(April 1st) Hi everyone! This is Bobby calling in on off-day.

After a disappointing series against the Hawks, we will now travel over to Osaka and play against the Buffaloes for the first time in this year. I say the game series against the Hawks was disappointing, but that’s only because we were behind by three points in the 1st inning, which really put the offense in a tough situation. Even though we were able to battle back, we didn’t battle back with enough runs; we came up a little short on those last two games. I’d like to think that our pitching is going to be much better than it has been. I think that our offense is going to take strides very quickly.

Again, it’s still very early in the season. I like what I’m seeing in some aspects, especially with Nishioka swinging the bat so well and Julio hitting his second homerun of the year. There are also many other little things, including Aono hitting as well as he's hitting right now. And also once we get Fukuura to help Satozaki get on track as well as getting some of our key players play the way that they are capable of playing, we are going to be just fine.

Take care and enjoy the off-day!

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P.S. Here are some photos from the “Ladies Ouen Project” meeting that I’ve mentioned in previous post. We invited more than 40 young mothers along with their children.

There were 5 individual breakout groups for brainstorming in the luxury suites at Marine Stadium followed by the large assembly in the conference room where everyone reported their ideas. The first meeting was a great success!

During small group discussion

Big discussion session in the conference room

A lot of valuable comments/feedback were shared during the discussion

The meeting was a great success. Thank you very much for participating!

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  1. Usako さんのコメント: (Usako says):

    Hi Bobby,

    I am writing this message to tell you that there is a little girl in Kagoshima who is suffering from intractable disease. Her name is “Haruka” and is only 4 years old.
    She has got CARDIOMYOPATHY. Even catching a cold may take her life.

    According to Japanese law, children under 15 years old are not allowed to take organ transplant. She really needs to go to the US to take a surgery as soon as possible or she will lose her life.
    One of university hospital in the state of Calfolnia have decided to accept her.

    Haruka-chan’s parents and their supporters have been doing fund-raising. They need 90,000,000 yen for the surgery, 3,000,000 yen for air fare, 12,000,000 yen for spare,
    totally 110,000,000 yen. But they have collected 16,000,000 yen ++ so far (3rd of April).
    Her parents will pay for their accommodation.

    Would you please consider saving her life?
    You as the head of “Chiba Lotte Marines” would powerfully influence others.
    I suppose you might think this is one of those junk mails but it is not.
    Could you please access to the links below? (Sorry, the language in the links is only in Japanese. )


    I appreciate your time and hope you can help her.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. 諸葛孔明 さんのコメント: (諸葛孔明 says):

    Hi bobby.
    I wonder why our team cannot scored many, though we have a lot of good players.