(September 25th) Today was the day of the high school draft in here Japan.

After many long months of a great group of scouts exploring the country to find the best high school baseball players, this day finally came. And I was very happy with the outcome.

I must say that Matsumoto-san and Kakazu-san organized this draft in one heck of a manner. (lol) We had numerous meetings to discuss the players based on the resources that our fabulous scouting team gathered. Therefore, we knew every player who was picked in the draft very well. And according to our ratings we picked some of the best players available.

Some of you might already know, but for everyone’s benefit I’d like to explain briefly how the draft system works in Japan.

For the 1st round, every team can pick the same player if they’d like but we would need to have a lottery if this happens. So let’s say all 12 teams picked the same player then 12 envelopes would go into a box and every team would take one envelope out. The team that picks the right envelope becomes the lucky winner and gets to pick the player they want. And for other teams, they would be making their selections from the remaining players.

And as it turned out there were 4 teams that picked Tanaka-senshu with their first pick. Tanaka-senshu is a terrific young high school pitcher; he was the star of the Koshien this year with his sliders and fast balls. We were not one of the four teams as I didn’t like the 20% chance of getting the No.1 pick. But it was also because I liked a pitcher from Okinawa named Ohmine-senshu who is a young, good looking, hard-throwing right-handed pitcher. But since the Softbank Hawks selected him as well, we had a lottery and we won the lottery! Thus, we won our No.1 draft choice and I couldn’t be any happier with this selection!

With our No.2 pick, we picked a high school first baseman that can also play in the outfield. His name is Sato-senshu. Overall, I think he was the best hitter in the draft and we were very lucky to get him in the 2nd round. I think he is going to be a very good player at the professional level.

As for the 3rd round, we selected Kurotaki-senshu, a right-handed pitcher from the Sapporo area. Most of our scouts feel that with a little bit of development he is a promising prospect that could be one of the most outstanding pitchers in our organization in a couple of years.

We have yet to sign these 3 players, but so far we have been fortunate enough to have drafted them. In about a week, we will be able to contact them personally and have our scouts go in and try to secure them through contracts. And that will make them professionals.

Finally, I’d like to say congratulations to our scouting department and also congratulations to these young players for being selected by one of the best organizations in the world for whom they can play baseball!

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  1. Bren さんのコメント: (Bren says):

    Bobby, Met fan here in NY who still misses you. Speaking of the HS draft, I noticed that prospects from both the NY Mets and Chiba will be playing together this Winter on the same team in the Hawaii Winter League! This is obviously a great thing, and hopefully there will be more leagues like this in the future. Please give Mike Carp some pointers if you make it to any games there, and make sure to visit us at Shea in October!

  2. YONE さんのコメント: (YONE says):

    ………Bobby.. hello.
    I love Franco. He believes the expectation to be going to be answered at
    least next year.

    It is to him and it is in Japan a lot of fans.

    I’m sorry in English of half knowledge.

    The victory should be a loved member again.

  3. 嶋崎誠光 Shimazaki さんのコメント: (嶋崎誠光 Shimazaki says):


    (Bobby! Ohisashiburi desu!
    Great work at the draft! You must have been so happy when you were able to pick Ohmine-sensyu for the No.1 pick!
    However, I heard that he originally wanted to join the Hawks… I’m very concerned because he might turn down the contract with the Marines…
    I am really certain that it’s highly possible that he will turn down the contract unless the Marines offer a lot. The contract has to be significantly good for him to join the Marines. But when we do get him, we can certainly go after the championship title.
    Please lead the team to win the championships!

  4. はやひで Hayahide さんのコメント: (はやひで Hayahide says):





    (Bobby-san, Konbanwa.

    You did such a wonderful job in this season.
    It was unfortunate that Nigun team didn’t win but the fact that they won the Eastern League means a lot.

    I was a bit surprised when the Marines picked pitcher Ohmine but I think it is all depends what kind of contract the Marines will be extending and it is also depends on his will.
    I’m going to keep my eye on how the situation changes.

    This year was a difficult year for the team but I’m hoping that next year will be a better year for the Marines. I hope that you will have enough rest so that you can renew yourself in body and spirit until next year.
    I’m going to come out as much as I can and watch the games at Kyo-Sera Dome next year.)

  5. はたぼう。 Hatabo さんのコメント: (はたぼう。 Hatabo says):


    (Konnichiwa, Bobby.
    I am always amazed how the scout team of the Marines finds the players that will become a great player. In fact, all the players in the Marines are all “DIAMONDs”!
    Spring is the time that new players will be joining and it is a great time of the year but we also have some players who are leaving the team as well …
    Please keep us informed whenever something new come up!

  6. 結(Yui) さんのコメント: (結(Yui) says):


    (Konnichiwa. I was watching how the draft went on TV since it was a off-day for me.
    You looked fabulous in the brown suit. (^▽^)。
    I was able to learn more about how the draft system works through this blog site, Satozaki-sensyu’s blog site, and also from TV programs. It is a complicated system. It seems like we need to improve the system.
    Speaking of the high school draft, I remember the time that pitcher Matsuzaka of Seibu was drafted. (I realize that it was the same year when catcher Satozaki was picked!) It was my senior year in high school. The Yokohama Baystars was the team that Matsuzaka originally wanted to join but he decided to join Seibu in the end. I thought it took so much courage to make that decision for him. But now, I feel happy whenever I see Matsuzaka smiling and doing well as one of the core players of Seibu.
    No matter what happens, I’d like to wish those young players all the best in the future!)

  7. 10月の新政府 October's New Government さんのコメント: (10月の新政府 October's New Government says):


    PS 抽選の時の監督のパフォーマンスは最高でした。

    (It has been a month since I posted my previous comment.
    I watched how the draft went on TV.
    And congratulations on getting the right to pick Ohmine-senshu for the first round pick.
    I knew that you were going to win the lottery.
    It is because I saw a fortune-teller saying that you have the most outstanding luck compared to other 6 managers by looking at each photo on one of the internet based TV shows back in August of last year. The fortune-teller didn’t mention anything about which team was going to win though. So after seeing the results of the draft, I was once again convinced that you still have the luck.
    But the team would need to really work on landing Ohmine-senshu.
    Ohmine-senshu didn’t look really happy at the interview but I am hoping that he will decide to join the Marines.

    PS – Your performance at the draft was so excellent.)

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