(February 18th) Today was the first day back in Kagoshima. It was great to wake up in the morning and look out the window to see Sakurajima. It looked so close that I felt like I could reach to it and touch it. I also enjoyed the beautiful sunrise. After that there wasn’t too much to look at considering that it rained all day and it was cold; we practiced and did all of our work in an indoor arena.

During the indoor practice

It’s really amazing to see the guys being happy to be back in Japan, even though it is cold and raining. We were able to get a full day of work out and wonderfully excellent practice. I was proud of the way that they went about it.

We are trying to get an inter-squad game tomorrow. We are going to have some of the players from Minor League team, including Kobe-senshu, play in this game.

Thanks for checking my blog.

Talk to you soon.

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P.S. These photos were taken during the fire drill that I participated as the chief of the fire department for a day. The team work of the firefighters was really impressive!

I'll be the chief of the fire department for a day.

Safety first guys!

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  1. Joe Pupo さんのコメント: (Joe Pupo says):

    I really like your outfit, that is something our fire department in Seattle should note of wearing.

  2. かぶとむし Kabutomushi さんのコメント: (かぶとむし Kabutomushi says):


    (Bobby, Konnichiwa.
    You look fabulous in the fireman uniform!!
    You reminded me of Oishi Kuranosuke from Chushingura (lol))

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