(June 24th) We had really good game in Tokyo today against the Yakult Swallows. We were behind by 3 to 1 until we came back in the 8th inning and broke our 4-game losing streak with a grand-slam homerun by Satozaki.

It was a wonderful game to win – the win went to Ogino as this was his first winning game since he started playing in the professional league. I am very happy for him! I think it was a great day for me to remember as it surely was for him. He got big outs before Yabuta pitched in the 8th followed by Masa Kobayashi in the 9th. Nao Shimizu had a very good outing - he threw the ball extremely well.

Hayakawa played another terrific game. Takehara got a pinch-hit single as well and Matt Watson had a pinch-hit homerun.

Hopefully we can carry this game into tomorrow and finish the Koryu-sen with another win. It’s been a fun series!

Thank you very much for your continued support.
I hope you’ll stay with us!

See you soon,

Commit to your passions - Passionately pursue your commitments


P.S. I’d like to share a few photos that were taken before the game on April 19.

With parents and children from Middlesex Middle School in Darien, Connecticut, where my niece, Trish Valentine, is a teacher. Trish didn’t make the trip to Japan this time.

With Hartford Life Insurance K.K. president Greg Boyko, his wife, Harriet, and their niece along with Masanori Murakami (first Japanese player in MLB history) and his wife (the lady on far left).


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  1. kei さんのコメント: (kei says):


    (I was at the Jingu ballpark for the 24th game.
    It seemed that the fans weren’t really into cheering for the team on that day because of the rain but everything changed when Satozaki-senshu hit a grand slam.
    On top of that, Watson-senshu, who came into the field as a pinch hitter, hit a homerun – it was just fabulous! I was impressed by your decision.
    The game became the most memorable Koryu-sen game in me.
    I was watching the July 1st game against the Hawks as well. Even though we were missing some of the core players in the team due to injuries, the players were giving their best shot at the game – I was very impressed by it.
    Please continue to show your Bobby Magic in July!)

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