Hitting - Stance and Swing (4 of 4) -

As the energy is being transferred forward and then stopped and translated up, the body rotates around an imaginary pole that goes straight through the top of your head, through your belly button and down to the center of your stride. As this is happening, the front leg remains firm and will become straight at contact. As rotation begins, the back foot will begin to turn to eventually have the shoelaces pointing toward the pitcher prior to contact. The back leg will have an “L” shaped appearance.

The same swing can be used to hit all pitches. The angles of the bat and the point of contact (slightly in front of the body on inside pitches and further back on outside pitches) will determine the direction the ball will go. The hitter must understand the distance from his hands to the head of the bat and he must move his hands accordingly to hit pitches that are inside or outside, high or low.

On an inside pitch, you must move your hands far enough across your body to allow the head of the bat to be over the inside part of the plate. On an outside pitch, your hands must move away from your body to allow good contact on this pitch. On a high pitch, you must raise your hands above the ball in order to have the same swing as you would on the low pitch as there has never been a ball hit when the head of the bat was above the hands at contact.

Hitting is a very difficult athletic event. We practice to perfect our swing, yet many hits are derived by pure athleticism and the batters ability to put the head of the bat on the ball and not have the perfect mechanics while doing this.

In the next session, we’ll talk about some of the known mechanical malfunctions when hitting so stay tuned!

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  1. Banta さんのコメント: (Banta says):

    Dear Mr. Valentine,

    I know that this isn’t really in your control and this is probably out of context given your blog entry, but as a diehard Mets fan, the collapse that they are undergoing is very disheartening. I have no doubt in my mind that Willie Randolph will be fired at season’s end and I know that you have your problems with the Mets organization, but if somehow you could put your differences aside, I know there are a great deal of Mets fans who would greatly appreciate you assuming control of the team again. If such a possibility exists, please take it! You are one of the best managers I have ever seen and your help would be greatly appreciated by many. I know you have said that you are greatly contented with your role in Japanese baseball, but if you have any inkling of managing in MLB again, please do whatever you can to secure your position as the next Mets manager. We miss you.

  2. Akira Honda さんのコメント: (Akira Honda says):

    出てくる前に The Endでしょう。

    (I think that fans are too spoiled sometimes.
    We are (especially myself who has been a fan of the Marines for over 30 years) supposed show our appreciation to Bobby because you’ve helped the team to be one of the top teams that always compete for the play-offs.
    We’ve lost the chance of winning the Japan series when we had Fujita, Komiyama, and Kobayashi Masa pitch in today’s game (including Shimizu). I don’t think we’ll be able to win this year.
    I’d like Komiyama and Takagi to retire in the end of this season. We can keep them in Ichigun but I don’t want to see other 3 pitchers anymore.
    Instead, why don’t we move Tanaka (Ryohei), Uchi, and Tejima to Ichigun and have them develop their skills for the next year?
    I’m not expecting the team to do well in the climax series. I think the climax series will be over even before Naruse gets to pitch.)

  3. James さんのコメント: (James says):

    Bobby V - as a lifelong Mets fan, I just saw the completion of the biggest collapse in baseball history. I still can’t get over what happened.

    As much as I like the guy, Willy showed no leadership during the past three months, showed no emotion, and did nothing visible to shake this team up. We need you. Please consider coming back.