(July 20th) Hi everyone! Today, we concluded the first All-Star Game at Jingu Stadium and it was a fine display of outstanding world-class talent. The Central League won 3-1 with Aoki-senshu scoring the game winning homerun, stealing a base, getting a base hit, and almost making a super play in the outfield. For all that play he was awarded the MVP at the end of the game.

We also saw some fine performances from the Pacific League team, especially from Satozaki-senshu with a homerun and a single off a 100 mph (161 km/h) fast ball in the 9th inning. Shinjo also played a fabulous game, hitting the ball hard and earning a double, along with a couple of line drives, and a spectacular diving catch in the center field. The game saw many stars, many good at bats and good pitches.

Ordering food from the concession stand inside of the Jingu Stadium after the gates had opened!

The All-Star Pacific League Team

During autograph-signing session

With SHINJO-sensyu who showed fine performances

Sano-manager writing out the lineups

Speaking with SoftBank Moriwaki interim coach in the dugout

The autograph-signing sesson is about to begin!

Imae-sensyu writing his autograph

Nishioka-sensyu giving his autograph to a little boy.

Our cute mascot - Ma-Kun!

That's no Dragon! That's Morimoto-sensyu of the Nippon Ham Fighters.

The game also saw two 40+ year-old players, a catcher and a batter, which must have been a thrill for the fans to see. In addition, the pre-game ceremony included Hall of Fame inductions for 5 members of the baseball community and we also had mascots from all teams there to cheer up the fans.

All in all it was a good day all around except the wrong team won – the Pacific League didn’t win!

Now we are on our way to Miyazaki to play game 2 of the 2006 All-Star series.

Hope to see you there!

Bye Bye.

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-First Pitch Ceremony-
NPB: Has a first pitch ceremony everyday. The guest pitcher pitches a ball to the catcher of the home team. The visiting teams' leadoff hitter swings and misses. All the members of the starting lineup are on the field. The umpire is at the pitcher's mound and call out "Play"
All the members of the teams on the bench stand and acknowledge the pitch.
MLB: The first pitch ceremony is not done everyday and when it is, the players are not on the field. It is done before the players take the field.

NPB: There is a break between the 5th and 6th inning to reline the field and prepare the infield. They also put new lines on the field for the batter's box.
MLB: There is a break in the 5th inning. They prepare the dirt before the 7th inning and it takes no extra time between innings. They never reline the batter's box during the game.

NPB: There are cheerleaders on the field before and during the game.
MLB: Have no cheerleaders in baseball.

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  1. はやひで Hayahide さんのコメント: (はやひで Hayahide says):





    昨日、テレビは見れなかったんですがサイトで 黒木投手がリリーフとは驚きました。

    (Bobby-san, Konnichiwa.

    I enjoyed the details of each All-Star games even though the Pacific League didn’t win at all. I especially enjoyed each events and seeing Fujikawa and Kroon showing their fastballs.

    The picture that shows you ordering food at the concession stand after the gate was opened made me giggle (^-^)
    Honestly speaking, I hope that these pretty simple auto-graph sessions and the interaction between players and fans were done more freely.
    It would be an ideal for small children and people like me who don’t get much chance to visit the stadium to have an opportunity like this so that we can make good memories while we are at the stadium.

    I am planning to come out to the Kyo-Sera Dome and watch the game there on the 30th.
    I’ll be in the bleacher seat on the Marines side. I hope to see you there.

    I was surprised to know that pitcher Kuroki will come on in relief.
    As the team came back from the consecutive losses, I look forward to seeing the team moving up in the standings.)

  2. 上ちゃん Ue-chan さんのコメント: (上ちゃん Ue-chan says):


    (I’m sure that there are some people who think that the team keeps losing lately… However, I believe in you guys! I believe that you guys will grow back the momentum when we became No.1 in Asia last year!
    Bobby Kantoku! I will be rooting for the team no matter what! Since I live in Hyogo Prefecture, I rarely get to see your game on TV but I always check how you guys are doing on the news and the newspaper everyday. So please keep going all the way and score a lot of winnings!)

  3. Fuhito さんのコメント: (Fuhito says):

    Hi Bobby
    I had tickets of All star game in Jingu-stadium. But the trouble had happened on my job. I must work till 9 pm. So, I could’nt go to the ball game. I was disappointed.(T_T)
    I will go to Chiba Marine Stadium on Saturday.(Field wing seat!) I’m looking forward to the game. I’ll watch with #2 jersey. Good luck!

  4. はやひで Hayahide さんのコメント: (はやひで Hayahide says):





    今日から、本拠地6連戦 地道に上がっていく事を願ってます。

    (Bobby-san, Konnichiwa

    I was there cheering for the team with other supporters at the Kyo-Sera Dome on 30th. Unfortunately, we blew the lead and lost the game…

    It looked like the deficiency towards run-scoring hits showed up.
    We lost every game (in a row) that I went to so far so I’m hoping that we will win the next game that I’ll be going to.

    The way that the Marines fans were cheering was just so powerful and I was amazed by it.
    I bet they are even more powerful when they cheer at the Marines stadium.
    It was so powerful that I had to hold on to a handrail when we did the ‘jumping’!

    I can only hope that the team will be winning back the lost games in a step-by-step fashion for the next 6 games at the home.)

  5. mayumi さんのコメント: (mayumi says):

    Hi, Bobby,

    I don’t know either this mail will reach you or not, but I couldn’t stop asking you regarding your recent management especially today’s game against Lions in which Naoyuki pithched.

    Naoyuki is the ace pithcer of yours, isn’t he?
    If you think so, why you changed him to Kobayashi in the ninth inning, which was the critical moment?
    Since the all star games when Kobayashi played, he hasn’t played well.
    Becuase the team batting has been bad, Kobayashi feels he has to make something happen by his own and the result has been worse and worse.

    What I am afraid of your team is that bad chain reaction will be occured.
    I know Naoyuki. Kobayashi and the other players are wiser and stronger than I think. However. I cannot stop thinking that what if the ace pitcher feels he is not counted on the manager, what if the closer feels that he doesn’t have ability to make the ends, and what if the other players feel that they are not able to make score and that is the reson they loss the games.

    I don’t know which way is the best choice for your team, but sometimes you’ve got to ignore the statistics or numbers. Paticularly when the ace pitcher plays, you have to let him do so that your players and the Marines fans’ pain will be less than its today even you loss the games.

    I am not blaming on you or your team, but I think you are responsible to answer like these questios that I think many fans want to ask.

    However, what the result comes to your team, I will be a big fan of Lotte as long as you and your players do the best.

  6. A Prior Visitor さんのコメント: (A Prior Visitor says):

    Dear Bobby,

    Yesterday’s game was unfortunate both for Nao and Masa. Also this may be one of the hardest times for the team this year. But we are supporting you!! Please take care of and keep good communication with them and other team members. What we would like to see is a good team spirit, which the team always has been showing to us! No matter how the result may be, I think it is really right to pursue the great goals that you are commiting to pursue! As always, cheers to the MARINES!!


    P.S. We are enjoying your various columns and photos!

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