Base Running - First to Second (2 of 3) -

In today’s session, I’m going to cover a couple of things that the runner should be aware of when running to second base.

As you head toward second base, you need to think about a few things – Is it a ground ball? If it is, and there are fewer than two outs, you have to prepare yourself to break up a double play. Slide to the outside of the base if the shortstop is going to make the pivot and the inside of the base if the second baseman is going to make the pivot. If it’s a bang-bang play, you’ll slide straight into the base.

Be aware of line drives that might be caught and of the second baseman charging a ground ball and catching it in front of you. A runner can not touch a fielder making a play on a batted ball. If the situation has men on first and third with one out, the runner on first can not allow the second baseman to tag him and throw to first for the double play. He must stop and get caught in a rundown so that your run scores before the third out is made in this situation.

When advancing to second on a steal or a hit and run, remember to glance in towards the hitter after you have made your break (one second in time) and pick up the flight of the ball.

If you have to slide into second base, make sure that you slide. This is not a jumping action, but a slide where you start your body down to the ground landing on your rump and sliding. On a head first slide, that must also be a slide, not a dive or a jump into the base, but something where you hit the ground well ahead of the base and let your momentum carry you.

Another type of slide is the pop-up slide. In this case you bend a leg under your body, then extend your top foot forward (the left foot, in most cases), and hit the bag with your extended foot. Then push your body up with your bent leg as you hit the base.

A runner going from first to third on balls hit to right field, must look to the third base coach about three strides before he gets to second base. On all other balls, he should use his own judgment when determining whether or not to advance. Touch the inside corner of second base, and as described above, lean in toward the infield with your left shoulder just as you would if you were riding a motorcycle or bike.

In the next session, I’ll be covering one of the most difficult plays for a base runner going to second.

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  1. shouko さんのコメント: (shouko says):



    (I was there at the Marines Stadium to watch the game on July 31st.
    I read your comment on the Marines mobile website but it sounded like to me that you were saying, “Yoshii is not the one that should be blamed for – it should go to the hitters who weren’t able to secure a few scores in early innings.”

    After reading that article, I thought Marines maybe should consider changing their manager.)

  2. tomo さんのコメント: (tomo says):


    (I just wonder when are you going to stop focusing on using Yoshii-toushu and Komiyama-toushu? Their pitches are not strong or sharp at all. Even though those pitches were going right in, their pitches were getting hammered – they weren’t by luck. Whenever I see Yoshii assigned as the starter for the following game, I feel like my energy is being drawn out. This goes to Heiuchi-senshu. I may sound harsh but I’m sure that you’d understand - this is what other fans are thinking as well.)

  3. Akira Honda さんのコメント: (Akira Honda says):


    (What’s wrong with the team being weak around this time of the year?
    It seems that the team lost focus and the spirit.
    It is just a matter of time before the Lions pass the Marines in the standings if we continue like this.
    It doesn’t make any sense to me how we are letting Yoshii to play as a starter nor as including Watson and Heiuchi in the starting roster. I look at this as a cause of dissension among players. Also I’d like you to stop assigning starting pitchers equally as if they have the same pitching ability.
    We know that we can only win having Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Naruse as of now so please assign 7 starter pitchers to rotate.
    With your ability to unify the team, we should be able to pickup. I know you can.)

  4. shouko さんのコメント: (shouko says):



    (Personally, it makes sense enough to use Heiuchi (more than using Yoshii as a starting pitcher) as he wasn’t doing that bad on his batting when I saw him in pre-game practice. (However, Heiuchi has too much of a miserable look on his face after a mishit.)

    And it just seems odd how Nemoto is in Nigun when Heiuchi is playing in Ichigun.)

  5. YUTA ICHIKAWA さんのコメント: (YUTA ICHIKAWA says):






    (Are you going to betray us again just like last year? Is the team going back to the weak team we used to be? Are we going to see the end of the season ceremony in September?
    Do the Lotte fans have a choice but not to watch the play-offs where Softbank and Seibu go against one another in October?

    Will the fans be forced to see the home game series where we’ll most likely be defeated by Rakuten three games in a row?
    Will we lose the 3-game series against Nippon Ham as some websites have predicted?

    Even though if we were to win today’s game, we’ll still be at the bottom of the list as we’ve already lost 6 games versus winning only 2 games so far in this second half.
    I’m sure that the players have been pretty frustrated but I must say that the fans are even more frustrated.

    The fans usually sing “Oretachi no Hokori (Our Pride)” – please make it so that the fans can really feel that we are proud to be fan of the Marines.

    I hate NOT to see the Marines in action in October!!!!!)