(June 23rd) We just left Nagano and we seemed to have a bit of a hangover. We did not play very well on defense and offense. But if we are going to have a rough spell, this is the time. We need to get home and get the power from our fans and then we'll be right on track. This is going to be a very exciting last 3 months and I truly believe we will keep improving. Keep the faith and enjoy the ride.

After a fresh practice and a trip to Nagano, we are ready now to begin our last 63 games of the regular season here in the Pacific League. We open up against the Seibu Lions and they are starting with their No.1 pitcher, and probably the No.1 pitcher in the world, whom they have set up against us as often as possible, Matsuzaka. And as their manager said, we are the team that they all want to beat and they are going to try to put their best foot forward. We will be doing the same and giving our best every day and do our utmost to make this rest of the season as exciting as possible.

Today’s game is particularly exciting, not only because we are back in the Pacific League but because it features a rematch of a high school championship match-up between the Chiba Lotte Marines’ Kubo and the Lions’ Matsuzaka, who pitched in the Koshien finals in 1998. That time, Kubo came up a little short and I know that he has had a dream these past eight years to hold this rematch. And this is a rematch in a beautiful setting and in a beautiful town, Nagano, and on such a very nice day. So I’m looking forward to that. And hopefully, there will be many fans pulling for us today and for the rest of the season.

Separately, I had an amazing off-day yesterday and a wonderful bike ride this morning in this beautiful area. Kanbayashi-san, the CEO of GOOD DAY (the company that helps DEEN's music activity) was nice enough to get Shuichi Ikemori and Koji Yamane from the group, DEEN, and a few other GOOD DAY employees to take me on a wonderful trip through Nagano. It was a GOOD DAY present for a good day. I would like to share with everyone some photographs from the Zenkohji (Zenkohji Temple) here in Nagano which will be 300 years next year.

The trail to the temple on the hill. DEEN's Shuichi Ikemori walking in front.

From left: The new CEO of Digital Laboratory - Tashiro-san, Kohji Yamane from DEEN, Shuichi Ikemori from DEEN, the CEO of GOOD DAY - Kanbayashi-san

From left: Shuichi Ikemori from DEEN, Lisa from GOOD DAY, The former CEO of GOOD Day Kanbayashi-san

With Kohji from DEEN "Cheeeeeese!"

Inside of Zenkohji Temple.

Ok, let's pray for the Marines!

With Komatsu Sensei

At dinner party

Check out this beautiful beef!

Let's eat!

There was a wonderful ceremony in my honor at the temple by Komatsu-sensei and Hara-san. Then we had a great hike and tour of some of the most beautiful woods and forests that I have ever seen up in Zenkohji Jinja. Check out these photos of the woods and forests as well!

So we did a saw and performed a Shinto rite and a little Buddhist one as well, and got to enjoy the wonder of nature and friendship. I hope you enjoy the photographs of time spent and relaxing off-day with friends and beautiful surroundings.

See ya!

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P.S. I would like to thank all who participated in the Play-off system survey and share the results with all of you as well. Having seen the results of the survey, one thing that I would like to say is that we must always remember that this game is for the fans and they are the most important part of the game of baseball. Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Dorasaga さんのコメント: (Dorasaga says):

    First of all, there’s some discussions, and some proposals about Chiba’s problem in scoring, like this: “It would help enormously if they had a big power bat since having to mount rallies with multiple hits time after time is mentally stressful on a team. They have gotten next to zero production out of rightfield… ” [www.japanbaseballdaily.com/pacificleague6-28-2006.html]

    Being a Taiwanese, I had the pleasure of seeing Matsuzaka played against Taiwan (official team name = Chinese-Taipei, thanks to pressure from China) in WBC, and it was hell lot of fun. If i must choose between Lotte and Seibu, I will root for the Marines, but between Daisuke-san and any other pitcher, there’s no competition.

    Hopefully, Daisuke-san will fully recover from his sore muscle joint (who knows how much “cheer-up” would Mr. Bobby provide by calling Daisuke “the best”?). Daisuke-san is the 3rd Japanese baseball player I ever remembered. The first two are the fictitious Kunimi and Tachibana from “H2″.

    By the way, two thumbs up for [npb.club.tw/], posting the link to Fukuoka Hawks’ FREE online ball-game video — What a blessing to baseball fans OUTSIDE of Japan!!!

  2. めぐ Megu さんのコメント: (めぐ Megu says):

    ボビ− こんにちは。 チ−ムはなかなか波に乗れませんが一つ山をこえれば大丈夫。昨日はやられてしまいました。まとば選手は最近あたってないので、せっきょくてきに ふりぬくようにしてるそうです。今日こそ、ですね。じめじめして過ごしにくいですが、それもあと少しのしんぼう。マリ−ンズファンがふきとばす!がんばって下さい。

    (Bobby, Konnichiwa. The team hasn’t been able to ride high lately but everything will be fine as long as we overcome this difficult time. We were crushed last night. I heard that Matoba-sensyu is trying to swing away at least since he hasn’t been able to send much hits. Hope we can score a win today. The weather has been pretty musty lately but it should end pretty soon. Because we, the Marines fans are going to blow the weather away! Please keep up the good work.)

  3. satomi さんのコメント: (satomi says):

    Hello Mr. Valentine,

    I do hope that you are doing very well with Marines……
    Finally, I got the ticket and am going to see Marines game in Makuhari very soon!!!! I am very excited about it. To be honest, I had been another term fun since I was a high school student however I knew that there is a wonderful term in my hometown Chiba! I want to say “I thank you very much for still being with Chiba Lotte Marines” to you……….
    I do love your way and your wonderful smile^^!

  4. Angel さんのコメント: (Angel says):

    Dear Bobby,
    Never give up and please remember the slogan ‘Let’s do it again’, though Marines is not in a good situation now, but I know you guys will make it right very soon and we as the Team 26 members will always be at your side. Whether you win or lose, I love the Marines very much. It will never change..GANBATTE KUDASAI. I will be at the stadium tommorrow.

  5. boobby さんのコメント: (boobby says):


    (I read what you said to players at the meeting after losing six games in a row on Imae-sensyu’s blog. You are right, Marines is a strong team!
    All the players and fans will follow you.
    Thank you for overcoming the loss of games. I am proud of you and the team.)

  6. はたぼう。 Hatabo さんのコメント: (はたぼう。 Hatabo says):


    (Konbanwa, Bobby!
    Thank you for sharing the story from Nagano. Tagawa-san was at the stadium watching the game but he wasn’t with you all … that’s too bad. Nagano has a lot to offer, its nature and history! It is one of the places that I would like to visit once.
    We are finally out of the dark tunnel! I’m glad that Satozaki-sensyu has recovered from his injury! I am very sad that there are not too many games scheduled in July. Please take care of yourself since you will be on the road.

  7. naka-family さんのコメント: (naka-family says):


    (Kantoku, Ohayo-gozaimasu.
    Last night was the day that I was able to enjoy my drink, celebrating the victory. I felt good. By the way, I can’t begin to tell you how lucky Aono-sensyu is. It almost look like he is born with the strong luck. The bases were full when he hit a homerun the other night and the last night was the same way. I was damned. I look at him as “the man with bases loaded” and continue to look forward to his performance.
    On a different note, my son and daughter participated in the mini parade for celebrating the Inter-League series championships. I am sure that they will remember about the parade forever. Please continue to plan an event like this so that more people will become Marines fan.)

  8. Anonymous さんのコメント: (Anonymous says):

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