(November 23rd) I’d like to congratulate Lyle “Tony” Yates conditioning coach and the young stars of the Chiba Lotte Marines, Aomatsu, Kikoh, Kawasaki, Hayashi, and Mishima-senshu for winning the Hawaii Winter League championship.

Congratulations guys!!!

Along with my congratulation, I’d like to introduce Yates-coach’s last column from Hawaii.


Commit to your passions - Passionately pursue your commitments




It is another championship for the Chiba-Lotte Marines baseball players! These players just keep on winning! Before a good crowd at Les Murakami Stadium, we beat the Waikiki Beach Boys by the score of 5-1. It was a good game, an exciting game, and it was great to be part of it.

None of the Marines ballplayers appeared in tonight’s game, but they certainly contributed during the game by their positive support of their teammates, and they contributed all season long by their performances on the field. It was simply outstanding to win this championship, and even better for our Lotte players to taste a championship in Hawaii. After the game all the players celebrated with each other and with the fans. The championship ceremony followed and all of us received lei’s and gifts from the league. Many pictures were taken, and they will provide a lifetime of good memories. The game was televised so we will get copies of the telecast.

With players of the Honu team

Tomorrow we head home; the season is finished. The Marines players fly back to Japan and I fly back to California. The championship we won was the perfect end to a great experience in Hawaii. The players and I shared many tremendous experiences during the two months that we were here. Skills were improved, competition against very good players was experienced, cultural lines were crossed, and friendships were made. The players will be tired when they arrive back home, but it will not take long before they look back at Hawaii Winter Baseball and smile knowing that they are winners.

Enjoying our offday

Our young stars enjoying the beautiful ocean in Hawaii

This is my last volume from Hawaii. It has been a pleasure to write for all of you, and I truly hope that through my words you were able to see and feel our championship season in Hawaii. I look forward to seeing you all in January for another great year of Chiba-Lotte Marines baseball.

That’s it! Mahalo,
Lyle “Tony” Yates

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