(December 20th) Yesterday I went around Stamford with Bill Cahill, who has been a good friend of mine for so many years. He and his wife, Sheila, are both great Mets fans and their family has been a part of my life for over 20 years and I appreciate everything they do.

Bill wrote a wonderful letter to Fred Wilpon before I was hired as a Mets manager. He is a terrific guy and has always been a great Stamford resident who supports all the local functions as well as many charitable ones in this town. Together we went to visit a senior citizen home, where Sheila works at, a variety store, and also a deli in Stamford where I was able to meet with great people in the area and fans. I try as often as possible to get around the Stamford area during the holiday season.

Here is an article that Bill wrote for Stamford Times after this trip in Stamford:

We started the day at the Happy House Variety Store on Glenbrook Road. When Bobby Valentine and I walked into the store there must have been over 40 people waiting there with cameras, baseballs and caps looking for Bobby's famous smile and, of course, his now international signature. Bobby V had come home and the townspeople had come out in force to get a piece of their hometown hero. We had 2 more stops to make so we had to hustle. EVERYTIME we attempted to leave, 2 or 3 more folks wanted to look at and talk to the Stamford native. As we started to drive away from the variety store, one guy chased the car down the road to get an autograph. Against my wishes, Bobby stopped and made the man's day by issuing another autograph.

Our next stop was Liz-Sue Bagels in Bulls Head. Tony Telesco, the owner, was very gracious and talked to Bobby about life in Stamford when they were kids. Tony then introduced his daughter, Amanda, and both she and Bobby greeted each other with genuine warm affection. I was very impressed at how Bobby could bridge the gap from an "old school" Stamford native who is also comfortable talking to our youth to a now international sports figure. It's obvious that Bobby will never forget from where he came and the people of Stamford will never forget him.

We had one more stop to make so it was off to Harboursite, a senior citizen apartment building on Shippan Avenue. It was amazing to see these seniors "light up" when they saw Bobby. Some handed Bobby everything from used envelopes to old postcards just to get his autograph. Some residents, who never knew anything about Bobby, were taken by his warm and friendly persona and instantly became new Bobby V fans. I have known Bobby for over 30 years. You would think that after that many years, you would know everything about a person inside and out. That's not true with Bobby. He has a new and positive attitude everyday. This goodwill international ambassador is always looking to broaden his area of influence. In that regard, the 5th annual Mickey Lionne experience on January 15, 2007 is one way we can help Bobby. By purchasing tickets we can assist student athletes obtain a college education that otherwise would not be affordable to them.

At the end of our day, I asked Bobby if he would ever be interested in running for political office. I would think he could easily win any position he wants. His obvious answer was a resounding "no". He has the utmost respect for people like Mayor Malloy but he's is completely happy with what he has been doing most of his life.

We are all better off because of everything Bobby does. He's a wonderful human being and he deserves our love, affection and respect and we should jump on board to join Bobby in all his humanitarian efforts.

On another note, as of this writing I’m in New York City visiting a friend’s daughter at work and her friends and then off to a meeting with ESPN about a documentary that they want to do.

Have a great day!

Bye for now.

Commit to your passions - Passionately pursue your commitments


P.S. The second theme for “TEAM 26 Playground” has been introduced! Check out the details from here.

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  1. すがち Sugachi さんのコメント: (すがち Sugachi says):


    (You sound really busy during this off season. It’s so much better than just sitting around all day. Personally, I feel really bored since there is no Lotte’s game lately but I can spend this time to finish up my graduation thesis. (There’s a day that I don’t write anything though.) I’ll be graduating from college in a few months and start working from April. I have a plenty of time until then so I’m going to try and visit as many places as I can.
    See you at the Marines staqdium!)

  2. re-hua さんのコメント: (re-hua says):



    (“He’s a wonderful human being and he deserves our love, affection and respect and we should jump on board to join Bobby in all his humanitarian efforts.”

    I totally agree with this quote about you, Bobby. I will try and continue to think really hard about what I can do in my life for others and myself.)

  3. nami さんのコメント: (nami says):

    Hello, Bobby.
    First of all, I really enjoy reading your blog. I’ve been your big fan since you first became Lotte’s manager. I like the way you treat fans and players. I also like watching baseball game!
    You are also good at ballroom dancing which is wonderful. My parents also love it. I’d like to start learing it since I’m in the U,S,A now!

    Have a happy new year to all of your family!!! I look forward to reading your blog!

  4. 若井勝子 Katsuko Wakai さんのコメント: (若井勝子 Katsuko Wakai says):

    ボビー監督、選手の皆さん、スタッフの皆さんに今年は沢山野球意外にも良い事がありますように!   お祈りいたします。

    勿論、今年のスローガン ”結束・フラッグのために” V奪回そして~夢をもう一度~




    (Happy New Year.
    Best wishes for you and your team!

    Along with this year’s slogan, “All hands to the flag”, we can also remind ourselves the past slogans such as “LET US DO IT AGAIN” and “Dream Again”. I look forward to seeing the team doing better and Zuleta-senshu’s performance. I can imagine the team having the victory parade already and I hope it will happen.

    I feel very proud of being as one of the Marines fans, the team that is led by the manager who travels all around the world and contributing to the world outside of the baseball world.
    I can’t write as good as naru-san wrote on December 22nd but I agree with what naru-san said. I don’t have enough knowledge to criticize about the NPB but I think that it is necessary for the organizations to embrace all the good things from other countries and make it a better league.

    I’d like to ask one thing. My husband has hard time walking due to an after effect of disease so it is hard for him to go watch the game with me. Actually, the hardest part is to get to the seat. It is just too hard for him to wait around outside then climb on to those stairs.
    That’s why I have no choice but go to the game with my daughter’s family without him. I feel really sad how my husband can’t really join the conversation about the game because he wasn’t there with us. I know that this might be too much to ask but I’d be really grateful if you can think about this.
    He doesn’t have to be on the wheelchair yet but it would be nice if there is something that makes it easier for him to get to the seat.

    I purchased the “Left to Tell” book and started to read the book a little by little. I can’t read the book without crying. Each page makes me realize that I should be happy and it takes for a while for me to go on to the next page.)

  5. JJ さんのコメント: (JJ says):




    The New Year has started in Japan.
    I just saw the countdown event in New York on TV.
    What a dynamic city.
    What is your resolution for this year?
    Mine is to enjoy everything fully and keep on smiling throughout the year.
    I wish this year will be another wonderful year for you.)

  6. joe pupo さんのコメント: (joe pupo says):

    Happy New Year