I’d like to share feedback along with some photos from when I was invited as a lecturer at P&G Japan Headquarters in Kobe. It was my pleasure to make a speech in front of the P&G employees.

Here is some of the original feedback that I received from one of the P&G employees:

Dear Bobby Valentine,

Thank you very much for coming to Kobe. I asked the questions about how to engage each manager who has different motivation driver. And I was so impressed with your answers. I really liked your attitude to learn what "each person feels" when you tell something to others. In addition to that attitude, the comment "what you communicate" is different from "what you said" is definitely helpful for my work.

Joining your presentation was definitely the one of the best moment in my P&G life. I hope I have a time to hear your presentation again in future.
Again, thank you very much.

Commit to your passions - Passionately pursue your commitments


P.S. I’d like to mention about a forum that Heroes Edutainment, which was established by a really good friend of mine, Akizawa-san, is going to have next month. There will be a discussion held about child education featuring special guests from several professional fields.

    Hosted by: Heroes Edutainment
    Date and Time: January 27th, 2007 (Sat) 13:30 – 16:30 (Admission starts from 12:40 PM)
    Place: Ohte-machi Sankei Hall
    1-7-2 Ohte-machi, Chiyoda-ku in Tokyo
    Admission Fee (including tax): 4,200 JP yen

For further information, please check out their webpage from here. (Only in Japanese)


P.S. The second theme for “TEAM 26 Playground” has been introduced! Check out the details from here.

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  1. BigManZam さんのコメント: (BigManZam says):

    Way to go with the Zuleta and Ohmine signings, Bobby. I’m really excited about next season now. If Nemoto can translate his .341 average on the farm to the top level, and Saburo can hit again, I really think it’ll be all Marines and Hawks in the end.

  2. re-hua さんのコメント: (re-hua says):


    (You are actively going around and making the speeches in various kind of places.
    I’ll also try to socialize with more people in different communities by exchange thoughts. I think I will feel happier knowing the people I live in the same society with.)