Hitting - Before getting into the box (2 of 2)-

There are many drills to help perfect a swing: soft toss, tee swinging, shadow swinging (swinging without hitting a ball at all) and long tee (soft toss hit into an open field rather than into a net in order to give the hitter instant feedback). If they are done properly, the muscles will remember the proper swing.

Mental preparation - knowing the game situation and what types of pitches the pitcher is throwing should be done before you get into the batter’s box. You can work on timing a particular pitcher when you are in the on-deck circle. The last thing a hitter does before he gets into a batter’s box is check the third base coach for any signs.

Yogi Berra once said, “You can’t hit and think at the same time.” This is true, so do all of your practicing and all of your thinking before you get into the box. Once you are there, see the ball and react to it.

In the next session, we’ll start talking about stance and swing.

Stay tuned!

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    no heiuchi, even in the dugout…
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