(August 27th) We have 22 games remaining and we will really need a miracle to get into the playoffs. The good news is I believe in miracles. We have 5 games left with the Fighters and we still have that hot streak ahead of us.

The past road trip was really a tough one. We played 3 extra-inning games, tying one in 12 innings, winning one and losing one. We came out strong and won the last game of the road trip. It was a hard-fought win against Rakuten considering how tired we were and that Satozaki did not even come to the game. He has been playing almost every day and the 5th game of the road trip he was involved in a collision at the plate. He held onto the ball but was hit really hard. He said he was able to continue playing but the next day he could hardly get out of bed. I allowed him to stay at the hotel and was able to get Hashimoto to the game in time to play catcher. He also got a big hit for our win. We also got Ohmatsu back after a long time recovering from an arm injury. He is not throwing at 100% but he is able to swing without pain and he even had 2 hits last night to help us win.

It was also good to have Watanabe win for the first time in a long time. He had a complete game and we really needed our starting pitcher to pitch a complete game because I was not going to use Yabuta or Kobayashi in the game since they had thrown so much in previous games.

Today is a day of rest and then we begin the final stretch run...

I believe in miracles.

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  1. mayumi さんのコメント: (mayumi says):

    Wasn’t it a great moment seeing that fans hospitality treating Watanabe’s 30th birthday with the sweet song, was it?
    Wasn’t it a precious moment seeing that Satozaki’s efforts saving his place with his determination , was it?
    Those were the reason I became a big fan of Marines and will be.
    I know there are many things you’ve got to decide how you can provide miracle for the fans of Marines. Yes, miracle will occur on us if we unite.
    Go for it , Marines!!

  2. 10月の新政府 The new government in October さんのコメント: (10月の新政府 The new government in October says):


    (I am going to post my message in Japanese.
    I really appreciate for your generosity when you gave me your autograph at the game on the August 30.
    I was really impressed by your permissive attitude toward doing fan service even though the team is having difficult time.
    The situation seems very severe but I believe in miracles as well.)

  3. 嶋崎誠光 Shimazaki さんのコメント: (嶋崎誠光 Shimazaki says):

    :P ハローボビー! :P
    昨日テレビを見ていたらさすがにびっくりしてしまいました! 8O
    試合が無かったことで日本ハムとのゲーム差が9ゲームになっていたのです! :(
    これからも応援し続けます! :evil:
    それではボビーまた次のブログ楽しみにしています! ;)

    ( :P Hello Bobby! :P
    I was pretty shocked to see the current standings! 8O
    It was because it showed the Nippon Ham being 9 games ahead from the marines since we didn’t have games with them lately! :(
    We don’t have much games left. So what we need to work on next is how we are going to beat the Nippon Ham which is doing well lately. This is the mission that the Marines has! So please bring out your best for each game and play well.
    Please continue to do your best!
    I will continue to root for the team! :evil:
    I look forward to seeing your next blog entry! ;) )

  4. はたぼう。 Hatabo さんのコメント: (はたぼう。 Hatabo says):

    こんばんは、ボビー :D
    ロッテが上位に行くのは奇跡なのかなぁ :? : 奇跡ではなくても、きっと実力で大丈夫だと思う。私は、めちゃくちゃ弱いロッテも、去年みたいに敵無しのロッテも大好き。みんな真剣に戦っているのも知っていますよ。
    来週もスタジアムに行きます。Marinesらしいプレーを見せてくださいね!オフには野球を観るようにDEENのライブ一緒に楽しめることを夢みています ;)

    (Konbanwa, Bobby :D
    I really wonder if miracles need to happen in order for the Lotte to make it to the top 3 teams in the standings. :? : I think that as long as the team brings out their best we just might be able to. My great love for the team doesn’t change even though if the team is extremely weak or either the invincible Lotte that I saw last year. And we all know that you guys are doing your best.
    I will come out and watch the game on next week to the Stadium. Please show how capable the Marines is! I am dreaming about the day that I will be able to see DEEN’s concert with you during your off-season just like how I am watching the baseball game. ;)

  5. kenji-k さんのコメント: (kenji-k says):


    (It is completely different subject from baseball and I feel obliged to talk about this but do you happen to know a Japanese cartoon called “Captain”?
    It is about a baseball team in a Japanese Junior High school.
    I think that you might enjoy reading it since you are interested in Koko-Yakyu (Japanese High school baseball) because the cartoon shows a lot of elements that the Japanese baseball has.
    The cartoon is over 20 years old but I am pretty sure that the players in Lotte know about the cartoon.)

  6. ナカムラ Nakamura さんのコメント: (ナカムラ Nakamura says):


    (I believe in miracles as well! I am going to come out and root for the team as much as I can in the rest of this season. Please do your best until the end! I always appreciate the great performance of the Marines!!!)

  7. hanahana さんのコメント: (hanahana says):


    (Kantoku Konbanwa!! I came to the stadium and watched the game on the 30th. We happily left the stadium since it was very entertaining game. We didn’t win on that game but I continue to root for the manager and the team I love no matter what the results would be. I’m going to come to the stadium and watch as many games as I can to see your great smile.
    Marines wouldn’t be the same without you and I love current Marines.)

  8. Angel さんのコメント: (Angel says):

    Dear Bobby,
    Yes, Miracles..I believe in miracles and I am sure it will happen. Keep up with your good job. I will try my best to be at Marine Stadium for the rest of the game left. Last August 30th, I was sitting at the back net , next to the Softbank fan. I wasn’t enjoying the game at first because some of the Softbank fan keep on assaulting the Marine players with words that are real hard to believe. I know it isn’t wise to fight back, but maybe because of this I cheer as hard as I could for the Marines and shout out as loud as I could. I was so happy because I never know that it so much fun to cheer so loud in front of our enemy and I really enjoyed the game at lastl. Although Marines lost the game that day but I believe we have not lost our cheering-ship that day. Keep Fighting.

  9. けん さんのコメント: (けん says):

    Why do you use an expert player and a foreign player without employing a young player in spite of a digestion match? I fix my eyes on the next season, and please appoint young person.

  10. ぱち☆ Pachi☆ さんのコメント: (ぱち☆ Pachi☆ says):

    初めまして!! :razz:
    人との出会いはふとしたことで、素敵な出会いに変わりますね :)

    とても心が嬉しくなり、もっとマリーンズを応援したい気持ちが湧いてきます :o

    1試合1試合思い出深いプレーができるよう、期待しています ;)
    そんな子供たちの目にたくさんの素敵な姿を焼き付けてくださいね♪ :razz:

    (Hajimemashite!! :razz:
    Ever since you waved for my son smiling while we were watching a practice session behind the backstop, our family became a fan of the Marines.
    It’s quite interesting how interpersonal encounter turns into a wonderful one, isn’t it? :)

    Seeing the players’ wonderful performances and the way that they respond to fans with refreshing smile make me really happy so that naturally brings out the feeling to cheer for the team even harder. :o

    I look forward to seeing players play for themselves and also for fans by making each game memorable one ;)
    All the children who are watching the games are the future players ☆
    I hope those children are being influenced by watching players’ wonderful performances and also hope that the players will continue to do so. ♪ :razz: )

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