(September 4th) Hi everyone.

Last night, I had a couple of friends come in from Texas – Pete Moore and a good friend of his. Pete has been running my restaurant there for the last 20 years. I picked them up from Narita Airport and we quickly went down to Tokyo to meet with Ken Berger, who is the president of Sports Marketing Japan. Together with Ken’s beautiful wife and some other friends we all went to Beyonce’s 25th birthday party concert at the Budokan in Tokyo.

The concert was presented by WWCITY & COMMUNICATIONS.
Kazumasa Terada founder of Samantha Thavasa was the host and I was his guest at the after party. Terada san is a great guy and a very successful man around Tokyo and also in the world.

It was quite an experience! I had the chance to meet with the Miss Universe runner-up, Kurara Chibana, and the great performer, Beyonce. They are two of the most gorgeous and amazing young ladies I have had the pleasure to spend time with. It was quite a concert. I also have to acknowledge that Miss Japan 2006, Kurara Chibana, is incredibly gifted as she can speak several languages and has other great talents as well. She also possesses a wonderful personality, one that lights up a room just as much as Beyonce does when she is on the stage performing.

Beyonce who did a great performance at the concert

The 2006 Miss Universe runner-up, Kurara Chibana

These two young ladies are both in their mid 20’s and are very special women. I was lucky enough to get to go backstage and meet Beyonce and take photographs with her as well. I also had an opportunity to meet with the CEO of Land Rover / Jaguar and the CEO of Mercedes Benz.

Afterwards, we had some wine at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, which is one of the most posh hotels in Tokyo. All in all, it was a great night.

I can only say that I wish every day was run as smoothly as enjoyable as today was.

Thank you and talk to you soon.

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  1. maymay1352 さんのコメント: (maymay1352 says):

    Dear Bobby

    I was surprised to find my 1-year son on your e-mail magazine. Her sister and I were very happy to see his brother.

    :opps: We will have no chance to go up to the playoff. But I can understand the situation. Eight key players left the team for the WBC and you didn’t have enough team training before the season. But we are proud that you won the Koryusen Championship again this year. I hope all players get together in the next Spring Camp (Please don’t let pitchers fly to Australia. It must be good for all the players to practice together in one place (Kagoshima) for teamwork.) I would like you staff to do autumn practice either in Urawa or Tateyama for the fans.


    Joe Pupo: I haven’t seen your uncle on TV recently. I cannot go to the Stadium because I have a baby. Is he doing fine?

  2. Fuhito さんのコメント: (Fuhito says):

    Hi Bobby!

    I met you in restaurant on Sep 6th after the game. Thank you very much for so many autograph and photos. That’ s my treasure ! I’m sorry we trouble you in the middle of dinner. I’ll send your autograph to my friend Iris Edwaers who lives in Geelong. She must be glad !

  3. ナカムラ Nakamura さんのコメント: (ナカムラ Nakamura says):


    (Bobby- Konnichiwa! I’m glad that you had a nice off-day! (^^)
    I haven’t listened to any of Beyonce’s songs yet but I’m going to listen to her songs soon.
    I have seen Miss. Kurara Chibana in the past on TV and thought that she is a wonderful lady. I dream of being a lady like her. I reached to 30 years old but I continue to try what I can to become such a wonderful lady!)

  4. やまちゃん Yamachan さんのコメント: (やまちゃん Yamachan says):


    (I heard that Aomatsu-sensyu in the Marines was also there at Beyonce’s Birthday Party. He recognized you right away but did you know that he was there as well?)

  5. とも Tomo さんのコメント: (とも Tomo says):


    (When you are you going to stop using Pascucci-sensyu? His batting average is about .210 right now. The fact that his defense and base-running is bad makes it so that it is hard for us to keep watching him play. Being powerful is not everything. The situation that the team is in right now, I believe that some of the young players in Nigun could use more opportunities to play in Ichigun. I feel bad when I think about other outfielders in the team.)

  6. けん さんのコメント: (けん says):

    How do you intend to take responsibility for a result of this season?

  7. おにく Oniku さんのコメント: (おにく Oniku says):


    (Bobby!!! This season didn’t go well as we were hoping.
    I was really sad for the fact that we were not able to go to the playoff.
    However, this season has not ended yet, hasn’t it!?
    I will be regretting if we were to end up like this in this season…
    Please try to pull things together and lead the team to play the way that they are capable of, even though there have been a couple of unexpected encounters that the team had to face.
    Fans have different kind of ideas and their opinion varies. But they all love the Marines and Bobby so please remember it.
    Please do your best until the end!!! Go for it Bobby!!!
    P.S. You look really happy in the photo. (lol))

  8. ナカムラ Nakamura さんのコメント: (ナカムラ Nakamura says):


    (Bobby, Konnichiwa. Did you come back from Fukuoka already?
    The result of the game turned out to be a regrettable outcome but the fact that players tried their best is still there. So that’s just the way of it. I hoped that Shimizu was able to achieve a win since he was pitching well.
    We are no longer able to go on to this year’s playoff but I hope that the team faces the fact and learn from it. I also hope that the team continues to do the best until this season ends with a new goal.
    In my opinion, as a fan, I’d like the team to keep going strong as we try and stay in the 4th place in the league until this season is over. I am also hoping that both, the players and the team will keep their record up as high as possible. Our state of mind, rooting for the Marines, will not change no matter what. We will continue to root for the team all the way no matter what kind of outcome there are. I am planning on flying to Sapporo Dome from Chiba for this weekend’s game. I look forward to seeing you and the team outside of the Marines Stadium. (^^))

  9. ろってファン さんのコメント: (ろってファン says):


    The 4th place is decided this year. It is regrettable. to put it bluntly — now — a season — an ordinary year — the same — a match — a weak batting lineup — all — coming out — or [ that there is nothing ]. Especially, he is Sugiuchi and Kazumi Saito of Softbank. I feel [ here ] that it is not looking in several years for having taken the point directly to Matsusaka of Seibu. And it is looking and is the fine play which is not. Since there is little exposure, if this will continue for many years unlike the Central League, it will be set as the object of a merger again. It comes and rousing of a season is expected.

  10. ナカムラ Nakamura さんのコメント: (ナカムラ Nakamura says):


    (Excuse me for sending my comment right after the other! (^^; But I really want to tell you what I thought after each game. I went to watch the game against Rakuten today. It was unfortunate that we didn’t win. But I really enjoyed cheering for the players who are trying their best. I shouted for them. I want to believe that the players heard our cheers even though we didn’t win the game.
    I will be having a (happily) busy week here as well since I’m planning to go on a trip to Sapporo (for the first time!) for tomorrow’s game and for the following day.
    This season is coming to its end but the bond between you and us will not change! You know that we will be together forever and ever for the rest of this season, off-season, and also for the next season ~♪)

  11. N.S.bowler さんのコメント: (N.S.bowler says):


    (This doesn’t relate to your comment at all but I am going to write about the game on the September 11th. Please try to make the remaining games as a significant one even though the team is playing throwaway matches as there is no change in the ranking. We had quite a lot of unnecessary errors on that day. What I am dissatisfied with the decision that you made as you called for the change for Naruse instead of Watson who made a mistake. I believe that we should have kept Naruse pitching for his growth as he was not letting them hit much and it was not an important game.
    I believe that it is important to deal with this type of mistake in a strict manner especially when we are in a middle of throwaway matches for the sake of bracing the team.
    However, I also know that you maybe rather not to do so as you have expressed your idea in a TV commercial saying, “Mistake will prove to be of some value”. I said “unimportant game” earlier but there is still a chance for the starting pitchers to gain more win counts so it doesn’t mean that there is nothing to achieve. I’d like to make a suggestion for you to deal with the players who make an error in a strict manner especially when we are having throwaway matches.)

  12. はやひで Hayahide さんのコメント: (はやひで Hayahide says):




    グランドの中におられるので あまり車イスの方と接する事ないと思いますが

    (Bobby-san Konnichiwa.

    You have such an active exchange among other people (^-^)
    Did you have good time at the concert?
    I think that this all comes from your personality.

    I have to say that it is really unfortunate that we are now in the 4th place and there is no chance left for us to go on to this year’s playoff.
    I bet it is really difficult to keep the motivation up for the rest of this season as we are on a losing streak. Although please show the spirit as we still hold the last year’s title, the Asia Champion title, and we also have a lot of players who performed so well in WBC!
    And please pay back the losses as double (as the Hawks says) in the next year against other 5 teams!

    I have a question for you but how are the physically challenged audiences watch the game at the major baseball ballparks in America? You may not have much chance to interact with those physically challenged audiences since you are usually on the field but I’d appreciate if you can tell us what you know.)

  13. ミック Mic さんのコメント: (ミック Mic says):


    (Valentine Kantoku, Konnichiwa. I sent an email to you via the official Marines website but please let me post here as well.
    I watched today’s game (September 12th) on TV. I can tell that all the players in the Marines are suffering from a drastic letdown. It’s your job to bring back their motivation! I’d like to point out that Imae-sensyu is not seeing the ball at all.
    I heard that you encouraged him when he was not doing well last year, telling him in Japanese something similar to, “You are a good player!” Please do so again! Please give other players a boost as well!
    How about go ahead and bring Saburo-sensyu as a cleanup hitter once again starting tomorrow?
    My best concern is to whether Nishioka-sensyu will be able to capture the stolen base crown once again. He must be having a tough time dealing with the pain on his back and knees but I want him to continue to capture the stolen base crown every year! And I am hoping that he will eventually break the Rickey Henderson’s record! So please give him a “Go” sign when there is a chance! But at the same time, please pay careful attention to him so that he doesn’t worsen his injury! Please take a command in the way that he can become the stolen base crown this year as well! And this is a part of your responsibility! So please make this happen!
    Besides Nishioka-sensyu achieving the stolen base crown title, there is also Fukuura-sensyu trying to become the leading hitter and pitcher Masahide Kobayashi going for the most saves. Hiroyuki Kobayashi is also close from getting more than 9 wins. Aren’t these enough factors in order to bring up their motivation? Let’s support these players so that they can win the title! This year hasn’t ended yet!
    I hope that the entire Marines will be able to boost the motivation so that you guys can start performing better. And I look forward to seeing that!)

  14. Angel さんのコメント: (Angel says):

    Hi Bobby,
    I was so worry about your position next year because many people said that you will resign from your post. I have been thinking about our team situation and I think you shouldn’t put all the resposibility to yourself. And I was thinking too if I would be in the Team 26 if you are not with us next year until I check it out in the internet that you will stay with us again..I hope you won’t change your mind and please keep your promse..LET’S DO IT AGAIN. Remember at least we win the in the Interleague championship, and it is so wonderful, right?

  15. mayumi さんのコメント: (mayumi says):

    Hi, Bobby,

    I am so happy to know that you have decided to manage the Marines for the next season. Oh, I don’t know how to explain what I feel. I just want to thank you for remaining the team and I expect that you will bring us exciting and unpredictable games again.

    Have you read the blogs of your players? They occasionally tell us what they’ve learned from you not as baseball players but also as a human-being. The players need you more than the fans of Marines do.

    I don’t care about being worn out by heavy rain if tomorrow is bad weather as it is today cause we have future.
    I am going to come up to the stadium to see the victory that will be a starting line for the next season.

    We all love you, Bobby!

  16. はたぼう。 Hatabo さんのコメント: (はたぼう。 Hatabo says):


    (Konnichiwa, Bobby!
    So you were at the Beyonce’s concert. The show business news on TV was broadcasting about it as well. I had no idea that you were there! You have a wide range of music that you like! Of all the music that you like, which one is your favorite?
    I also would like to hear your opinion on pitcher Iwakuma who pitched on September 12th’s game against Rakuten and the homerun that Jose had.

  17. Angel さんのコメント: (Angel says):

    Please stop the irritation against Mr. Passcuci. He has been doing a fine job and I think Mr. Valentine has his own way of choosing players in the team. Like Satozaki says,’ If we can do it, then we really can!’. I am already looking forward to next season. Let’s Do It Again.

  18. ナカムラ Nakamura さんのコメント: (ナカムラ Nakamura says):


    (Congratulations on stopping the losing streak! I just want to speak simple today ☆ Thank you so much Bobby! I’d like to say this again but baseball in general and the Marines are just great! And it was so awesome to see pitcher Ono completing shut out for the first time in five years! It was a bit chilly at the stadium but I eventually stopped thinking about it as I kept cheering for the team! I’m going to take off to go to Sapporo after getting off from my work tomorrow!)

  19. SexyLeeAnn さんのコメント: (SexyLeeAnn says):

    Hi Bobby,

    I am a great fan of Kurara Chibana (though I’m only 2 years younger than her), and would like to know more about what you have felt and seen of her when you met her at Beyonce’s party.

    I didn’t watch Miss Universe 2006 last year, and when Miss Japan 2007 won this year, I did a check on the previous Miss Japans by watching some Youtube videos, and realised that Kurara-san is really in a league of her own.

    I mean she’s definitely one of the most interesting, alluring, appealing Japanese ladies I have ever seen on global platforms. Just wondering if you also have any other photos of her as well?

    Anyways, you are really lucky to have met her. Hope you can reply to my questions soon.

    Thanx so much, Bobby.

    Yours truly,

  20. Anonymous さんのコメント: (Anonymous says):

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