of elderly fans (especially in women) who are not really technology savvy that have hard time accessing to the cell-phone only team website. Would it be possible for the team to make same website that we can check from PC? It would be greatly appreciated if you can consider this.

    Please take care as it’s getting colder day by day.)