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About Heroes Edutainment Co., Ltd

May 31, 2006

(May 26th) Hi. The other day in Tokyo, I had the honor of helping my good friend, Akizawa-san, launch his new company. He is starting a company called “Heroes Edutainment” (Education + Entertainment = Edutainment). The purpose to the company is to have people who might be considered heroes in the entertainment field help educate young people and their parents in Japan about proper morals, as well as things that are important in life such as self-respect and respect for others, and respect for nature, all this so that everyone can live in the harmony. We also want to teach important life and social rules so that people understand that they are but one piece in a very large puzzle, and that puzzle has to stick together. And of course to try to teach those young people a bit about competition so that they can have strength to survive in this very rapidly changing world that we all are living in. Many of the photos you see here with some celebrities and well-known artists are just the beginning of the movement taking place and an indication that we are cooperating with one another.

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