(May 26th) Hi. The other day in Tokyo, I had the honor of helping my good friend, Akizawa-san, launch his new company. He is starting a company called “Heroes Edutainment” (Education + Entertainment = Edutainment). The purpose to the company is to have people who might be considered heroes in the entertainment field help educate young people and their parents in Japan about proper morals, as well as things that are important in life such as self-respect and respect for others, and respect for nature, all this so that everyone can live in the harmony. We also want to teach important life and social rules so that people understand that they are but one piece in a very large puzzle, and that puzzle has to stick together. And of course to try to teach those young people a bit about competition so that they can have strength to survive in this very rapidly changing world that we all are living in. Many of the photos you see here with some celebrities and well-known artists are just the beginning of the movement taking place and an indication that we are cooperating with one another. (From left: the great actor Hiroshi Tachi, me, and the wonderful pianist, Takashi Kako at the Ichikawa Danjiro charity event. Ichikawa Danjiro was a famous Kabuki actor.)

I’m looking forward to working with Akizawa-san and the kids and families that Heroes Edutainment will bring together and try to help anyway that I can.

On the Heroes Edutainment web site you can also see an interview clip of me (click on my portrait image on the home page) as well as video from a recent press conference. Check it out.

Thank you.

Bye bye

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  1. Dorasaga さんのコメント: (Dorasaga says):


    For some reason, this blog becomes one of the first things i read after i woke up just now.

    Your whole charity pursue must be quite a project in a long-run, because kids change fast, and what they might consider heroes at one time might well be deemed as ridiculous beings after a while.

    Something crossed my mind just now, were Bobby Valentine able to do this kind of community service back in LA or NY?

    Things change, environment changes people too. Japan’s youth might need a lot more help from foreigners like you than i can imagine.

  2. Atsuko さんのコメント: (Atsuko says):

    I love Boby’s Way!


    (I love Bobby’s Way!
    「To have a self-respect and respect for others, and respect for nature」it will be wonderful if all of us follow through this! I am just a mother of 13 years old son but there are times that I can not find the value of my existence. “We are but one piece in a very large puzzle” But this world is built upon by having each of us fulfilling roles as a piece of puzzle! Your words gave me a great deal of courage.

    Changing the subject to baseball, I always am amused by your originative way of taking commands.
    I was surprised to see Miller pitching at the game yesterday against Yakult, even though he just joined the team.
    Unfortunately he got hammered but you always give certain scenarios that surprise us and also make games more thrilling.
    You have such a fabulous way of training players and the ability of making decisions on which players to use at the right time. Could you share any tips on how to make those decisions at least a bit?
    I would like to use those tips for raising children…)

  3. こあらのマーチ Koala bear's march さんのコメント: (こあらのマーチ Koala bear's march says):

    いつも楽しくブログを読んでいます。早速ヒーローズ エデュテイメントのサイトにアクセスしてボビーのインタビューも見ました。とてもカッコいいですね!

    (Konnichiwa! Bobby!
    I always enjoy reading this blog. I went ahead and checked the Heroes Edutainment’s website and saw your interview there. You are so cool! I agree with the principle of the Heroes Edutainment. I believe that this style of education is much needed nowadays. The reason to that is because I see so many sad incidents happening everyday and those news are depressing. I will be praying for the day that we can all live in peace together. Please do your best for the game against Yakult tonight! I will be rooting for the team at home(^ー^))

  4. mayumi さんのコメント: (mayumi says):

    It’s nice to know that you are helping a meaningful activity. As you said in the message, harmony & competition are needed to survive recent society where we live in and people who work in the entertainment field are very effective to show what proper moral is.

    By the way, I met a nice and friendly American couple today at the studiam. They are from N.Y and big fans of Mets who have season tickets. The reason why they came to the studian is to see you, Benny and Matt. They told me how you had managed the Mets, which you made ever players involved into the games and the result of that, the fans could see exciting games more than ever. Also they told me that the fans of Mets still love you and miss you so much. I replied them not bring you back to N.Y. because we love you as much as they do.
    Anyway, they enjoyed the game, fire works, cheerleading of Marines’ fans, which they wanted to bring them to N.Y.
    I’m proud of having you here in Japan because of exciting games you have given us, but also your activities for our society with your love and volunteerism are we, Japanese, have to learn.
    Thank you for all you have done to us.

  5. ポッパーダイスケ Popper Daisuke さんのコメント: (ポッパーダイスケ Popper Daisuke says):

    こんにちは! はじめて書き込みさせていただきます。
    長くなってごめんなさい。今年のロッテも強いですね! 僕等にまた優勝の喜びをもたらしてください! それではまた。

    (Konnichiwa! This is my first time posting a comment.
    I am always looking forward to any updates on this blog. The reason that I decided to post my comment is because I saw Takashi Kako in one of your pictures who I think highly of in one of your pictures. (You are definitely one of the people that I have respect for!) Mr. Kako is a principal of the school that I graduated from. He performs such a wonderful music on stage. (I have never had a chance to speak with him though…) The other day, I went to see his concert, which was called 「Image」at Tokyo International Forum. So it was very interesting that I happened to see you in a picture with Mr. Kako, but at the same time I thought it makes sense how you and Mr. Kako had a chance to get know each other. It might sound selfish but I thought that「Similar type of individuals tend to sense each other so that they naturally get know each other」. As you probably already know but it is mostly the case that fans wants to know how well the celebrities that they like get along together. For example, we think about「Which player is the best friend with Kazuya Fukuura?」, 「Who does Shunsuke Watanabe hung out with outside of baseball world?」 I always enjoy seeing your activities outside of baseball world and looking forward to reading what you do.
    I’m sorry that this message has become a long one. Lotte is going strong this year as well! Please win and bring us happiness! I’ll talk to you later.)