(May 9th) After the game last night, I had the pleasure of taking all the relief pitchers out to a wonderful evening of “Chanco Ryori” (the cuisine which is traditionally eaten by sumo wrestlers).

We experienced fine dining as Sumo wrestlers might in a great restaurant in downtown Osaka. It was recommended to us by Komiyama-san. Together with Komiyama-san, Masa Kobayashi-san, Yabuta-san along with Takagi-san, Ogino-san, Kawasaki-san and Fujita-san, we had a lot of fun!

We also had the ESPN documentary crew come in and even film a little for the upcoming documentary that will be released next year.

All I can say is we had a terrific time – both time and money well spent! Hopefully we’ll be able to do this many more times before the year is over.

Thanks a lot and see you soon,

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  1. taro さんのコメント: (taro says):

    Happy Birthday!!Bobby(#^@^#)v

    (Happy Birthday!!Bobby(#^@^#)v
    Happy Birthday!! And hurray for the Sayonara victory on today’s game!! I was so happy. The game on the 12th was my family’s first game to watch at the stadium since the season started. We were really hoping that we’d be able to see a winning game, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a tie game. We were just talking about how we wished to be at the stadium to share the victory today (13th). Koryu-sen is starting soon. We’ll be able to see two games during the series so we are hoping that we’ll be able to see the team win the games. We don’t get to be there to root the team too often since we live a bit far from the stadium, but we continue to cheer for the team from home, as one of the 26th warriors of the Marines.)

  2. Angel さんのコメント: (Angel says):

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, I hope it is still not too late. I must tell you that I had the most wonderful day time spent in Marine stadium yesterday and today. It is so precious and its really worth cheering for 24 innings. I noticed that you keep on changing pitchers that you seldom do before. Keep the winning spirits going.

  3. すけやん Sukeyan さんのコメント: (すけやん Sukeyan says):





    I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to send this message to you until a day later.
    Thank you for the great game last night.
    I thought that the players celebrated your birthday in an excellent way on that day.

    Naoyuki-toushu had a wonderful smile on that day. I’m sure that he’ll win the upcoming game as a birthday gift.)

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