(January 22nd) Today will be my last day in my hometown in Connecticut before going back to my other home in Japan.

The winter months have gone by very quickly as I have accomplished many things that I wanted to do; the charity, family matters, and also the business side of events. I was also getting my restaurants and my baseball academy, Bobby Valentine’s Sports Academy, up and running where Mitch Hoffman and his entire crew along with his beautiful wife Meg are doing a great job of getting it together.

I’m looking forward to the season immensely as many of my earlier concerns during the winter, including Satozaki’s finger, seems to be taken care of. Of course, Saburo’s eye situation is still of some concern especially because of the lack of planning as far as timing goes and that he doesn’t want to go to Australia for spring training. Other than that, Nishioka’s player name has changed to “Tsuyoshi” so I expect to see his new name above his No.7 on the back of his uniform.

All signs are good for the Geelong part of spring training and we’ll be on our way to Kagoshima for spring training too. I’m looking forward to it!

I’ll be getting on the airplane tomorrow and on my way to Japan. I’ll have one more update for you before I leave the US.

Talk to you later.

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P.S. As you may already know, I am in Geelong with the team for a part of spring training.

Updates will be coming soon so stay tuned!

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  1. naka-family さんのコメント: (naka-family says):



    (Kantoku, Konnichiwa.

    It’s been a while since I posted my comment here. I’m happy to see and find out that you are doing well. I look forward to seeing the team to do better in the upcoming season. I wish I could go to Australia and Kagoshima to cheer the team but I won’t be able to because of my work. So I’m going to check this blog and see how you and the players are doing. I look forward to checking your unique episodes in this blog.)

  2. BigManZam さんのコメント: (BigManZam says):

    Bobby, I’m really looking forward to this new season.

    Is there any chance that Marines games will be streamed on the internet to a global audience? You guys streamed games last season, but it was restricted to Japan only. Japanese video streaming is like this on a lot of sites, and I personally think it hurts potential growth. It reminds me of Japanese TV stations getting videos taken off of YouTube, rather than taking advantage of the free exposure.

    Please try your best to get Marines games streamed on the net for everyone. I’m here in Seattle and can only watch Hanshin games.

  3. はたぼう。 Hatabo さんのコメント: (はたぼう。 Hatabo says):


    (Konbanwa, Bobby.
    Did you get a chance to ski this winter? I know that you love skiing so I hope you did as I didn’t see you talking about doing something fun in this winter. Even though you are in off season, you are still busy >_<)

  4. おにく Oniku さんのコメント: (おにく Oniku says):


    (Konbanwa~ Bobby~!!!
    The baseball season has started, I’m so excited!!!
    I look forward to finding out how the spring training go in Geelong~.
    Please tell us about the great food in Geelong, too~)

  5. John さんのコメント: (John says):

    I had lunch in your Stamford Restaurant today. I enjoy all the mementos and history. I noticed your blog on one of the digital screens. As you know many of us in Connecticut have enjoyed watching your career. Keep up the good work.

    Marlborough, CT USA

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